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Never Say Never Chapter 369-370

Chapter 369

Gu Han called and asked when he planned to go back.


I thought about it and said, “I might have to go back in two or three days, the Huayao thing has been negotiated, later on I just need to follow the project.”


He was silent for a while and said, “Are you planning to go to the countryside to look for Muzi?”


I froze, and then it occurred to me that I had mentioned it to him before.


There was a moment of silence on the other end of the line and he said, his voice a little hoarse, “Have you contacted her?”


I shook my head, “No, her phone hasn’t been ringing and the answer is always Jon, I’m going to go over and have a look.”


“I’ll go with you!” Did he say I’ll accompany you instead of needing me to accompany you?


I couldn’t help but speak up and refuse, “No, there’s Jon over there to take care of it.”


“Shen Shu!” He spoke, his voice lowered a little, “You call Jon first, maybe you’ve made a trip for nothing.”


I froze, “How do you know I’d make a trip for nothing? I haven’t contacted Jon yet, but I think it’s fine, he said last time that he would stay with Miko and look after her.”


“You’re too impatient, in case they go back to River City, or go to another city, you always need to know where they are before you go looking for them, don’t you?”


I listened to his voice, a little helplessly, and nodded, “Mmmmmm, yes!”


Hearing the sound of an engine in the yard, I paused and said into the phone, “I have something to do, I’ll hang up first!”


Just as I hung up the phone, Fu Shen Yan came in and saw a box of breakfast in front of me, he frowned, “Who are you going to give it to?”


I froze, “No, I’m going out later, so I’ve asked the nanny to pack it for me.”


He wrinkled his nose, “Where are you going?”


“To find Woody and Jon!” Shoving my breakfast into my bag, I felt a little redundant.


I could have eaten at home before going out, but I had just said it casually and now there was no way back instead.


Seeing that I was about to leave, Fu Shen Yan pulled me back, “Wait for me for a while first, I’ll go to the study to get some things and join you later.”


“No need ……”


“Wait for me!”


I ……


The man didn’t even give a chance to retort.


He hurried upstairs, to get his things, and I dialed Jon.


The phone rang for a long time before he answered, “Shen Shu.”


“Jon, you and Muzi send me the address you’re at right now, I’ll come over to you guys in a minute.” If they were in the countryside, I guess I’d have to drive there, there were few cars in the countryside and I was afraid it wouldn’t be easy to get around without a car.


The other end of the phone visibly froze for a moment and said, “You’re back in Jiangcheng?”


“Yes!” I opened my mouth, “have to give the project need to come back to talk about it, it’s been a long time since I saw you guys, I also dropped by to see you.”


“I …… Muzi and I are not in Jiangcheng, I brought her and the baby to the US a few days ago, when the time is decided, she and I will go back and look for you in the capital.” Qiao En opened his mouth, sounding as if he was a little nervous.


I couldn’t help but frown, “Why didn’t you guys even talk to me about it, the baby is only a few months old and it’s not appropriate for you to carry it around like that.”


“It’s fine, the baby is already three months old, when the year is low, we’ll be back, and we’ll look for you in the capital then!” There was a noise on the other side of the phone, he seemed quite busy.


He said, “I’m busy, and hung up in a hurry.


I sat on the sofa and couldn’t help but feel a little empty, it always seemed as if Jon was avoiding me lately.


“Thinking about what?” Fu Shen Yan came down from upstairs, holding the file bag in his hand.


Chapter 370

I raised my eyes and said after a pause, “Fu Shen Yan, is Dr. Cheng in M?”


He nodded, “The company is expanding, Jun Yu is in charge of foreign countries, he’s been busy there lately, what’s up?”


“Can you ask him to do me a favour?” I was really uneasy, for months on end, I hadn’t seen Muzi in person, I hadn’t even heard his voice.


Every time I spoke to Jon on the phone, he just hung up in a hurry, and I had no way of knowing what was going on with them, whether they were doing well or not.


“Eh, there’s a get-together tonight, you can talk to Jun Yu then.” He paused, and when he saw that I had taken out all the things I had prepared to go out, he frowned, “What’s wrong, you don’t want to go out?”


I nodded, “Muzi and Qiao En have gone to M.”


He nodded slightly, “That’s fine, I’ll go out for half a dozen things and come and pick you up for dinner tonight!”


“No need, I’ll drive there myself!”


“Shen Shu, your rejection of me has become a habit, have you noticed?”


I froze, looking at his somewhat downcast face, and said lightly, “It’s not what you think I …… am.”


“Well, drive safe at night!” After saying that, he walked away with a sullen look on his face.




I held my forehead feeling my head buzzing.




The time was at 7:00 p.m., the Royal City private room, I parked my car, found the private room and went in when everyone was already there.


The first one was Lu Qi, whom I had just met a few days before, and the other was Lin Tao, the president of ac.


“Long time no see, Mrs. Fu!” Lin Tao and I had met a few times at work before, not exactly familiar.


After a shallow nod and a polite greeting, I couldn’t help but look at Lu Qi, hadn’t he already been taken away by the police before? Why did he come out only a day later?


It was really like Han Shuang said, the power behind him was so strong that the police couldn’t do anything about it.


But Jiangcheng was not a place where it was easy to just take over the sky, even if one had money and wealth, it was not so exaggerated.


“Mrs. Fu, what a coincidence, we meet again.” Lu Qi smiled, completely missing the coarse grinding look he had towards people in the restaurant, presenting a warm and soft like a jade scholar at this time.


Can people be so changeable?


I nodded my head and tried to keep a smile on my face.


Seeing that everyone had arrived, Lin Tao greeted the waiters and served the food, and then he and Fu Shen Yan started chatting.


It was all work-related, and the general conversation was about Fu’s side of Jiangcheng, and how the audit for this quarter was still being handed over to ac.


Fu Shen Yan looked very light and just spoke, “Mr. Lin, all the properties in Jiangcheng regarding Fu’s are currently under my wife’s management, so you can communicate with her more.”


I couldn’t help but stare, when did all of Fu’s properties come under my management?


Even if Fu’s head office had moved to the capital, Jiangcheng was after all Fu’s base, and the family was so big, how could I possibly manage it?


Cheng Junyu was also a bit surprised, the original movement of drinking tea, slightly paused, after a faint glance at me and then calm.


Lin Tao instead smiled and said, “Mr. Fu this does not say I did not even know, so the Fu family’s industry are in the hands of Miss Shen.”


I glanced at Fu Shen Yan and wondered what he was up to.


Just deal with talking to Lin Tao, it’s all about the audit’s clan, what should be talked about has basically been talked about in the last quarter.


I looked to Lin Tao, spoke, “Lin total, is not that I do not trust your company, the last quarter of the matter, to Fu made no small panic, thus I also directly from the company, the same mistake, I can not make again.”