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Never Say Never Chapter 313-314

Chapter 313

I woke up to the sound of thunder, and when I opened my eyes I felt cold and tingly, the thunder outside was so loud that I had forgotten to close the window when I went to bed, so the rain had drifted in.


I fumbled with my phone and looked at the time, seeing that it was only twelve o’clock, I couldn’t help but frown.


I saw dozens of missed calls on my phone, and although there were no notes, I was familiar with the numbers, they were all from Fu Shen Yan.


I was a bit annoyed and planned to turn my phone off, but the call came in again. I frowned and answered it and said directly, “Fu Shen Yan, do you think you’re still not satisfied with the way I’ve become and are forcing me to die?”


“Shen Shu, you know what I want, if it were I would accompany you ……” his voice was a little hoarse and the sound of rain could be heard faintly.


I was so annoyed that I wanted to just hang up the phone, so he spoke, “I’m downstairs from you!”


I froze and subconsciously went to the balcony to look down, and saw Fu Shenyan downstairs next to the streetlight, standing upright in the rain, dressed in black, just like a log.


I was furious, “Fu Shen Yan, are you sick!” This is the middle of the night in the rain, self-abuse ah!


He laughed, “If you are angry, does it mean that you care about me?”


I ……


Sick, and not lightly!


“Fu Shen Yan, if you’re sick, go see a doctor.” After saying that I hung up the phone, my heart irritated to the core.


It was raining extremely hard outside, it was late autumn rain, unlike the warm summer rain, I was only afraid that it wouldn’t be long before he was sick.


After thinking about it, I flipped through my phone and called Cheng Junyu on WeChat, but no one answered for a long time, so I dialed Qiao Zhuan Yan’s again, and after ringing for a long time, someone picked up.


“Shen Shu? What is it?”


I pursed my lips, “Fu Shenyan is abusing himself in Central Park, if you don’t want him to die, come and carry him back.


“Holy Sh*t! I told you that you are not a nice woman! You ……” Qiao Zhuan Yan’s mouth was trying to be unforgiving and I wasn’t looking for abuse listening to him scold me.


So I just turned off my phone.


The rain is still pouring down outside, and Fu Shen Yan is still in the rain as if he were dead, but after half an hour Qiao Zhuan Yan comes.


The floor was too high for me to hear what he was saying, so I just watched them tangle for a while before they left.


I drew the curtains and sat up in bed, knowing there was no way I could sleep this night.


The next day, with the sun faintly rising, I got out of bed and washed up before going straight to the office.


Gu Han came early and when he saw my poor spirits, he frowned slightly, “You didn’t sleep last night?”


I nodded, “Fu Shen Yan is downstairs, very annoying!”


He wrinkled his brow and didn’t say anything else, he just said, “Did you read the papers I gave you yesterday?”


I froze, Fu Shen Yan’s presence made me forget about my work, so I couldn’t help but say with some embarra*sment, “I forgot about it yesterday!”


He held his forehead, light smile some helpless said, “There will be a meeting later, you need to attend, if you have not read the document, then free play!”


I ?????




I nodded my head and looked at him and said, “What’s it about?”


He got up and poured me a gla*s of water, then had his secretary bring in a breakfast looked at me and said, “You eat while I talk!”


I kind of wondered if he was worried that I would starve to death and that was why he was thinking of throwing food at me at all times.


Sitting down on the sofa, I looked at him as I ate and said, “You talk!!!”


Chapter 314

“It’s the research and development of new technology, Gu’s was started with cars and home appliances, a few years ago new technology exploded, many people are competing for this sweet spot, Gu’s has taken a part of it, mainly with mobile phones and computers, currently the company intends to dabble in ai, but this piece of the company’s technical department has been stagnant, so what we need to consider now is whether or not this piece of ai should stay, and if it does in what way we will push it and how we will get a group of skilled technicians to push progress!”


I nodded and took a few bites of bread towards my mouth and said, “Is the technical department now filled with the same old group of technicians?”


He shook his head, “Not really, we pay good money to get the best technicians in every year, but it’s largely unproductive.”


“Isn’t the meeting an hour away, can I meet these people?”


He nodded with a slight flicker, and seeing that I had almost finished eating, he got up and said, “Yes!”


Following him out of the office, Gu took ai seriously and had deliberately set aside two floors of Gu’s building for research.


As the clan’s technology research place, so the staff were extremely strict in and out, Gu Han and I put on protective clothing before entering.


After a general glance at the equipment inside, I didn’t know much about it, so I went straight to meeting the researcher staff.


Time was limited, so after just a quick chat, Gu Han and I headed back to the office again.


“Well? Any afterthoughts?” He sat down in his boss’s chair and spoke with a light smile.


I thought for a moment, “Why did you hire all the foreign staff? And they have all the power of speech?”


He raised an eyebrow, “There aren’t many good techies in the country at the moment, they have the skills and education, so I naturally give them the highest treatment.”


“But have you thought about it, ai people all over the world are working on it, you’re giving the initiative to foreign researchers, what if they end up taking the research back home?” I admit that it’s not a good thing to say, but it’s a point that has to be worried about; we love our country, and others do the same.


He frowned, his long slender fingers tapping on the table, ticking, for a long time before he looked at me and said, “We’ve considered all of this, but if we want to involve ai at the moment, we have to use them, and if we suspect someone, we use them.”


I nodded and looked at him, “If I could find a group of top technicians in the country and guarantee that they could take ai to the next level, would you dare to try?”


He froze and suddenly smiled lightly, “How can you be so sure?”


“There’s no certainty, I just want to try!” If this project comes to fruition, maybe I’ll have a way to deal with the Mo family.


After all, most of the Mo family’s business status is all backed by technology.


After a moment of silence, he nodded his head and looked at me, “Yes!”


In the meeting room, almost all of Gu’s senior management came, including Fu Qingyin, and when she saw me, she frowned slightly, a little surprised, but it was only a moment before it was normal.


Gu Han arranged for me to sit down, then got up and turned on the projector and spoke, “Let me first introduce to you all, this is Shen Shu who came in with me just now, I have officially hired her as Gu’s project director, she will be responsible for the follow-up of the company’s ai next!”


There was an uproar in the meeting room, and someone questioned, “Mr. Gu, although the position of project director is temporarily vacant, Gu’s is not like a small company, just anyone can fill this position, not to mention the ai piece, we are not discussing whether to stay or not today, even the result of the retention has not yet come out, so the decision is made, Mr. Gu does not think your decision is a bit Don’t you think your decision is a bit rash?”