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Never Say Never Chapter 327-328

Chapter 327

Gu Han came quickly, and I kind of suspected that he was nearby.


Looking at the mess in the ward, he frowned, a little shadowy, his gaze falling on Fu Shen Yan, “Mr. Fu, how much longer do you think you can torture him in his current state?”


Fu Shen Yan did not say anything, from the beginning to now, his gaze had always fallen on me, I knew and could see that he was guilty and blaming himself, and also in pain.


But, I wasn’t heartbroken.


I walked towards Gu Han and he noticed the blood on the back of my hand and frowned, “Did you pull it out yourself?”


I nodded, my words were faint, “Go away, I’m tired!” People have a limited amount of energy, and I can’t take much of this aggressively hurting others myself.


Seeing this, he didn’t say much more and spoke, “Let’s go!”


At the door of the ward, Cheng Junyu’s eyebrows were cold, his gaze was cold as he blocked the way out, his gaze fell on me, his voice was cold, “The matter of the child, Shen Yan is no less painful than you, why do you resent him so much? You put all your pain on him and make him suffer your pain, are you happy in your heart?”


“Get out of the way!!!” Gu Han sank his face, both were men who wielded rivers and mountains in the shopping mall, their auras were indistinguishable.


Cheng Yu stood still, his gaze fixed on me.


I pursed my lips, looked back at Fu Shen Yan and spoke, “The night of Lu Xinran’s birthday, you were at the Mo family’s banquet, right?”


Fu Shen Yan looked at me, his gaze deep and dark, “En!”


My heart still hurt, it was still hard, I pressed down and said, “The reason Lin Wan chose to do it that night, you actually know better than I do, right? For two months, Gu Han barely let me touch any electronics, I didn’t watch TV, I didn’t watch the news, I didn’t even touch outsiders.”


When I said this, I couldn’t help but laugh lowly, “Actually I’m not stupid, even though I didn’t see the information about your engagement to Lu Xinran in the news all over the capital, I could more or less guess that Lin Wan’s purpose should actually be to want me to die twice, after all, if I died, you and Lu Xinran would no longer have a barrier, but she miscalculated, she didn’t think Gu Han would appear, didn’t She didn’t think I would be taken away by him.”


I didn’t look at Fu Shen Yan’s face, no matter how much pain he was in, how hard he was feeling, how much he blamed himself, how much he was upset, it had nothing to do with me.


I looked at Cheng Junyu, smiled and said, “Look, if that alone isn’t enough for me to resent him, I can tell you more. Dr. Cheng, he was your brother, I understand how you feel about defending him, and I understand that maybe in your opinion, I only lost a child, which is nothing when you think about it, but I’m sorry, I’m like that, I want revenge for even the slightest injury, not to mention, that child is my life to me!”


Yes, no one in this world can empathise or even sympathise with people, most people are just watching from the sidelines or watching the fire from across the river.


When I left the hospital with Gu Han, his eyes were deep, “Shen Yu is doing things too openly, it will be difficult for you to do anything next, the Mo family will be on guard.”


I nodded and couldn’t help but sigh, Shen Yu had put the video out in the hospital straight away, the purpose was just to make it hard and painful for Fu Shen Yan to see it too.


I think it’s a good idea to stop now that it’s started.


Chapter 328

As the car started, I gave him a sideways glance and said, “Did you take a picture of the baby?”


I asked calmly, but his body stiffened visibly, his eyes looked at me, and he opened his mouth, “Didn’t you say you weren’t going to look at it?”


I looked out the car window, pained some breathing, a long time before saying, “En, I do not look, you send to Shen Yu, let him lay low, get to Lu Xinran phone, choose the best in the middle of the night.”


He nodded, drove for a while, changed the subject and said, “ai this project, any direction yet?”


I nodded, “Shen Yu is a computer expert, there is a technology company in Jiangcheng, the researchers are some geniuses, but the management is not so so, some day we will take time to go over and find a way to acquire it.”


He raised an eyebrow, “There’s still such a company?”




“Good, looks like you don’t have to bet on Huayu.” He smiled lightly, somewhat flirtatiously.


I lowered my eyes, looked at him and said, “If it doesn’t work out and I lose Huayu, I’ll just follow you and cheat on food and drink.”


He laughed, “Yes!”


It was late, and when we got home, it was already early in the morning, so he found a room to rest in, and I went back to my bedroom, with things on my mind, and another sleepless night.


On November 4, Xu Hui’s fifty-sixth birthday was celebrated.


The Xu family is a family of books in the capital, Xu Hui and Gu Hengyang divorced then remained in the Xu family, Xu family not many people, on two nearly 100 years old.


Xu Hui also has two older brothers, one in politics and one in business, and the two elders each have a son, both of whom are developing abroad and have started their own families, rarely returning to their home country.


Xu Hui was originally the youngest sister in the family, her temperament was raised to be more pampered and brutal, Gu Han was also aware of his mother’s temper and would occasionally say a few words, but after more times, he gave up.


When Gu Han said he wanted to take me to this birthday party, I refused, after all, I had had a few encounters with Xu Hui and the results were not friendly.


Gu Han smiled lightly, “The Xu family is a bookish family, this time the two old men took the opportunity to hold a birthday banquet for my mother and invited many big names from the business and political world, the Mo family will also be there, don’t you have a mind to take on the Mo family? This is an opportunity.”


I froze and reacted with some hindsight, if I had the intention of pulling down the Mo family, I would have to climb to a height equal to, or even higher than, the Mo family before I could turn the tables, otherwise, I would always be limited to a small fight.


Looking to Gu Han, I nodded, “Okay, I’ll go!”


The structure of this society seems simple enough, all are human beings, living on this earth together.


But people are different from each other, we are all divided into three, six, nine levels, just like a pyramid, from the bottom to the top of the pyramid, some people can’t get past one level in several lifetimes.


The poor can work their way up to the top of the pyramid and live in relative affluence, but if they want to go to the next level, they have to rely on their talents and wisdom to continue to climb up the ladder.


But once you reach a certain level, it is basically impossible to move up the ladder by relying on talent and wisdom, and the next thing you need to do is to rely on your connections and blood to continue to enter the circle.


The reason why Lin Wan was excluded from the Mo family and not accepted for many years was probably because her birth and her intelligence were not enough to be accepted by the Mo family.