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Winner Takes All Chapter 419-420

Chapter 419

In the office of Din Tai.

Chen Dong is as silent as ever, sitting in front of the window as if he were a statue, looking out at the clouds rolling in and out.

Every now and then, he picks up his tea and takes a sip.

He is calm and relaxed.

The hunt is on!

He was waiting, waiting for good news from Qin Ye’s side.

The capital tussle, the loss of Rothschild, the behemoth, Zhongke Capital and Shihua Investment, he did not put in his eyes.

The hanging sword had quietly fallen on the heads of those two capitals.

Outside the office.

Xiao Ma and Lone Wolf and the others were all a bit stunned.

“Brother Lone Wolf, what is going on with Brother Dong today?”

Xiao Ma was Chen Dong’s right-hand man in the company, and at this moment, he also looked confused: “He came to the company early in the morning and has been sitting in front of the window, not doing any business at all.”

“Is it possible that our company is in big trouble? I remember when the shantytown renovation project in the west of the city was first carried out, Mr Chen had such a situation?” Someone guessed.

“How could that be, our company is now operating at a much higher quality, if it wasn’t for Mr Chen’s low profile, our company would have been number one in the city long ago.” Some employees immediately denied it.

A trail of gazes all fell on Lone Wolf.

Like Xiao Ma’s thoughts, in their eyes, Lone Wolf was closer to Chen Dong.

Xiao Ma was only in charge of Din Tai’s affairs.

Lone Wolf, on the other hand, was able to get involved in some of Chen Dong’s personal matters.

“I’m actually not sure.”

Lone Wolf rubbed his nose in embarra*sment, “I just went in to help Chen pour tea, and only heard him mention something about a hunting moment, saying that he might give us a bonus.”

A bonus?!

Everyone, including Xiao Ma, was dumbfounded.

There was nothing on …… that was worth a bonus recently, huh?

Doubtful as it was, the crowd couldn’t help but snicker in their hearts.

At the beginning, when Dingtai was at its most dangerous, they resolutely stayed and followed Chen Dong, just because they believed in Chen Dong.

At the same time, they were also looking forward to drinking and eating meat.

The shantytown renovation project in the western part of the city had indeed made everyone in the company eat with their mouths full.

Chen Dong has never shortchanged any of his employees in terms of treatment!

Every employee of Dingtai knew clearly in their hearts that they had followed Chen Dong in the right way!

It was close to noon.

Chen Dong’s mobile phone finally rang.

Looking at the caller ID, he saw Qin Ye.

Chen Dong smiled faintly and picked up the call.

“Brother Dong, the harvest has been successful!”

Over the phone, Qin Ye deliberately suppressed his excitement and joy, but still vaguely revealed his mood.

“How much?” Chen Dong asked curiously.

Qin Ye laughed harshly, “I won’t tell you for now, there’s still the second half in the afternoon, I didn’t let ClearShadow International in this morning, if things go well this afternoon, we’ll have a big win this time, and we’ll have our mouths full of oil.”


The phone hung up.

Chen Dong laughed helplessly, “This kid, still selling me off?”

However, what Qin Ye said about not letting ClearShadow International in was quite surprising to him.

Just by relying on his own family’s money and Hong Hui and Jun Lin Group had completed a wave of harvesting, if Clear Shadow International entered again when the market opened in the afternoon …… then it would really be a titanic situation!

Thinking of this, Chen Dong smiled proudly: “If you want to eat me Chen Dong, then let’s see who has a bigger appetite!”

On the other side.

The Chen Family.

In the room, there was dead silence.

Chen Tiansheng, Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei all sat with pale faces, dumbfounded.

The short two hours just now had left them with a feeling as if they were dreaming.


Nakedly harvested!

Pure crushing!

The excitement and surprise that they had felt at first as they sat and watched Chen Dong being knocked into the abyss, now the excitement had also turned sour and the surprise had turned into a shock.

“To, what the hell is going on?”

Chen Tianyao was the first to break the dead silence, “For, why are we being reaped back? Am I dreaming?”

The sense of unreality caused Chen Tianyao’s eyes to drift, completely unable to find focus.

As soon as the market opened just now, Qin Ye’s side had displayed a thunderous momentum, reaping madly.

Such a terrifying momentum was a world away from the declining trend presented yesterday!

Chen Yufei’s dull and pretty face gradually surfaced in panic, her red lips noodling, “Are we, are we too happy too soon?”

Chen Tiansheng was the only one, sitting on his chair like a poisonous snake, radiating a bone-chilling aura.

Even with his mind, the only thing he could do at this point was to let his reason control him from storming out.

“Brother, say something!”

When Chen Tianyang saw Chen Tiansheng’s silence, he became anxious: “We’ve already lost a lot in the morning’s harvest, ah, it was clearly not like this yesterday!”


