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Winner Takes All Chapter 429-430

Chapter 429

Inside the Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Chen Dong looked at Gu Qingying’s clothes in the wardrobe.

He gave a dishevelled smile, “Determined to leave without even packing his traveling gifts?”

When he received the call from Kunlun, he rushed to the airport at the first opportunity.

Gu Qingying was still able to take off before he arrived at the airport, and could only be that she hadn’t gone home from Mount Suribachi at all, but had gone straight to the airport.

Everything at home, and even the line of gifts that Gu Guohua and his wife had brought with them, was proof of that.

Knock, knock.

There was a knock on the door.

“Young master ……”

Elder Long’s voice came from outside the door.

Chen Dong rubbed his face and said in a dishevelled manner, “Elder Long, can you leave me alone for a moment?”


Elder Long left.

Chen Dong looked at the wedding photo of him and Gu Qingying on the bedside, lost in a daze, his eyes red.

A misunderstanding that he had never thought would turn out like this from the beginning to the end.

Ye Linglong’s appearance had become the trigger for the whole incident.

But when he thought of his own indecision before, when he faced Gu Qingying, he could never find a chance to explain, Chen Dong hated to slap himself hard.

If …… I had been tougher at that time, perhaps there would not have been what happened now.

“Xiaoying ……” Chen Dong lost his soul, Gu Qingying’s departure made him feel like something was suddenly missing in his heart, it was so empty.

Inside the suburban villa.

In the living room, there was silence.

The tea on the coffee table billowed up with a curl of smoke.

Ye Yuanqiu and Ye Linglong were both sitting on the sofa with complicated expressions.

Ye Linglong’s beautiful face was filled with darkness, her hands tangled together.

Ye Yuanqiu, on the other hand, had a sullen face and deep, thoughtful eyes.

The chance encounter at Mount Suribachi had left the two grandchildren somewhat bewildered until now.

The first time, Ye Yuanqiu wanted to find Chen Dong to explain the situation, but Chen Dong’s reaction had invariably told him the outcome.

This was what gave Ye Yuanqiu a headache.

He had deliberately pulled Chen Dong into the Hong Society, and if it really affected Chen Dong because of this matter, he had no doubt that Chen Dong would definitely break with the Hong Society.

Even if …… Chen Dong was already an ancestor of the Hong Society’s Yuanzi generation and enjoyed supreme esteem.

“Grandpa, let’s go to Tianmen Mountain.”

Ye Linglong’s eyes glowed with a slight glow, looking at Ye Yuanqiu expectantly, “This matter started because of me, no matter what, I should also go and apologize.”

“That’s fine, since I can’t contact Chen Dong, it’s time to go this way too.”

Ye Yuanqiu smiled bitterly, leaning on his crutches, and slowly got up.

Knock knock knock ……

A knock sounded at the door.

Ye Yuanqiu frowned, this villa house from the last century, has long been a mark of the times.

The people who knew about it were few and far between.

“Is it Chen Dong?”

Ye Linglong raised her eyebrows, and as soon as the words left her mouth, she felt that her idea was too ridiculous.

Chen Dong should be as anxious as an ant on a hot pot by now, right?

How could he find his way here?

“Linglong, open the door.”

Listening to the increasingly urgent and rough knock on the door, Ye Yuanqiu said in a deep voice.

Ye Linglong lightly swayed her waist, stepped on her long legs and walked behind the door.

Feeling the force of the knocking on the door, her willow brows frowned slightly and subconsciously, she grabbed a small vase of flowers behind the door.

The Hong Society had a large family, but it had been running rampant for more than 200 years, so it had a lot of enemies, both explicit and implicit.

The rough knock on the door clearly smacked of a bad comer.

The door opened.

When Ye Linglong saw the person outside the door, her whole body froze.

The person outside the door, however, directly ignored Ye Linglong.

He walked into the room with large strides.

Ye Yuanqiu was also stunned for a moment.

The person who came had a sullen face and a dragon’s stride as he walked straight up to Ye Yuanqiu.


