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Never Say Never Chapter 341-342

Chapter 341

She was closer to the pond, so I took a few steps forward towards her and lifted my hand and tugged her to the edge of the pond.


Forcing her to look at the pond, she said, “This pond won’t drown if you fall in, but it’s just a bit of suffering, why don’t you try going down and see if you can protect this baby of yours?”


“You ……” she shouted in shock, “Shen Shu, if you dare to touch me, my father will not let you get away with it!”


“Then try?” I laughed lightly, looking at her shivering and feeling a little ridiculous.


“Don’t you dare!” She spoke, her voice extra loud, “If you push me off, my father will never spare you!”


I was bored by her father’s words, so I pushed harder and brought her towards the pond.


She shrieked in terror and instinctively pushed me away with force.


“Poof ……”


D*mn, the water was really shockingly cold in winter, and after a few struggles in the water, I was pulled up by a force.


The water was cold and I was shivering from the cold.


Fu Shenyan wrapped the jacket he had taken out around me and looked at Sister Zhang, who had hurriedly followed me out, and said, “Hurry up and call Dr. Cheng to come.”


Sister Zhang nodded and hurriedly called.


In a few moments, Fu Shen Yan picked me up horizontally and coldly glanced at Lu Xinran who was still confused.


His voice was cold, “In the future, please ask Miss Lu’s precious feet to set foot less in this small place in Fu’s mu of land, my wife’s body is thin and cannot afford to be tossed around by you.”


The meaning is very clear, that is to tell Lu Xinran not to come in the future.


Lu Xinran reacted with hindsight and her eyes turned red as she hurriedly tried to defend herself, “Brother Shen Yan, it wasn’t me, I didn’t touch her!”


Fu Shenyan snorted coldly, “She was stupid enough to fall down by herself?”


Lu Xinran opened her mouth to defend herself, “She was the one who pushed me, I resisted, that’s why she fell, it has nothing to do with me, she ……”


“She is a normal person is not as strong as you are a pregnant woman?” Fu Shen Yan opened his mouth, his thin lips pursed tightly, penetrating a few bone-chilling coolness.


“Lu Xinran, you know very well why I spoil you, Lu Yan’s kindness has been consumed by you over the years.” These words were cold enough.


Lu Xinran’s face was white, her eyes red, her voice choked, “My brother died because of you back then? What makes you so relieved with a light-hearted statement that it was because of me? What do you mean by that, brother Shen Yan?”


“How clear do you want me to make it?” Fu Shen Yan’s breathing was a little heavy, he was suppressing his anger, “Go back and tell your mother that sooner or later, we will have to settle the matter of the child.”


After saying that, he carried me into the hall, sister-in-law Zhang came out after making the phone call, her face was not too good, looking at the pregnant woman standing outside the door, she spoke, “Please go back, Miss Lu, the Fu family is sparse, it can’t afford to toss and turn with you, Miss.”


After saying that, he didn’t care what Lu Xinran’s reaction was, he just shut the hall door.


The bedroom!


My clothes were soaked through, Fu Shen Yan carried me directly into the bathroom, put me in the bathtub, put hot water on, reached down to undress me, I hastily avoided.


I opened my mouth and said, “I can do it myself!”


I then undressed myself and took off my jacket, and when I saw that he was still standing still, I frowned, “Like to watch?”


His otherwise cold face split into a smile, “No?”


I stopped moving my hands and locked eyes with him, “Sorry, Mr. Fu, my hobbies are not extensive enough, so, I may need to ask you to leave.”


Chapter 342

He pursed his lips, well didn’t say anything, and went out.


After the shower, I went out of the bathroom, Fu Shenyan was not in the bedroom, and there was milk on the bedside table.


I took a faint look at it and went to the dressing mirror to blow dry my hair. I wasn’t in the best of spirits, and the sudden fall into the water may have put me in the cold.


I didn’t want to fall asleep, I just wanted to lie in bed and warm up.


I read a book for a while and played videos on my mobile phone for a while.


When Fu Shenyin came in, he was holding a file in his hand, so it looked like he was coming over to see what I was doing.


When he saw me lying on the bed playing with my phone, he frowned, “It’s not good for your eyes to keep looking at your phone.”


I gave him a look and nodded, counting things in response, and put the phone on the bedside table.


Retracting the cord back into the cup.


The bed was pressed down a few notches and Fu Shen Yan sat down next to me and spoke, “Drink the milk and take a nap if you’re sleepy.”


“I don’t want to drink it!” I had never had a good feeling about plain milk.


“Shen Shu, do as you’re told, get up and drink it.” It was the first time I felt that a person could be so annoying.


Lifting the cup, I looked straight at him for a few seconds, got up with stifled anger, got out of bed, grabbed the milk and headed towards the bathroom.


Pouring the milk into the toilet, I got out, put the cup down and looked at his dark face and said, “Please go out and bring the cup down later, thank you!”


“Shen Shu!” He spoke, vaguely angry, “Fun?”


I raised my eyebrows at him, unsure, “Fun with what?”


Seeing me like this, he lost his temper for a moment, looking at me steadily for a while, he sighed and said indifferently, “Get some rest!”


Seeing him get up and go out, I was indeed a little tired and covered myself with the blanket and prepared to get a good night’s sleep.


But, unfortunately, there was no way to fall asleep, I was sleepy but couldn’t get any sleep, and this feeling was not really good.


After staying in bed for a few hours, it was hard to get dazed enough to fall asleep.


The bedroom door was opened and in came Fu Shen Yan, he walked to the bed and his eyes fell on me, “You can’t sleep too much during the day, get up and eat something, then go back to sleep later.”


At this point I could hardly sleep, but I was woken up by him, so I couldn’t help but be a bit speechless, ignoring him and continuing to close my eyes to continue my sleep.


He walked over to me and pulled me up from the bed, his voice stern, “Get up and eat something.”


I opened my eyes violently and pushed him away, waiting for him with a furious glare, “Fu Shen Yan, are you sick? Do you know how hard it is for me to get a good night’s sleep? Have you considered my feelings when you’ve come to toss and turn so many times?”


Perhaps I had reacted too strongly, he frowned, his dark eyes mixed with coldness, “Okay, then let’s sleep together!”


I froze, seeing him climb into bed, something that can be avoided once, doesn’t mean it can be avoided twice.


No matter how much I struggled, he was half coaxing, half dominating.


I raked my fingertips across his skin and cursed angrily, “Fu Shen Yan, you B*****d!”




I suspected that Fu Shen Yan hadn’t touched a woman at all during this time, like a vicious wolf pouncing on his food, without restraint.


Afterwards, he was half lying on the bed, smoking.


In the hazy light, there were a number of scratches on his robust chest, and blood was still faintly visible in a few places.


I got up to wash myself, but he held me in his arms and forced my head to rest on his stomach.


The smell of tobacco was in the air, and after one cigarette, he spoke in a deep voice, “Make an appointment and I’ll accompany you to the psychiatrist.”