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Winner Takes All Chapter 411-412

Chapter 411

A teasing laugh echoed through the living room.

Ye Yuanqiu’s face was as normal.

However, Ye Linglong’s face turned red and she was speechless.

She, indeed, had never seen anyone who dared to be so cross with her grandfather!

Even those family heads across the ocean who boasted of their centuries-old families were respectful towards grandpa!

Now that she had returned to her homeland, she was described as a …… street boss by a young man from this corner of the world?

“Linglong, stand down!”

Ye Yuanqiu spoke up to break the dead silence in the living room, “What Mr. Chen said is reasonable.”

Ye Linglong glanced at her grandfather incredulously.

Grandpa was …… amiably over the top today, right?

This was all still reasonable?

However, facing Ye Yuanqiu’s gaze, Ye Linglong did not dare to argue any further and simply turned around and walked out of the living room.

In the living room, only Chen Dong and Ye Yuanqiu were left.

Chen Dong said, “Old Mr. Ye had better be straightforward, if we continue to drag on like this, I don’t have the patience to wait, I still have to go home to have dinner with my wife.”

“Fine, fine, in that case, old man, I will not beat around the bush anymore.”

Ye Yuanqiu nodded and said with a smile, “Actually, this time, I am here because I want to invite Mr. Chen, to join the Hong Society.”

Join the Hong Society?

Chen Dong sat waxed on the spot.

What was the situation here?

If it wasn’t for this sniping of Qin Ye, he wouldn’t even know what the Hong Society was.

With no dealings with the Hong Society, the ancestor-level big brother of the Hong Society personally descended and invited himself to join the Society.

Was this …… a joke?

Ye Yuanqiu saw Chen Dong dumbfounded, as if he had expected it, and with a laugh, he continued.

“Old man knows that Mr. Chen has doubts in his mind, he is wondering why the Hong Society would invite Mr. Chen to join when he has never had any dealings with it?”

Chen Dong returned to his senses and nodded his head.

“It is not appropriate for me to say much about the hidden secrets, but this is the intention of the leader of the Hong Society.”

Ye Yuanqiu smiled gently, his eyebrows were amiable and kind, approachable.

However, Chen Dong had known just a few words about the bottom of the Hong Society from the mouth of Elder Long.

If he really took the old man in front of him as approachable, he would be a real fool.

“As long as Mr. Chen nods, the Hong Society will naturally not treat Mr. Chen with neglect, old man knows Mr. Chen’s identity and background, and as the son of the Chen family head’s own son, it would be blasphemous to enter the Hong Society and fall short of his seniority.”

Ye Yuanqiu spoke eloquently, and when he said this, he paused for a moment before sinking his voice and saying, “Therefore, I have discussed with the Dragon Head that if Mr. Chen agrees to join the Hong Society, Mr. Chen’s seniority will be raised to the ‘Yuan’ generation as an exception, the same generation as the old man, and a generation higher than the Dragon Head. ”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning, his eyes full of shock.

The Yuan generation!

From what Ye Linglong had just said, this was an extremely revered generation in the Hong Society!

It was a higher rank than the leader of the Hong Society and equal to Ye Yuanqiu’s. This was truly a rank beneath one person and above all others!

Even with Chen Dong’s state of mind, his heart was still in turmoil.

Ye Yuanqiu could see this scene with great clarity and certainty in his heart.

Such a huge benefit, not to mention a junior member of the Chen family.

Even in the whole world, no one could resist it.

As an ancestral elder of the Hong Society, he knew how terrifying his generation really was.

Generations of Hong Society leaders have changed, but he has been sitting on a pedestal from the beginning to the end, accepting offerings from successive generations of leaders.

A “Yuan” generation, in the Hong Society, even if it is an order from the leader, if he does not want to, he can refute it at will!

Ye Yuanqiu followed up by saying, “If Mr. Chen joins, then he will be the youngest ancestor in the Hong Society’s history!”


“What about the price?” Chen Dong suddenly raised his eyebrows and asked.

Ye Yuanqiu froze instantly, unable to conceal the shock deep within his eyes.

What kind of heart should one have to calm down so quickly?

At this moment, he and Chen Dong had just exchanged the shock and calmness they had just felt.

On Chen Dong’s face, there was no longer the shocked and appalled look from earlier, there was only an indescribable calmness, and that pair of deep eyes was also unperturbed.

“What’s the price?” Ye Yuanqiu was a little terrified.

“Giving me such a high distinction, putting me above all others under one person, has to come at a price, right?”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and leaned back on the sofa, “My mother taught me since I was a child that there is no free lunch in the world, how much you pay, how much you get, Yuan Zi Generation Ancestors, you Hong would want me to pay a price that is as high as the sky in terror, right?”

Giving a status of Yuan Zi generation was undoubtedly inviting an old ancestor directly into the Hong Society.

Such great treatment, if there was no price to pay, Chen Dong definitely did not believe that the Hong Society could stretch for more than two hundred years.

Ye Yuanqiu’s eyes changed completely when he looked at Chen Dong.

There was shock, surprise and appreciation …… no longer as amiable and gentle as before.