Ye Yuanqiu smiled and shrugged his shoulders helplessly, “This was not our intention, it was all a misunderstanding.”

“But this misunderstanding, it’s big!”

The visitor’s voice was hoarse and contained a raging anger in its low tone.

“Senior, grandpa and I have decided to go to Tianmen Mountain Villa and apologise on our doorstep.” Ye Linglong was busy speaking.


The visitor pulled the corners of his mouth and gave a sardonic laugh, “What a big face, going to him to apologize even after all this?”


Before the words left his mouth, there was a flash of cold light in the air.

With a bang, a mountain-opening sword slashed at the coffee table, its body shaking with a buzzing sound.

“How dare you!”

Ye Linglong’s face was pale and she was about to step forward.

Ye Yuanqiu’s face sank, “Linglong, stop!”

After stopping Ye Linglong, Ye Yuanqiu’s face was as deep as water as he looked profoundly at the visitor: “Because of this, you want to kill me with a single slash? You don’t fear the 3,600 gates of the Hong Society?”

“Pretending to be confused, you know, I have always been unafraid of the three thousand and six hundred sects of the Hong Society!”

A cold laugh rang out.

With that, the visitor took a step forward and waved his hand in a staggering shadow.


A slap, landing heavily on Ye Yuanqiu’s face.

It was so powerful that it caused Ye Yuanqiu, whose body was weak, to instantly lose his balance and fall onto the sofa, half of his face instantly swelling up.

“You hit my grandfather, D*mn you!”

Ye Linglong was bursting with rage, as a Hong Society Red Stick, she was not yet afraid of the person in front of her.

She could listen when her grandfather drank, but now that he was being beaten, she could no longer contain it!

In a flash of lightning.

Ye Linglong rushed towards the incoming person and was about to strike with a swing of her fist.


There was a flash of cold light.

The mountain-opening knife that was originally chopping on the coffee table was in the air, and the tip of the knife was straight at Ye Linglong’s throat.

In an instant.

In the room, the killing intent was overwhelming.

Good, so fast!

Ye Linglong was completely dumbfounded, her whole body froze in place.

Quietly, cold sweat seeped out from the side of her forehead and slid down her cheeks.

Her throat tightened for a moment, and subconsciously she wanted to swallow a mouthful of saliva, but forced herself to hold it back in fear.

Because she was afraid that the slightest wriggle of her throat would touch the tip of the knife.

“Have you had enough? I am an ancestral elder of the Hong Society’s Yuan Zi generation, and I let you slap me with this, she is at least an old man’s granddaughter, what are you doing with a junior?”

Ye Yuanqiu sat up trembling, even though half of his face was swollen, he still maintained a cloudy, calm and relaxed look.

The Hong Society’s Yuanzi generation was above and beyond the world, high above the world, and enjoyed the worship of three thousand six hundred sects.

And this slap, if it were to get out.

If this slap were to go out, it would not only shake the 3,600 Hong Society sects.

Rather, it would be …… the whole world!

“Ancestral Elder of the Yuan Dynasty, what’s that?”

The visitor snorted, and the mountain-opening blade that was resting against Ye Linglong’s throat was quietly lowered.

The words were domineering and full of disdain.

Ye Linglong’s entire body was dumbfounded.

Her eyes were filled with shock as she looked at the visitor, her heart and soul trembling.

She had never, ever denigrated her grandfather in such a way!

However, Ye Yuanqiu looked as normal, unchanged.

“You have the capital!”

The visitor put away his mountain-opening sword and calmly settled down on the sofa.

Completely ignoring Ye Yuanqiu and Ye Linglong in his eyes, he took care of himself and drained the tea that had been made and not yet consumed.

With that, he got up and left.

A cold word, like a thunderstorm, echoed through the villa for a long time.

“Get lost!”

Until the visitor left.

Ye Linglong was still in a trance and lost in thought.

The scene just now had completely overturned the perception of her grandfather’s superiority that she had formed in the Hong Society over the past twenty years.

