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Never Say Never Chapter 331-332

Chapter 331

After greeting the two old men, Mo Zhi Zhan and Lin Wan also noticed me, and both of them stared at the same time, looking at Grandpa Xu and said, “Old man Xu, who is this beside you?”


Grandpa Xu said with a smile, “This is Shen Shu, a staff member of our Ah Han’s company, who came with him today.”


Mo Zhi Zhan and Lin Wan glanced at each other and were stunned, “Shen Shu?” The eyes fell on me with some complicated emotions.


“Mr. Mo, this girl looks seven or eight percent similar to Mr. Lin when she was young. If your family hadn’t already found your daughter, I would have misunderstood that this girl was your daughter?” At the side, Shen Changlin, who was about the same age as Mo Zhiqing, joked.


The two old men were slightly stunned by his comment and looked at me and Lin Wan carefully.


After a few moments, he said, “Don’t you say it, this girl’s eyebrows and eyes really do look a lot like Xiao Wan’s, and her nose is very much like Mo’s, tall and elegant.


Mo Zhi Zhan looked at Lin Wan and then at me, and his eyebrows knitted slightly.


After Gu Han had finished entertaining the guests, he came in and said with a smile, “Everyone actually thinks it looks alike, so why don’t we ask Mr. Mo to accept Shen Shu as his goddaughter, so that we can add to our happiness today.”


I couldn’t help but stare, not knowing what Gu Han meant by this.


As soon as he said that, someone else said, “Yes, that’s a good idea, Mr. Mo is going to have a beautiful daughter, which will be the envy of others.”


Onlookers who did not know about my relationship with the Mo family naturally thought it was a happy occasion, but Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan, who knew all about it, both looked a little unnatural.


After a moment, Lin Wan said with a smile, “We appreciate your kindness, but I’m not afraid of laughing at you when I say this, but we all know that our child Xinran has a strong heart.


These words instantly made Gu Han and the others who had originally suggested it look bad.


It was a bit awkward for a while.


I smiled lightly, but I was quite relaxed, and looked at Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan, “The love you two have for your daughter is the envy of others, and Shen Shu’s blessings are so thin that it would be difficult for her to bear your generous kindness.”


“That’s true!” Shen Changlin spoke up cheerfully, “Why do you have to belittle yourself, you can be brought here by Gu Han, that means you have something that no one else has found, you and I seem to have a good match. If you are willing to accept me as your godfather, my Shen family will be your home from now on.”


I froze, a little confused for a moment. This Shen Changlin was a famous official in the capital, who had been a clean official all his life.


I was a bit flattered by such a man saying such things to me.


“Look at this little girl, she’s so happy that she can’t even speak. Changlin, look at how you’ve scared people.” Grandpa Xu, who was on the side, joked, the smile on his face dispersing, but with a somewhat proud look.


Chapter 332

Gu Han patted me on the shoulder and said, “Why don’t you thank Uncle Shen for his love?”


I hastened to speak, a little excited, “Thank you, Uncle Shen, for your love, Shen Shu is fortunate in three lives.”


“See, it’s hard to say what fate is. Changlin has been hoping for a daughter all his life, and now he’s got a daughter with the same surname, so he doesn’t have to change his surname. Grandpa Xu laughed.


Looking at Shen Changlin, he said, “This is not a goddaughter, it’s a real daughter, we’re all Shen’s family!”


Shen Changlin laughed aloud, and at one point he picked up his gla*s of wine and looked at me and said, “Girl, follow me!”


As he led me onto the stage of the hotel, Shen Changlin said in a loud voice, “Everyone, first of all, I would like to thank Elder Xu and Ms. Xu for organising this birthday dinner, allowing me, Shen, to have this daughter, fulfilling my half-life wish. I will invite you all to my home on another day to celebrate my daughter’s entry into the family tree.”


At these words, all the guests on the stage were stunned, and then they clapped their hands in joy.


As Shen Changlin was a straightforward man of character, he had the intention of making me his daughter, so he naturally thought of bringing me along to introduce me to the guests tonight and exchange pleasantries.


In a short while, I had memorised all the famous people at the banquet, and in the middle of it, Shen Changlin had something to talk about with his friends.


When I was free, I found Gu Han, who was also just finishing up and took me into the pantry.


He said, “This trip wasn’t a waste of time, was it?”


I smiled lightly and thanked him, “No, it wasn’t a waste, but why did you ask me to acknowledge Mo Zhi Zhan as my godfather?” You know all the things Lin Wan did, so how could I possibly acknowledge them as godfathers.


He heated up the water and prepared to make tea, looked at me and said, “Shen Changlin has been seeking a daughter for many years and has no desire to take a wife, this is something known in the capital’s prestigious circles. Naturally, this will be done.”


I looked at him. I couldn’t help but sigh, “I thought it was a matter of going with the flow, but after hearing you say that, I actually feel a little less intelligent.”


This step-by-step calculation was something I probably would have found hard to think of.


He raised an eyebrow, “What? Do you think I’m too deep-rooted to be a friend?”


“Of course not!” I laughed, “I can’t thank you enough, you did greet Grandpa Xu in advance, right?”


Why else would Grandpa Xu have made a point of pushing the envelope?


He nodded and placed his cup of tea in front of me, his handsome eyebrows rising, “Not bad, not stupid either.”


I smiled and said after a pause, “Shen Changlin is a clean and noble person, if I want to rely on him to deal with the Mo family in the future, I’m afraid ……”


He smiled lightly, “The Mo family’s roots are mostly in the underworld, but the roots are hidden deep, if someone can uproot them, someone will naturally be happy to see them.”


I raised my eyebrows, it seemed that the tree was true.


Gu Han’s phone rang, it was Xu Hui calling him, something must have come up and he was in a hurry to go deal with it, he told me to sit and rest for a while and call him if anything came up.


I sat in the pantry and looked at my cup of tea. I had mistakenly recognized Shen Changlin as my godfather, and I was lucky to be a fatherless child.


After sitting in the pantry for a while, I went out.


The washroom.


Lin Wan elegantly blocked my way, “Miss Shen, let’s talk?”


Looking at her somewhat slack cheeks, she nodded, “What does Mr. Lin intend to talk about?”