This scene, if seen by Ye Linglong who had left, would have definitely caused Ye Linglong to cry out in shock.

In the Hong Society, Ye Yuanqiu has not had such a look in his eyes for many years!

And Chen Dong also noticed the change in Ye Yuanqiu’s eyes, and his heart was slightly certain.

The previous Ye Yuanqiu had always given him a sense of uncertainty that he could not see through with a mask on.

And now, he saw a glimpse of it!

Half a day.

Ye Yuanqiu finally returned to his normal self and smiled faintly, “There is no price!”

“You think I’m stupid?” Chen Dong snorted, “If your Hong Society was really that stupid, how could it have prospered and flourished for over two hundred years.”

After saying that.

Chen Dong got up and headed out, “Sorry, it’s almost time, I have to go home to have dinner with my wife.”

“Wait a minute, Mr. Chen!”

Ye Yuanqiu was startled for a moment and hurriedly got up, calling out to Chen Dong.

“If Mr. Chen leaves like this, you will definitely regret it!”

“Regret what?” Chen Dong did not even turn his head back and opened his voice indifferently.

Ye Yuanqiu smiled faintly, “There is no price for joining the Hong Society and being under one person, but if you don’t join, then there will be a price.”

“Over at the finance company?”

With a cold face, Chen Dong turned to look directly at Ye Yuanqiu, his eyes at this moment sharp as if he was a hawk.

The only one he had intercourse with Hong Hui was the financial company on Qin Ye’s side.

The so-called cost …… is not difficult to guess at all!

Ye Yuanqiu did not deny a smile and sighed: “The old man has wasted his time, fortunately the gods have favored him and he has survived for more than a hundred years, thank you Mr. Chen for giving the old man a glimpse of light at this dying moment.”

“But please also believe in the strength of our Hong Society, if you really want to snipe, ten billion handicap, my Hong Society can still easily swallow it in one bite.”

It was both a compliment and a threat.

One was soft and one was strong.

But it was a point that caused Chen Dong to hesitate and hesitate.

He did not doubt that the Hong Society could swallow Qin Ye’s ten billion dollar bottom card or not.

If before, five powers had sniped at Qin Ye at the same time, he still believed that Qin Ye should be able to save the day.

But now that Ye Yuanqiu had said it all to this place, if the Hong Society were to give their all to snipe Qin Ye, then it would really be the sky falling.

This was the difference between point killing and self-help!

And Ye Yuanqiu’s words were like putting Qin Ye on the “point kill” table.

If he agreed to join the Hong Society, everything would be safe, and even Qin Ye’s crisis could be solved.

But if he didn’t, the Hong Society’s butcher’s knife would immediately fall on Qin Ye’s neck.

“Mr. Chen, on the one hand, you are under one person, and on the other hand, you are seeking life with a broken arm, with your heart and wisdom, it should not be difficult to choose, right?”

Ye Yuanqiu looked at Chen Dong with a smirk, but his bright gaze was gradually blazing as he spoke.

It made Chen Dong feel a sense of panic like a mane on his back.


Chapter 412

The living room was depressing to the extreme.

Chen Dong and Ye Yuanqiu stared at each other.

Ye Yuanqiu’s stern, knife-like eyes oppressed Chen Dong, as if he might be lynched on the spot by countless lineless sharp knives at any moment.

This …… was the aura that a true Hong Society Yuanzi Ancestor should have!

The so-called overwhelming aura, in front of Ye Yuanqiu’s aura, all seem like child’s play.

The aura emanating from Ye Yuanqiu’s body is the kind of aura that is not angry and powerful, even if he is smiling, he can make people feel the sense of despair as the great mountain moves across and overturns and presses down.

A long time later.

Chen Dong smiled helplessly, “You have won.”

“Good! Those who know the time are handsome, so I will prepare the initiation ceremony.”

The aura on Ye Yuanqiu’s body disappeared, and his eyes softened as he revealed a smile.

With Ye Yuanqiu and Ye Linglong making the arrangements, the ceremony soon began.

Chen Dong kneeled in front of the incense case, while Ye Yuanqiu stood aside, after some lengthy wording.

Chen Dong burned yellow paper and drank yellow wine.

Only then did he receive the Hong Society token in Ye Yuanqiu’s hand.

The token was not much different from Ye Linglong’s.

The token was made of sandalwood and engraved with the word “Hong”, while on the other side, it was engraved with the word “Yuan”.

“Mr. Chen, this is the Hong Society’s identity token. Those who hold this token can command all 3,600 sects of the Hong Society in the world, and even the Dragon Head has to bow down to you.”

When Ye Yuanqiu said this, he unconsciously straightened his back, just like carrying a high and arrogant air.

The moment she saw the word “Yuan” on the token, Ye Linglong’s face turned pale and she fell into a daze of disbelief.

The token with the word “Yuan” on it meant that she was of the same generation as her grandfather!

The only person with such a ranking in the Hong Society today is grandfather!

Now …… would invite an old ancestor in?

As one of the Hong Society’s Red Sticks, Ye Linglong knew how important seniority was in the Hong Society!

Because she knew, she was horrified!