Chen Tianyang slapped his hand on the table and suddenly said, “Could it be that we’ve been set up by Zhongke Capital and Shihua Investment?”

Chen Yu Fei froze for a moment, and then the look in Chen Tianyang’s eyes became strange.


Chen Tiansheng rubbed his face fiercely and gave Chen Tianyang a shady glare, “Zhongke Capital and Shihua Investment know that we are from the Chen family, they don’t have the guts to set us up yet!”

The eyes gradually moved to the computer screen, “We …… should have been calculated by Chen Dong and Qin Ye.”

A shocking statement.

Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei’s faces swooshed and changed drastically.

Thinking back to yesterday’s scene, a bad chill immediately ran from the soles of their feet to the sky.

Chen Yu Fei’s red lips trembled a little: “Brother Tiansheng reminded me, I, why do I feel that the billion they lost yesterday, like, like a deliberate sweetener for us?”

“D*mn it, that wild B*****d is nothing but these sinister mind tricks!”

Chen Tianyang let out an angry curse.

Chen Tiansheng and Chen Yufei gave Chen Tianyang an odd look, somewhat astonished.

Isn’t being scheming and scheming a quality that a family head should possess?

However, the two did not say much.

Chen Yu Fei looked at Chen Tiansheng gruffly, “Brother Tiansheng, why don’t we call it a day?”

Although they had been harvested in the morning, they were able to curb the amount of loss if they stopped in time.


Chen Tiansheng smiled bitterly and said with an obscure expression, “Is it still possible to close? It’s all started, who can stop the avalanche?”

With a single sentence, it rendered Chen Yufei speechless.

On the other hand, Chen Tianyang at the side was blue in the face and gritting his teeth.

All three knew what the financial situation was like; billions of dollars of capital coming in, could it not be easily drawn out in just two hours in the afternoon?

The room was silent enough to listen to a needle.

The air had become frozen.

At that very moment.

Chen Tiansheng’s mobile phone rang.

The irritated and sulking Chen Tiansheng didn’t even look at it, he directly placed it on the desktop and pressed the answer button.

“Hello sir, the banquet hall you have reserved is ready and waiting for you.”

This was the phone number of the place Chen Tiansheng had booked in advance for the celebration.

A simple sentence, but like a burning red sharp knife, it stabbed viciously into the heart of Chen Tiansheng’s trio.

The next second.

The corners of Chen Tiansheng’s eyes bulged with veins, his face was fierce, and his raging anger instantly erupted.

“Greetings my a*s, all of you F**king get out!”


With a roar that almost broke the sound of his voice, Chen Tiansheng viciously shattered his mobile phone to the ground.


Chapter 420


Opening time.

As Qin Ye gave the order, ClearShadow International entered directly.

The monstrous momentum instantly created an even more gruesome harvest.

Chen Dong sat quietly in front of the window, silently gazing at the clouds rolling in and out in a soothing mood.

Before he knew it, the blue sky and white clouds were replaced by dark clouds.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and laughed softly, “The stock market should have been stirred up by Qin Ye by now just like this weather, a rainstorm is coming, right?”

Chen Family.

Chen Tiansheng’s face was iron blue, his eyes shadowy as if he was a viper, staring deadly at the computer screen.

Chen Tianyang gritted his teeth, his face turning blue and red, and the veins on the back of his hands were even more prominent.

Chen Yufei sank back into her chair, a sad smile on her white face.

The trend on the computer screen.

It was like a sharp knife, slashing at the three of them.

As Chen Tiansheng said, it was too late to pull out!

What’s more, the entry of Qing Ying International was like the last straw to crush the camel, forming a four-sided siege on Zhongke Capital and Shihua Investment.

Who could have predicted that their designed sniping of Chen Dong and Qin Ye would eventually turn out to be a counter-sniping?

Shame, anger, resignation and shock surrounded the three hearts.

At this moment, the temperature in the room became bone-chilling.

The money didn’t matter to Chen Tiansheng, it was just a figure.

What really frustrated them was the fact that they had lost their wives and lost their troops, and that Chen Dong had profited from it.

The sniping of Chen Dong had completely turned into a robbery of Chen Dong!

All three of them had failed at the hands of Chen Dong before.

It was because of this hatred that the three successors had joined forces.

But now, having joined forces, they had still failed!

“I’m not willing, I’m not willing, we are all from the elite generation of the Chen family, why would we lose to that wild B*****d?”

Chen Tianyang gritted his teeth, his eyes were red and he said as if he was mad, “Why don’t we continue to raise the stakes? Let’s throw in a few billion more, we can definitely turn the tide!”


Chen Tiansheng backhanded a slap on Chen Tianyang’s face.

“You, are you this stupid?”

The voice was cold and chilling.

Chen Tianyang was dumbfounded for a second and then burst out in a raging fury, “Chen Tiansheng, you are my elder brother, but you can’t just hit me, can you? You came up with the plan, and now you’re dragging me and Chen Yufei into disgrace and doing Chen Dong’s dirty work for him? How can you make me resent this?”

