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Never Say Never Chapter 301-302

Chapter 301

He nodded and looked to me and said, “You say!”


After living here for so many days, I would have thought my whole life had been as peaceful and quiet as this if not for those painful memories.


After a pause I said, “I’m going to live downtown.” Looking at his slightly sunken face, I continued, “Thank you for taking care of me these days, but I can’t stay with you forever and let you feed me and hide for the rest of my life.”


“You were right before, there are some things that I have to get through on my own after all, no one can help me, the capital is huge, I think I can survive in the capital on my own.”


Once upon a time it hurts, but you always have to move on, don’t you?


“Snap!” He put the chopsticks down in his hand, his voice low, “I can’t help you with the knot in your heart, but if you’re willing to stay here, I can support you for the rest of your life, you don’t need to worry about supporting yourself.”


I pulled a smile and spoke a little cruelly, “I don’t want to!”


His handsome face stiffened for a long, silent moment before he spoke, “Fine then, it’s fine for you to go back to the capital, but you have to promise me that you’ll have to contact me whenever you need to, call me whenever you need anything, tell me whenever you need something.”


I nodded, my heart warmed a little, my eyes a little sore, pulled a smile and said, “En, good!”


After a pause, I said, “I’d like to go back recently for the National Day, so I can make some arrangements!”


He frowned, “You’re not well enough yet!”


“I’m fine!” I always felt that he treated me like a porcelain doll and said helplessly, “I’ve been resting for two months, besides, I can rest in the capital, I’ll just find a job and not work so hard.”


He thought about it and nodded, “Okay, about the job, you don’t need to rush, I’ll arrange it, I also have a house over in the city, when the time comes, depending on where you work, find the nearest one to live in.”


I opened my mouth to refuse, but he interrupted, “My company happens to be short of people, since you feel indebted to me, come to my company to help, in addition to the house I also have to charge rent, ten percent of your salary, later deducted from the salary card.”


I held my forehead, I didn’t know what to say for a while, I said helplessly, “I still have some savings, you don’t have to do that, besides, I plan to find something to do on my own.”


“Yeah, I know!” He seemed to think that I had the intention to reject him and was a little angry.


Seeing this, I didn’t say much more.


It was fine, the Gu family’s business was doing great, if he had the intention to help me, I wouldn’t have to work so hard in the future.


Having made his decision, after dinner, he asked someone to pack his things and prepare to leave early tomorrow morning.


The next day.


The day dawned late in the autumn, and it was only around seven o’clock that the sky slowly turned white.


I woke up early and cleaned up, and when I went downstairs, I saw Gu Han already waiting downstairs.


When he saw me coming down, he put away his phone and said, “Have breakfast first, we’ll leave afterwards!”


I nodded and took a few shallow bites, knowing that I had never been able to eat much, he frowned slightly, but didn’t say much.


He took me to the car and started it, he handed me a notebook and said, “I found a few suitable positions last night, take a look, what do you prefer to do, tell me, I’ll arrange it, when the National Day is over, go to work!”


I opened the notebook and was greeted by nice handwriting. I looked at the dozen or so positions he had listed, all of which were relatively easy.


Chapter 302

I couldn’t help but frown and say, “Can I work on a project? Or you could put me on a project team and start from the bottom!”


He nodded, “Yes, the director of projects has just gone home, so you can fill in.”


I froze, not expecting him to be so forthcoming, and said, “You’ve made a hasty decision like that? Aren’t you afraid that I’m not competent enough to screw up your company?”


He looked at me sideways and smiled, “You would?”


I bristled, “Hard to say!” After all, I hadn’t worked in almost a year.


At the traffic light, he rested his elbow on the steering wheel and looked at me, “You can be vice president of a project as big as Fu’s and handle it with ease, you shouldn’t be able to handle this little thing for our Gu’s!”


I cried and laughed, that was too understated, Gu’s was huge, it was going international, Fu’s was huge, but in some ways it was inferior after all.


The road in the city centre was rather congested, so on the way he drove and talked about the development of Gu’s history, and told me some of the general affairs and development of the company, so that I had a general idea in my mind.


Gu Hengyang’s health is not good, so the company is basically managed by Gu Han, and there are some problems that he will encounter bottlenecks, he told me to arrange in the company, also has his personal feelings.


He had the intention of training his own cronies.


The car went into the Central Park neighbourhood in the city centre and then parked under a block of flats.


I took a look around and was a little surprised to see that this was a downtown area with incredibly high prices and a lot where few middle-cla*s people could afford to buy a house.


Seeing me dumbfounded, he laughed, “I’ll show you in first, what’s missing, we’ll go shopping later!”


Looking at the time, I couldn’t help but say, “Don’t you have to go to the office today?”


He smiled lightly, “I have seven days off for the long National Day holiday!”




I’ll take you to the office in a couple of days, and you can check out the environment and see what’s missing before you buy.


I nodded and thought to myself, I’m probably the person who has to worry the least about going to work, this boss has set up before and after.


The house is on the tenth floor, not high, about one hundred and fifty square meters of house, decorated with atmosphere and warmth, rather different from the villa, but extremely comfortable to live in.


After looking at the layout of the room, I couldn’t help but look at him and say, “This rent should be no less than ten thousand, right? Especially in a place like the capital, where every inch of land is gold.”


He raised his eyebrows, “Are you worried about the rent?”


I shook my head and laughed, “I was thinking, what do you people who invest in property think, you buy the house, make it so nice, don’t live in it and don’t rent it out, it just sits there, what a waste!”


Fu Shen Yan also seems to like to do so, unintentionally think of him, I can not help but bow my head, the nostrils are a little sour uncomfortable.


Gu Han didn’t notice, smiled and said, “It’s not a waste, isn’t it used now?”


After a quick look around, there didn’t seem to be anything missing, but there wasn’t much in the kitchen, so I guess he thought I wouldn’t be able to cook, so he didn’t do much to set it up.


“Is there anything missing?” He spoke, changing the house if and fingerprint code to mine.


I nodded, “You’re off for the night anyway, why don’t we just cook at home, I’ll call Woody and Jon and the others later and ask them to come over and do it together, or give them a peace offering, being away these days, I seem to be cut off from the outside world.”