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Never Say Never Chapter 357-358

Chapter 357

His voice was a little low, no emotion could be heard, “Arrived?”


I hmmed, seeing Gu Han staring at me, I couldn’t help but say into the phone, “Just arrived at the airport, I’ll be in the restaurant for dinner later.”


“Well, I’ve got a babysitter at home, go back early in the evening after the talk, don’t stay out too long.” How I felt, he was nagging me a bit.


I nodded my head slightly and answered yes, then I went on to hang up with something.


Gu Han looked at me, his thin lips tightly pursed, “He seems very uneasy about me?”


I shrugged my shoulders, it was obvious, needless to say?


Seeing this, he smiled lightly, he didn’t care anymore, “After we finish talking tonight, you can rest in Jiangcheng for a few days before going back, you’re used to staying here, you should be more comfortable living here.”


I nodded and saw that the car had arrived at the entrance of the restaurant, so I got out and went into the restaurant with him.


I hadn’t slept well in the morning, so I was easily sleepy, and I lost my appetite after a few bites.


I pinned my chin and waited for Gu Han to eat.


“B*tch, when did it become your turn to be in charge of my business.” The voice was so loud that the restaurant was already quiet, and it drew most of the people to look over.


Gu Han and I also looked along and saw a man smashing a steaming dish over the woman.


We couldn’t see what the two men looked like, but we could only vaguely see that the woman seemed to have been badly beaten by the man.


Seeing this, I couldn’t help but frown, this must be domestic violence, right? This is a blatant beating, and no one is going to do anything about it?


The commotion was a bit too loud, Gu Han ate a few bites and probably couldn’t eat anymore, looking at me, “Let’s go, let’s go back and rest, we’ll go to Huayao at two in the afternoon.”


I nodded and got up after him, subconsciously glancing at the woman who was screaming in shock from the man’s beating.


I couldn’t help but frown, how come no one had stepped forward to take care of this big mess?


I saw the man preparing to smash the gla*s he was holding against the woman again, who was cowering, her head dead down, as if she was used to being hit.


Out of instinct, I spoke up and called out, “Stop!”


It was a family matter, and it was not a good idea for outsiders to intervene, even if they could help once, they could not help forever.


But the words had already been shouted out, it was impossible to just walk away.


When the man heard the commotion, he stopped what he was doing and looked back in the direction of Gu Han and me.


When I saw that face, I froze, Lu Qi!


How could it be him?


I subconsciously looked at the woman cowering in front of him, and saw the woman shivering and looking up.


I froze, unsurprisingly, it was Han Shuang, only I hadn’t seen her for a long time, the delicate steadiness on her face had long since disappeared, replaced by vicissitudes and old age.


How could a person change so much in just six months of absence?


When they saw me, they both froze, and Lu Qi was the first to sneer out, “Who did I think it was? So it’s Mrs. Fu, what? Didn’t you go to the capital with Mr. Fu? You’re back?”


His eyes fell on Gu Han behind me and he raised his eyebrows and spoke frivolously, “Tch, you look pretty, but it looks like you’ve changed.”


I wrinkled my eyebrows, ignoring his words and looked at Han Shuang, not knowing for a moment how to express my feelings at the moment.


How did she turn out like this?


Chapter 358

After a pause, I picked up my phone and dialed 110 without hesitation. When the call was answered, I said straight away, “Hello, I’m calling the police, we have a domestic violence incident here, and the situation is bad.”


After giving the address, I hung up the phone, Lu Qi was full of shade and in a violent mood, “What are you meddling in? Do you really think I wouldn’t dare to do anything to you?”


He was like this, not the reaction of a normal person at all.


I looked over at Han Shuang and saw that after a moment of shock, she was calm again, seemingly used to Lu Qi being like this.


Walking towards her, I reached out and said, “It’s been a long time, do you need me to take you to the hospital?”


She glanced at Lu Qi, then shook her head timidly and looked at me with a smile, “No, I’m fine, thanks!”


Lu Qi sneered, his hands in his pockets, not the slightest bit of fear after being called to the police, instead he looked emboldened.


It didn’t take long for the police to arrive, and after understanding the situation, they took Lu Qi and left.


As evidence was needed, I asked Gu Han to contact the owner of the restaurant and get the surveillance video.


Han Shuang also had to be taken to take a statement, and as I was the one who called the police, I couldn’t leave for a while.


After the statement was taken, I came out of the police station at one o’clock and had no time to rest.


Lu Qi was involved in intentional a*sault and was detained.


Outside the police station, Han Shuang remained silent, she did not speak, and I did not know how to ask her for a while.


But just leave, I do not feel at ease, simply walk to her side and said, “Although I do not know what you have experienced in the past six months, you remember my phone number, if there is any need, you call me, I can help you, I try!”


After all, we had worked together for two years, and I would have been upset if I had just walked away.


She froze and looked at me with a pair of mellow eyes, tears raining down, “Mr. Shen, I …… am sorry!”


I sighed, “It’s okay, it’s all in the past, if anything happens, you call me!”


I changed my phone number in the past six months, so I left her a new number from.


Gave her a taxi and sent her away.


Gu Han looked at me and pursed his lips, “I guess she won’t be looking for you for long.”


I pursed my lips, “She wasn’t like this before!” How has marriage turned her into this.


It was getting late, and when Gu Han and I arrived at the Huayao building, Wang Shi, the president of Huayao, was already waiting.


When he saw me and Gu Han, he greeted us with a smile, “You two have had a long journey, have you had lunch?”


Gu Han nodded his head and chatted with him in a casual manner, all in a subtle way, all the way to the conference room.


Basically the senior management of Huayao were all there, Gu Han looked at me and said, “You will briefly talk about our purpose this time, what range of conditions we can meet with Huayao, and what to get done next!”


I nodded my head, all of this was prepared in advance.


There are not many shareholders in Huayao, six in total, and the one with the most shares is Wang Shi, the company’s executive director, who is in his forties and is given to technical control.


He was obsessed with developing the company’s products and founded Huayao in the beginning, but he was not very good at managing the company, so Huayao has been top-notch in terms of products over the years.


However, due to poor management, Huayao has been in a deficit situation, and as a result, many investors saw this and raised funds with Huayao, intending to participate in the management of Huayao.