The smell of gunpowder immediately intensified.

Chen Yufei sat down in her chair in despair and did not try to dissuade her.

Chen Tiansheng slowly got up, pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and smiled coldly: “A reckless man like you, I have ten thousand ways to kill you if I want to!”

“How F**king dare you!”

Chen Tianyang was on fire, and at this point, his irritation and anger, coupled with Chen Tiansheng’s slap, had caused his entire being to be on the verge of losing control.

“What do I dare not?”

Chen Tiansheng gave a cold laugh, “The same brothers, who provoke me, will also be killed as usual.”

With a single word, it caused Chen Tianyang’s heart to tremble fiercely.

Staring at Chen Tiansheng, it gave him the panicked feeling of being locked by a poisonous snake.

The knot in his throat surged a few times, Chen Tianyang finally curbed his impulse and sat down in his chair in dismay.

Chen Tiansheng turned to look at the computer screen and said coldly.

“Defeat is defeat! A few billion, it’s nothing to us yet, as long as the one-year deadline hasn’t arrived, we still have countless chances to get him killed!”


The words had just fallen.

Chen Tiansheng gave a blatant punch and smashed the computer.


Five o’clock in the afternoon.

Chen Dong received a call from Qin Ye on time.

As soon as he got through, the phone was filled with Qin Ye’s cheerful laughter.

Chen Dong did not stop it, nor did he rush it, but just listened patiently.

He knew that Qin Ye was under no less pressure than he was these days.

Being sniped by the five powers together, if it were an ordinary person, he would probably have fallen apart mentally.

Now that the big picture had been decided, Qin Ye laughed openly, also as a catharsis after repression.

“Brother Dong, we’ve won, we’ve won completely this time!”

It lasted for a full half minute before Qin Ye suppressed his laughter and said aloud.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, “Are you brat going to continue to sell me short?”

“Three billion! We have made a whole three billion!”

Qin Ye said excitedly.

That much?

Chen Dong was greatly shocked.

You know, this is only Qin Ye’s company, there is also Hong Hui, Jun Lin Group and Qing Ying International!

Four sniping two capital forces, if all the earnings were added up ……

The first thing you need to do is think about it.

The four capital forces sniped two capital forces, if all the earnings were added up, at least ten billion dollars would be lost!”


Chen Dong’s pupils clenched for a moment.

Tens of billions, in a day’s time!

Wasn’t the Qin Family Finance Company, which Qin Ye now controlled, a ten billion dollar family?

In other words, in one day, a loss of one of the pillar industries of the former richest family head!

“Hahahaha …… Dong, this time Zhongke Capital and Shihua Investment are probably vomiting blood, they shouldn’t have the guts to snipe us again in the future!”

Qin Ye was very happy, and his words showed an air of pride: “Back then I swept tens of billions for the Qin family, many of them said I was just lucky, relying on my reputation and letting off cold shots, this time I have sniped them face to face, squarely, now those people should always know what it means to have real strength!”

“You didn’t allow ClearShadow International to enter in the morning, in fact, just for this thunderous strike in the afternoon, to completely defeat the two capital’s courage?”

Chen Dong suddenly realized that Qin Ye’s current tactics were the same as when he had dealt with Zhou Yanqiu.

Only by truly breaking the other party’s guts could he truly have no worries!


Qin Ye harrumphed, “But this time, it was thanks to your connections, Brother Dong, that we were able to turn defeat into victory, without the reversal of the Hong Society and the Jun Lin Group, even with the entry of Clear Shadows International, we wouldn’t have been able to stop it!”

Chen Dong could not help but look stunned.

In a trance, he hooked up the corners of his mouth and gave a quirky smile, “This small company, the Jun Lin Group, has really froze up and eaten with a mouth full of oil in a group of gods this time around.”

“There must be someone high up in that small company.” Qin Ye’s voice suddenly sank.

High-ranking people?

There were indeed high achievers!

Chen Dong gave an odd smile, now that things were over, it was time to make a trip to Desolate North.

After chatting with Qin Ye for a few minutes and agreeing to celebrate together in the evening, Chen Dong hung up the phone.

Immediately after, he called Xiao Ma and Lone Wolf in and directly allocated 50 million out to give bonuses to everyone in the company.

As soon as the news was implemented.

Instantly, the staff of the entire company shouted with joy, and everyone was as if they had been hit by chicken blood.

Fifty million dollars was a lot of money, and the number of employees in Dingtai was not large, so if it was spread to everyone, it was at least a million.

What’s more, to all of them, it was like a fortune from heaven!

After Chen Dong explained that Xiao Ma and Lone Wolf were responsible for the distribution, he left the company.

Only, he had just arrived at the downstairs of the company.

All of Chen Dong’s good moods were instantly turned into a bubble.