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Never Say Never Chapter 345-346

Chapter 345

Cheng Junyu drove away and I went back to the hall, where Fu Shenyan was sitting reading a book.


When he saw me enter, he only raised his eyes and looked at me without saying much.


I hesitated for a moment and went to make him a cup of tea, walked over to him and sat down, placing the cup of tea in front of him, “Have some black tea to take the edge off.”


He looked up at me, put down the book in his hand and reached out to pull me into his arms.


His dark eyes were fixed on me, “When are you going to ask?”


I froze and said calmly, “They say that men talk best when they are in bed,”


He raised an eyebrow, “So, you were planning on lying down later?”


I nodded, “If you’ll agree now, then I’ll say it now.”


“Heh!” He laughed out coldly against my forehead, “What do you want Hua Yao to do?”


“I can’t be a homely little woman, I think it’s good to be a strong woman.” I said with a straight face, my eyes landing at the knot of his throat, my gaze delayed down to the buttons of his white shirt.


He looked down, lifting my chin, his lips brushing the corner of my mouth, his voice held a few low chuckles, but the laugh didn’t go low in his eyes, “If Huayao was that easy to take, do you think Shen Yu and I would have delayed for a year?”


“I know, that’s why I begged you to give up on acquiring Huayao, with both you and Shen Yu giving up, it would be less difficult for Gu to negotiate.”


He narrowed his eyes at me, his voice rippling, “Shen Shu, shouldn’t I feel lucky to have a wife as smart and profitable as you?”


Knowing that he didn’t mean this in a good way, I nodded, “It’s much easier for a couple to work together than to struggle alone.”


“Heh!” He sneered, “You’re quite righteous.”


I pursed my lips, not going along with his words to continue the conversation, and spoke, “May I?”


He looked down at me, his eyes a little cool, “Didn’t I say I’d ask when I was lying down?”


I ……




Still really thinking about those things at all times.


If this conversation continues, it’s bound to lead to a fight, and I don’t want to fight with him just yet.


I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get the job done.


I’m not interested in paying too much attention, but I just thought I’d ask.


He sunk his eyes slightly and said indifferently, “A development project!” That sounded eerie to me.


Well, it didn’t even seem appropriate to talk about.


So, I got up, ready to go upstairs, and was pressed into his arms, “Watch a Korean drama together?”


I ?????


I haven’t seen you for a few days, your tastes are quite special.


“No!” After saying that, I was about to leave when he held me down and my phone tried to come up.


It was his.


He glanced at the caller ID, it was from Fu Qingyin, he didn’t rush to answer it, instead he looked at me, “You answer it?”


I pursed my lips, “It’s not appropriate!”


I regretted saying that, to a man, it meant I was refusing to receive his family.




Before I could respond, my chin was caught in his somewhat forceful hand, “When did we become so clearly separated? Spending time with Gu Han, what? Auntie’s about to become a stepmother?”


The phone kept ringing and I was a little annoyed, pursing my lips and not wanting to speak.


He pushed his fingers harder, “What? Did he kiss you like I did? It’s appropriate for Guhan to let you answer this phone?”


I blushed white and tried extremely hard to control my emotions, pulled my lips and said sarcastically, “You insult me so recklessly, because you think I’m dirty, right? If that’s the case, why did Mr. Fu have to come to pick me up three times?”


Chapter 346

After a pause, my voice was cold to the bone, “Does Mr. Fu know what is meant by appropriate? A man who has insulted me in every way, what should I do to his family? A lowly compliment? Or should I lick them like a dog? Mr. Fu, I’m afraid you’ve never been able to say such harsh words to Lu Xinran, have you?”


His dark eyes were staring at me without moving.


The fact is that I can’t be a woman, but I can’t be a woman who can be insulted and scolded by you just by lying on your bed. I am a human being, without the tendency to self-abuse, there is no way to let go of a man who respects my protection not love, must find a man who insults and torments me, can not even protect their own children to stalk him and not let go.”


Watching his cool lips pursed in death, his breathing low, for a long time, he let go of me, rising to casually hang up the caller ID on his phone.


Took the car keys and left.


He had his pride, but I didn’t?


People are all about each other!


The roar of an engine came from the yard, followed by the sound of the car moving away.


I sighed feebly and collapsed on the sofa a little tired, things had gone wrong again.


I hadn’t come back here to fight with him, and pushing him away would be a bargain for Lu Xinran!


It was still early, and there was no way I could sleep at this point, so I called Shen Yu, asked for the address, and went straight there.


I called Shen Yu, asked for the address and went straight there.


I’ve been here several times, so I asked for Shen Yu’s private room door and went straight in.


I thought he was meeting someone to talk about something, but I didn’t think he was the only one who ordered it and opened the mai to drink it by himself while having fun.


When he saw me enter, he patted the seat beside him and raised his voice, “Come, sit down!”


I pursed my lips, sat down, turned off the sound of the stereo and looked at him, “Drinking away your sorrows?”


He gave me a sideways glance, tossed the microphone aside and said, “I heard that Fu Shen Yan picked you up?”


I nodded, poured myself a gla*s of wine and said, “What’s been going on with Lu Xinran lately?”


He leaned back in his chair and said, “After Lin Wan found out about the last video, she had someone hack my computer and delete the video and the pictures.”


I wrinkled my nose, “She’s getting defensive?”


He raised an eyebrow, “You’re out so late, where’s Fu Shen Yan?”


“Went to Gu’s house!”


He nodded, “I’m afraid that old man Gu Hengyang won’t be able to hold out much longer.”


After saying that, he looked at me, “You’re not going to take a look? Gu Han has treated you well.”


I had to find a chance to go alone on this matter and changed the subject, “There’s nothing you can do about Lu Xinran?”


He pursed his lips, took a few sips of wine and said, “So you think I’m nothing but good looking?”


I ……


“Not at all!” I’ve never seen anyone so shameless.


He let out a breath and said, “I’m mailing her pictures over, Lu Xinran is due at the end of the year, what are you going to do?”


I froze at that question and frowned, “What should I do?”


He probably thought I was a bit stupid, so he looked at me a bit like an idiot and said, “You’re not going to bury her baby with her?”


I couldn’t help but purse my lips, I had said harsh words, but if I really wanted to do it to an unborn child, what was the difference between me and Lin Wan?


I’m not sure if it’s a good thing to be too soft-hearted. It’s easy to take revenge on Lu Xinran, but it’s harder to deal with Lin Wan, a woman who has been around for years and is already hard-hearted.”