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Never Say Never Chapter 335-336

Chapter 335

He frowned slightly and gave Lin Wan a sideways glance, his voice a little lower, “When did you become so ruthless that you could do it to a child?”


Lin Wan was aggrieved for a moment, “Zhi Zhan, do you know how Xinran spent those days back in the capital? I was just heartbroken for my daughter!”


“Nonsense!” Mo Zhi Zhan was a little warm and angry, “Spoiling without a bottom line, you will get Xin Ran killed.”


Lin Wan bowed her head, her eyes a little red, “These years, you and I owe her too much.”


Mo Zhi Zhan sighed, his gaze fell on me and said, “Miss Shen, the wood has fallen, you can put forward the conditions, we as a couple will certainly try our best to make up for the harm done to you.”


I laughed, these two couples were really unusual, one brought a knife to kill, the other took money to gag, it was really something.


I sat up straight and looked at the two men, “You two are so sincere, money and power are just that, you know, I do not lack either, how about this, the Buddhists talk about karma, the law says one life for one life, Miss Lu counted the days are about to give birth, why don’t we exchange one life for one life, the two children can also have a companion on the road to death! ”


“Shen Shu, don’t get ahead of yourself!” Lin Wan’s face turned red, “Do you really think that because you have a few big shots around you, you’re some kind of big shot? I’m telling you, you’re still young.”


I smiled lightly, but I was not angry, and nodded, “Mr. Lin is right, I know I am still young, so I know that there will be a long time to come!”


“Miss Shen is a smart person, do you think it’s worth it to upset everyone over a child and ruin your future?” The words were a **naked threat.


I laughed, “It’s worth it! You two take your time, I’ll leave you to it.” Looking at Lin Wan, I smiled a little brightly, “Mr. Lin, we have a long future ahead of us, there is still a long day ahead, I am not in a hurry!”


She grimaced, extraordinarily unhappy, I put away my smile and went straight into the hall.


Whether they were happy or not was their business, what I cared about was whether I was comfortable or not.


People with money and power can indeed do whatever they want, and a life in their hands is nothing.


When I arrived at the hall, the guests had almost left, and when Shen Changlin saw me, he smiled and said kindly, “Although the Shen family is big, you have actually become my daughter, so you must pick an auspicious day to walk into my Shen family’s door openly and honestly, the pride and temperament of my Shen family’s daughter cannot be missing.”


I smiled lightly, my eyes couldn’t help but feel a little sore, my voice slightly choked, “Thank you, Uncle Shen!”


He gave a tsk and said, “You child, you should change your name, call me Dad!”


I pursed my lips and smiled for a moment with some tears in my eyes and said, “Dad!”


“Good!” He smiled, bright and cheerful, “Give me the address where you’ll be staying this time, I’m going to visit the provinces in the next couple of days, when I come back, I’ll bring you something delicious.”


I nodded and looked over at him, “I’m in the Central Park neighbourhood, be careful all the way out there.”


He nodded and smiled, “Good, I’ll get your brother to look after you one of these days, we’ll be family from now on, so if you need anything, just talk to him!”


I nodded, and couldn’t help but feel warm inside.


Gu Han finished seeing off the guests and walked towards us, looking at Shen Changlin and said, “Uncle Shen, don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your daughter and make sure she’s fat and white for you.”


Chapter 336

Shen Changlin laughed, narrowed his eyes and whispered, “Tell the truth, are you two in love?”


Gu Han froze and laughed, “Uncle Shen, I alone can’t say anything about this.”




Everyone laughed out loud for a while, and after sending Shen Changlin away, Gu Han and Xu Hui said goodbye.


Xu Hui looked at me and looked at Gu Han with a somewhat complicated gaze and said, “You have a measure for yourself, don’t complicate things, if the capital once word gets out that there is something between you two, the Fu family and the Gu family, and now there is another one to the Shen family, more trouble.”


Gu Han nodded his head and said comfortingly, “Mom, don’t worry, I have my own way!”


We left the hotel and got into the car.


I couldn’t help but look at him and say, “Although Shen Changlin is determined to have a daughter, he is at least a politician in a high position, he can’t just look at his eyes and recognize a daughter, can he?”


He started the car and laughed, “You still have some brains, you both have the surname Shen, you think it’s a coincidence?”


“What do you mean?”


He drove on, “Shen Yu was involved, he’s Shen Changlin’s nephew, he’s now in his care, Shen Yu has mentioned you more than once in front of Shen Changlin, I guess he’s said everything he needs to.”


I froze and became even more confused, “Isn’t Shen Yu’s father a businessman?”


He raised an eyebrow, “You can ask Shen Yu when you get the chance, the Shen family is small, Shen Changlin has no children in his life, the other two uncles in the Shen family are dead and crippled, so although the Shen family is large, it is also cold.”


I nodded, but I guessed more or less, Shen Yu was indeed found back by the Shen family in the capital a few years ago, and then I didn’t ask him, I didn’t know many specific details, when he came to Huai’an back then, we were all young, and Grandma never told us about the investor who committed suicide.


After all these years, I never bothered to ask Shen Yu about his life.


After a night of wrangling, I was a little drowsy when I leaned against the car, and the car had already entered the neighborhood in a daze.


Gu Han stopped the car, saw that I was sleepy, got out and said, “Do you want me to carry you up?”


My eyes snapped open and I shook my head, “I’ll go up myself!” Xu Hui was right, if someone with an interest in filming something unnecessary, everyone would be embarra*sed and in trouble.


I wasn’t surprised to see Fu Shen Yan at the front door, but I couldn’t help but frown, was he trying to detain me in this way?


He was sitting on the steps of the gate, looking like an abandoned child.


He had become thinner and thinner over the past few days, and his eyes were bloodshot, as he had lost all of his brashness and recklessness.


Gu Han frowned slightly and said, “I’ll go back first.”


I nodded and looked at Fu Shen Yan who was slowly getting up, glancing at his hand wrapped in white gauze.


If there was a pill of regret, I would have taken it and never met Fu Shen Yan in my life, even if I was destined to be miserable, I would have been willing.


Three years later, I have become a completely different person.


I looked at him for a long time, and I went through my mind, but I really didn’t know what to say to him.


I spoke indifferently, “Go back and don’t come back!” Ignoring his earnest gaze, I missed him and went straight through the door.


“You’re living together?” He spoke, his voice dripping with exhaustion.


I frowned and said after a moment, “It’s my business!”


“Grace!” He spoke, his voice all hoarse and weak, “Is this really all we can do?”


“……” Is this the final outcome? I really didn’t know, I thought of hundreds of ways to torture him, but in the end it was me who hurt, so I chose to turn a blind eye.


“I know you hate me and resent me! It’s my fault for not protecting you and the child, but Shen Shu, I’m not willing to let this be the end of us. If you hate me, you can take whatever revenge you want, but …… at least come back with me, we’re husband and wife, we’ll have to face this together eventually, won’t we?”


I pursed my lips, my heart still hard, and spoke, “Then get a divorce!” I tried my best to learn to let go, tried my best not to hate him, after all, loved people, I can do not hate, is already the limit.


It was as if my heart had been torn open, and there was pain everywhere.