Half a day.

“Linglong, pack up and go home.” Ye Yuanqiu said.

Ye Linglong’s delicate body trembled as she looked at Ye Yuanqiu in horror, “Grandpa, that man just now, who the hell was that?”

Ye Yuanqiu smiled with a complicated expression, “Him? Just a myth of immortality in Jianghu.”


Chapter 430

For a whole day and night.

Chen Dong tried to call Gu Qingying’s phone countless times.

But it was all switched off.

The most affectionate companionship, but because of a misunderstanding, Gu Qingying was like suffering death by a thousand cuts.

Chen Dong felt so guilty that it was as if he had fallen into an abyss of darkness and despair.

It was dawn.

Chen Dong, who had not slept all night, finally put down his mobile phone in despair.

The phone was still on the call screen, while the clear system broadcast reminded the other party that the phone was switched off.

Rubbing his face hard, Chen Dong silently got up and went into the bathroom to wash up.

In the dining room.

The aroma was subtle.

But Elder Long, Kunlun and Fan Lu had no appetite.

The matter of Chen Dong and Gu Qingying was tugging at their hearts, making the three of them worried and apprehensive.

“Mr. Chen is coming down.” Fan Lu suddenly said.

Elder Long and Kunlun hurriedly got up and greeted Chen Dong.

“Let’s eat breakfast.”

Chen Dong spoke calmly.

Elder Long and Kunlun looked at each other.

Was this calmness too much?

The expected emotions of grief and pain did not appear, and even the words of comfort prepared by Elder Long and Kunlun had no place to be used.

However, Chen Dong’s calmness made both of their hearts hang in their throats.

After taking his seat.

Kun Lun said, “Young master, Ye Yuanqiu and Ye Linglong’s grandfather and grandson have already left.”

During the chance encounter at Mount Suribachi, he had said that once Chen Dong and Gu Qingying had anything wrong, they would definitely go to Ye Yuanqiu and Ye Linglong.

Last night, he then investigated the residence of the two grandfathers and grandsons and rushed over there in the night.

Only by the time they got there, it was already empty.

“Hmm.” Chen Dong sipped on his thin porridge.


Elder Long, Kunlun and Fan Lu were shocked at the same time.

Chen Dong’s calm reaction was simply too abnormal in their eyes.

So abnormal that it made all three of them fearful and scared.

“Young Master ……”

Elder Long slowly spoke, but Chen Dong raised his hand to interrupt.

Chen Dong wiped the corner of his mouth and calmly said, “Elder Long, make arrangements to go to the Desert North King’s Landing Group today.”


Elder Long’s three people were startled at the same time.

Fan Lu’s lips were noisy as she asked, “Not looking for Little Shadow?”

“Light priority.”

Chen Dong shook his head, “Little Shadow is following Mom and Dad away and won’t be in danger, but my dad can’t guarantee that he’s safe at all times yet.”

Over the course of the night, he was trying to contact Gu Qingying.

He was also thinking about what to do afterwards.

Gu Qingying had left with her father-in-law and mother-in-law, and her safety was guaranteed. What’s more, both Gu Qingying and his parents-in-law were still angry, so even if he chased them across the ocean, he would definitely not be able to see them.

On the contrary, father was the most urgent priority.

The fact that his father was in the Desert North King’s Landing Group was still just a guess on Chen Dong’s part, and he had to verify this guess as soon as possible.

More critically, he had to ensure that his father was now in a safe state.

Even though his father had informed him that he was safe, the head of the titular Chen family had been hiding his whereabouts, he must be scrupulous about something.

And what his father was scrupulous about might just instantly take him from safety into the danger of life and death.

“Old slave will go and make the arrangements.” Elder Long nodded his head.

Chen Dong said calmly, “Kun Lun, you and Elder Long will accompany me on this journey together.”

Kun Lun nodded and went upstairs to pack.

And Chen Dong looked at Fan Lu again, “Sister Xiao Lu, during the time we are not here, please help me contact Xiao Ying.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Chen.” Fan Lu nodded her head.

