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Never Say Never Chapter 317-318

Chapter 317

“You ……”



“Sorry, I have things to do this afternoon, so I won’t continue talking with you.” I am not a good person, nor do I have the means to judge a person good or bad, everyone experiences life differently, the suffering I eat, I can only boil myself, the suffering and difficulties of others, I have no way to understand, nor do I want to understand.



After leaving Fu Qingyin’s office, I went straight to Gu Han’s office.



He was sitting in his boss’s chair, looking very idle.



When he saw me he raised his eyebrows and said, “What are we talking about?”



“Gender relations!” I made my way to the sofa and took a few sips of water to suppress the irritation in my heart.



The corner of his mouth twitched, “Convinced you?”



Looking up at him, I spoke, “You think I’m that easy to convince?”



He bristled, “Hard to say!”



After a pause, he added, “You love Fu Shenyan very much, so you’re not afraid of regret if you just give up?”



I gave him a blank look, “Which one of your eyes saw that I love him?”



He shrugged his shoulders and got up, “If you didn’t love him, would you have pushed yourself to this point?”



Walking over to me, he reached out, “Here’s the information on the two men from that night, if you really want to find out, I’ll keep looking into it for you.”



He handed me a file and I froze, unable to suppress my irritation as I opened it and looked at it, the dark side of my heart seemingly ready to be ripped open at any moment.



Looking at the two men’s files, I couldn’t help but speak languidly, “Both had wives and children, do you think they would have been less cruel if they had experienced the loss of a child as well.”



He pursed his lips, his gaze falling on my grim face, and sighed slightly, “What do you want to do?”



After staring at the file for a long time, I put it away and spoke, “Keep going down the list, I have no enmity with them, it’s not like they can’t see me before they come to harm me.”



He nodded and after a pause said, “Fu Shenyan seems to be looking into it too!”



I sneered, “The child is half his blood after all, it’s only natural that he would want to investigate.”



“Let’s go! What do you want to eat?” He took the car keys.



I got up, not knowing for a moment what I wanted to eat, and said, “Whatever!”



When we got into the lift, it was just him and I. He said, “You’re willing to bet with Huayu because you want to use Gu’s to deal with the Mo family?”



Looking at her, I smiled lightly with my eyes, “You can see that? Are you going to stop it?”



He frowned, “The Mo family is not as easy as we think.



I nodded, but remained stubborn, “How about what? I’m not happy about it!”



Knowing that no amount of talk from him would change anything, he didn’t say anything more.



When we left the office and got into the car, he didn’t ask me what I wanted to eat and started the car straight away.



Gu Han always chooses what to eat, the car pulled up underneath a French restaurant, I raised my eyes and couldn’t help but look at him, “You could write a food guide for the capital, I reckon a lot of people would like that.”



He hooked his lips and raised an eyebrow, “You conclude it’s good before you’ve even eaten it?”



I nodded, “This place is low key and in a beautiful setting, you wouldn’t find a place like this if someone wasn’t purposely looking for it, usually the businesses that set up shop in places like this aren’t short of money, but rather the owner who has a pa*sion for it, and if my guess is right, the chef here must be the owner.”



He smiled lightly, locked the car and spoke, “You guessed it!”



Following him into the courtyard, he greeted the waiter and then took me up to the first floor, the place had a small venue and the small courtyard was all planted with flowers and gra*ses, it looked extremely moody and quiet.


Chapter 318

When he ordered the food, he didn’t ask me, he just ordered it. Usually what he ordered in this case was what I loved and was special.



For a while I felt that Gu Han’s future girlfriend would definitely be spoilt for choice.



This man is really too good at taking care of people.



Handing the menu to the waiter, he spoke, “Give us a cup of spiced taro tea with less sugar!”



“Good! You wait a moment.”



The waiter left and I looked at him with my chin in the air and said, “You’ll definitely have a daughter later.”



He froze and laughed, “You know that?”



I nodded, “You’re so good at taking care of people, you look like the kind of playboy who had a lot of little lovers in his past life.”



“Heh!” He lost his smile, “Since when do you know how to read faces ????”



“Always …… have!” I couldn’t help but shut my mouth as the rest of my eyes swept up to see the three people who had just come up.



Noticing my movement, Gu Han also looked sideways and saw that it was Lu Xinran, Lin Wan and Shen Yu, he couldn’t help but frown at me, “All know each other?”



I nodded my head and withdrew my gaze, my expression a little grim.



When Shen Yu saw me, his face was obviously a little uncontrolled, and he walked straight towards our seats, tugging on my hand, his voice a little agitated, “Where have you been all these days?”



I frowned, broke his hand and said, “I’m hiding to have a baby! Where can I go?”



He wrinkled his nose, “Where’s the baby?”



“It’s dead!” After saying that, I got a little annoyed and looked at Gu Han.



Gu Han got up and pulled him aside, looking at him, “Mr. Shen, we’re still eating, and it looks like you’re quite busy right now, why don’t we wait until you’re done and find a chance to talk?”



Shen Yu wrinkled his eyebrows, his face a bit grim as he looked at me and said, “Since when did you get so close to him?”



I laughed, “Since when do you care so much?”



Lin Wan and Lu Xinran walked over together, with a light gentle smile on their faces, their eyes fell on my stomach and said, “Miss Shen can still maintain such a good figure after giving birth, that’s something to envy.”



I pursed my lips, my hands couldn’t help but clench deadly tight, suppressing the anger in my heart and saying, “Mr. Lin can pray that Miss Lu will be like me after giving birth, oh yes, I pay better attention to the process of giving birth, I can pa*s it on to Miss Lu when the time comes, she can recover just as well after giving birth as long as she follows it.”



Lu Xinran did not know the meaning of this and was somewhat baffled, but Lin Wan knew, and after hearing this she instantly blushed badly.



The delicate and elegant face showed a few coldness, protecting Lu Xinran behind her, she coldly said, “No need, not everyone has Miss Shen’s fortune, this person, all things are fate, half of it is not up to the person, our Xinran this life is good, want want to do I give mother will find ways to give her.”






really have a mother’s child like a treasure ah!



I shall smile, “Then I hope Miss Lu’s life has been good, never have …… a day when life is worse than death.”



“Naturally there won’t be!” After saying that, Lin Wan took Lu Xinran’s arm and walked away, looked at Shen Yu and said, “The matter of Mr. Shen, it seems that things do not need to talk.”



Shen Yu is not stupid, naturally heard something, glanced at Lin Wan said, “Then I will not bother Mr. Lin.”



As soon as Lin Wan and Lu Xinran left, Shen Yu sat down next to me and pulled me in to ask why I had suddenly disappeared for two months.