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Never Say Never Chapter 359-360

Chapter 359

But money alone is useless. If you have money and can’t manage it, the company will go wrong just the same.


Over the past year Shen Yu and Fu Shen Yan have discovered the strengths of Huayao, both of whom are management geniuses who thought of not financing but outright acquisition.


Half an hour, after the talk I sat back in my seat and one of Huayao’s shareholders opened up in confusion, “Hasn’t Director Shen worked for Fu before?”


I froze, I had no contact with anyone from Huayao and had hardly ever been in the urban headlines, looking at the person who asked, I couldn’t help but froze and said, “Well, I was the project director of Fu’s before!”


After a pause, Wang Shi looked at me and said, “Director Shen, I believe you know better than we do, this year, Fu’s president Fu Shen Yan also had the intention of acquiring Huayao, we originally had this intention too, but recently, for some unknown reason, Fu suddenly gave up on the acquisition of Huayao, we want to know, were you involved in this? ?”


He laughed, “Although Huayao entered Gu by way of an acquisition, it was clear to all of us that you valued our technical staff, and on this point I hope we can be frank.”


Wang Shi was straightforward, I smiled lightly and didn’t hide too much saying, “The president of Fu’s is my husband, and I did have a hand in the middle of his sudden abandonment of the acquisition of Huayao.”


As soon as I said this, everyone at the conference table exchanged pleasantries and Wang Shi said calmly, “If that’s the case, why did you stop Fu from buying Huayao? In comparison, Fu’s acquisition of Huayao will lead to better development in the future.”


I nodded my head, “Well, indeed!” After a pause, I continued, “But haven’t you forgotten that Fu’s also has a Huayu, both Huayu’s and Huayao are technology companies, careful analysis shows that Fu’s actually doesn’t want Huayao that much, the acquisition of Huayao only wants individual technologies within Huayao, but these things aren’t hard to find in the market, in total, the point of interest for Fu’s acquisition of Huayao is not very big, that’s why in these six months, Fu Shenyin has only been pushing back the acquisition of Huayao!”


Looking at Wang Shi, I continued, “Mr Wang should know better than us in his heart, any technology company, when it has not developed to a point, will not easily acquire another technology company, Fu’s economic sources are mostly based on real estate development, and currently the only technology company under it is Huayao.”


Wang Shi nodded, pursed his lips and frowned in thought, after a pause he said, “We don’t know much about Gu’s situation, as of now, the discount points given by Gu’s are indeed high, but there is no way we can be sure that Huayao will get better and better under Gu’s banner in the future.”


Gu Han raised his eyebrows, got up, and spoke, “Gu’s is a special company that focuses on technology, of course there are also jade and jewellery industries, but ultimately it is technology that we are good at. Most of the reasons why we intend to acquire Huayao is because we value Huayao’s research on ai technology, of course we have a requirement for acquiring Huayao, in the recent year, if Huayao does not develop a new generation of ai intelligence technology, Huayao will be completely developed as an ordinary technology company, and all the money and manpower we put into Huayao will be withdrawn to make profits in other ways.”


With this statement, he made most of the shareholders at the conference table blanch, which meant that even if Gu bought Huayao, Huayao would be dismantled by the market just the same if it did not end up with the results Gu wanted.


Chapter 360

Looking at the group of people with different faces at the conference table, I was a little anxious for a while, Gu Han’s words were too blunt.


Huayao had the strength, and it simply wouldn’t end up being what he said it would be.


After a long time, Wang Shi spoke up, his eyes looking towards Gu Han, “Is Mr. Gu sure that you will invest in research and development of ai?”


Gu Han nodded, “Must!”


The other people at the conference table were actually investors, who didn’t know much about technology and didn’t have that much of a say, so they all looked at Wang Shi, waiting for his answer.


After a long time, Wang Shi stood up from his seat and walked towards Gu Han, reaching towards him and saying, “Mr. Gu, we have a good cooperation.”


I was stunned and reacted for a moment, this was a done deal?


Afterwards, the contract was signed and after the lawyers on both sides had read the contract, Wang Shi looked at Gu Han and I and said, “You two have worked hard coming from the capital, how about I treat you both to a meal at Fu Man Lou in the evening?”


Having a dinner after signing the contract and discussing the next cooperation, this is the usual style in shopping malls, even if Wang Shi didn’t ask, Gu Han would still ask.


With a few hours to spare, Gu Han and I exited Huayao, he went to the hotel and I went back to the villa.


It had been a long time since I had been back to Shanshui Residence, but it was good that someone was taking care of it and everything was no different from before.


When I returned to the villa, Fu Shenyan’s nanny had already prepared some delicious food, but I didn’t have much of an appetite, so I simply ate something and went back upstairs to my bedroom to rest.


I woke up early in the morning and didn’t get much sleep last night, so when I got into bed, I fell asleep in a daze.


I was so deep in my sleep that I thought it was my own illusion, but after a long time, I felt that the figure was still there, just like the feeling of being pressed into bed by a ghost after hours.


I was too sleepy to open my eyes, but I had a vague feeling that there was someone sitting beside my bed, so I felt anxious and paranoid, but there was nothing I could do.


I struggled to wake up, but I was already sweating profusely.


Mostly, this was caused by the fact that I had slept too deeply and my body had been very weak after giving birth.


Head heavy, I went downstairs, it was already dark, the nanny came downstairs between me and spoke, “Madam, your phone has rung several times, I’m afraid it’s an emergency, take a look.”


I had just returned and subsequently left my bag downstairs, and only when I heard her say that did I go to get my phone.


It was Gu Han calling, and when I didn’t answer the phone, he sent a message telling me the address for dinner tonight.


Fu Man Mansion.


First floor.


When I arrived, people were all here. Seeing me rushing to get here, a few people joked, “Director Shen is busy with business, you have to punish yourself with three gla*ses for being late!”


I laughed and sat down next to Gu Han, and actually drank three gla*ses of wine.


I sat next to Gu Han and he gave me food from time to time.


I was used to this action, but Wang Shi saw it several times and couldn’t help but laugh, “This tacit understanding between Director Shen and Mr. Gu, if Director Shen wasn’t married, we’d think you two were a couple.”


This comment was meant to be unintentional, Gu Han and I both froze for a moment, I looked up, smiled and said, “After working for a long time, don’t misunderstand, our Mr. Fu is easily jealous.”


This was a joking remark, and for a moment several people laughed out loud.