Ten minutes later.

The Rolls-Royce then drove towards the airport on the outskirts of the city.

Along the way, Chen Dong did not stop, but instead, his mobile phone video conference arranged some work processes for Xiao Ma and Lone Wolf to follow up on Din Tai Company.

There were still a lot of things to do!

The love of his children could only be put aside for the time being.

Chen Dong still remembered what his mother had said when she left, and that was …… her mother’s last wish.

When they arrived at the airport on the outskirts of the city, the three of them went straight through the fast VIP lane and boarded the private plane.

Looking out of the window at the sea of clouds, Chen Dong asked in a low voice, “Elder Long, is there a Chen family office where the Desert North King’s Landing Group is located?”


Elder Long shook his head, “The area of Desert North is too vast, coupled with the lack of economy, so the Chen Family office has only been set up in one of the heavy cities, and the location where the King’s Landing Group is located is just a small city, which is not up to the necessity of setting it up.”

“How small is it?”

Chen Dong suddenly revealed an odd smile.

Elder Long pondered for a moment and said, “The entire city, inside and outside, has less than a million long term residents.”

“Small enough indeed.”

The smile on Chen Dong’s face intensified.

Elder Long was talking about the entire city and beyond, which meant that the population of less than a million was inclusive of the city within, and all the suburbs under the city’s jurisdiction!

It was indeed small enough!

“Young Master, is there any problem?” Elder Long was a little peculiar.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “The mountains are high and the emperor is far away, and even though the sparrow is small it has all the guts, for the Jun Lin Group to stand in such a small city, wouldn’t it become a local giant?”

Long Lao’s eyes shot up with a brilliant aura, and he was suddenly enlightened.

Without the Chen family office, didn’t that mean there were no more eyes of the Chen family?

This was the real key!

After reacting, Elder Long’s emotions rose abruptly and he slapped his palm on his head, “Aiya, why didn’t my old slave think of such a crucial place at first.”

“Is it really there?”

Kun Lun inquired softly, he was not as thoughtful as Chen Dong and Elder Long.

But to achieve the status of a soldier king, relying on physical strength and fighting skills alone would definitely not do, brain intelligence was also of paramount importance.

“We’ll know when we see it.” Elder Long smiled casually.

Although there was no direct confirmation, the bright eyes and the violently heaving chest from excitement seemed to have said it all.

When the plane landed at the airport, it was already around four o’clock in the afternoon.

Because the city where the Jun Lin Group was located was too small and did not have an airport, Chen Dong and the three of them chose to land in one of the nearest big cities.

After spending half an hour and renting a Mercedes-Benz G, the three of them drove towards the city where the King’s Landing Group was located.

The road was filled with yellow sand, with the desert next door as far as the eye could see.

Occasionally one or two speeding off-roaders could be encountered, but compared to the wide road, it still seemed incomparably cold.

Luckily, sunset in the north of the desert is very late.

So even though it was already 9pm when Chen Dong arrived in the small town, the setting sun was still high in the sky.

“Let’s find a place to stay first.”

Chen Dong was not in a hurry, since he had already arrived at the place, going to the Jun Lin Group became much easier.

It was just as well to take this opportunity to find out from the general population, what the Jun Lin Group was really like!

A group that exists in a small remote town with less than a million people, but has the power to take a share of the pie when the stock market is fighting with the gods.

Then this King’s Landing Group must be something more than just a local group!

The sunset, finally, gradually sank.

After the three of them found a hotel to place their luggage, Chen Dong reentered the car.

Kun Lun, who was driving, asked, “Young Master, where to?”

Chen Dong hesitated for a moment and said, “There should be a bar in this small town, right?”

“A bar?” Elder Long was stunned for a moment.

Then a smile of enlightenment suddenly appeared on his pale face.

And Kun Lun, who was driving, also smiled as he started the car.

Chen Dong smiled and looked out of the car, “What other place is better for poking around than a bar?”