Chen Dong played with the token for a while, and after making sure to Ye Yuanqiu that there was nothing else, he left straight away.

Ye Yuanqiu personally walked Chen Dong to the door and handed him the keys to Ye Linglong’s car, instructing him to simply park the car underneath the company tomorrow and that Ye Linglong herself would go and pick it up.

Looking at the blue BMW i8 that had gone away, Ye Yuanqiu’s eyes were deep, with a vague glint of light, and the smile at the corner of his mouth was even stronger than before.

Even though there was no longer a car in sight.

Ye Yuanqiu also stopped in front of the door and did not turn around.


Ye Linglong’s voice finally made Ye Yuanqiu turn around.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Yuanqiu asked with a smile.

“Really …… is the Yuan character generation?” Ye Linglong had a sense of unreality that was like a dream.

Even after witnessing everything just now, she was still in a trance.

“I know your doubts, but he should have the identity of the Yuan Zi generation, this is what I have finalized together with the dragon head, the Hong Society’s three thousand six hundred sects, must comply.”

Ye Yuanqiu did not explain, but in a deep voice to contain the doubts clumped in Ye Linglong’s heart.

“But he, but he is so young, and his achievements are not the best in the world, and he has just joined the Hong Society and given the status of Yuanzi generation, how can these three thousand six hundred sects be convinced?”

Ye Linglong still said reluctantly, “Grandpa has always been impartial and selfless, as your granddaughter, I have not been given the slightest preference in ranking, but still according to the rules of the Hong Society.”


Ye Yuanqiu smiled, “That’s what he got!”

The difference in meaning between one word and the other was a world of difference!

After saying that, he turned around and eyed Chen Dong in the direction he left.

His eyes were full of appreciation and satisfaction.

He murmured, “Such a young man, with a hundred years of experience, can be called the best in the world!”


Ye Linglong’s delicate body trembled, as if she had been struck by a big thunderbolt.

Her pupils dilated and her small cherry mouth opened slightly as she looked at Ye Yuanqiu in shock.

This was the first time in her memory that such a comment had come out of her grandfather’s mouth!

Not even the generations of leaders she knew of had ever received such a complimentary comment from grandpa!

“Grandfather, he really deserves this comment from you?”

Ye Linglong’s red lips trembled as she let out a voice of disbelief, “But he was so rude to you just now, he is just like a young man, how can he be the number one in the world?”

“What do you call a young man if you’re not angry?”

Ye Yuanqiu flicked the corner of his mouth, his eyes shining, “Those who are young are mad, those who are young and accomplished are mad on top of being mad, if they don’t even have this sharpness, how can they talk about the winner being the king?”

Ye Linglong seemed to understand, thinking of a previous incident, she was busy asking, “Then you clearly told me to test his skills before, why did you blame me instead?”

“Grandpa only told you to test, he didn’t tell you to fight for your life.”

Ye Yuanqiu turned around and gave a reproachful glance, asking in a deep voice, “You are the one who is young and vigorous, but you are the one who is young and vigorous. Now that you are asking this question, I would like to ask you, in a real fight for your life, what are your chances of winning against him?”

Ye Linglong frowned and pondered.

After a few seconds, she smiled grimly, “Great, about …… one point.”

“One point? You’re going all the way up, right?” Ye Yuanqiu smiled faintly, “He is more than you, blank for more than twenty years, but has such an achievement, you still say …… he is not the first in the world?”

Ye Linglong sunk bottom silent.

Grandfather’s words left her speechless.

Leaving aside other things, the body alone, twenty years of blank period, after a short hammering, can win her this Hong Hui red stick.

This kind of talent was a terror close to God!

“Linglong, you remember, there is a kind of person, not to sound, but to sound astonishing, you may think he is bumbling and mediocre, but when he rises one day on the wind, rocking straight up ninety thousand miles, the so-called talented genius, is to describe this kind of person, enough to erase the accumulation of time.”

Ye Yuanqiu’s voice was low, and after a few seconds of pause, he suddenly guffawed.

He turned around and looked at Ye Linglong with a strange smile.

“However, grandpa has brought you up so much, and although you are extremely displeased with Chen Dong for cursing under your breath, this is the first time grandpa has seen you ruffle someone.”


Ye Linglong was horrified, and her stunning face was so scarlet that it seemed to be seeping blood.

She lowered her head in shame and snapped, “It’s not because you told me to try him, grandpa!”

“Old man didn’t ask you to tease him.”

“Ah ah, why are you shameless, grandpa?” Ye Linglong squealed.

On the other side.

Chen Dong drove his BMW i8 back to Tianmen Mountain.

Inside the car, there was still a ghostly fragrance left, which was Ye Linglong’s fragrance.

However, Chen Dong was mindless.

He was not a pig, nor was he a lecherous man, not so much as to be turned upside down by a wisp of fragrance.

Besides, his first feeling for Ye Linglong was only disgust.

Playing with the Hong Society token in his hand.

Chen Dong’s brows were locked, his eyes filled with deep doubts.

Looking ahead at the deep, dark road, he murmured softly.

“Join the Hong Society, one person is under all the others, don’t join the Hong Society Qin Ye is defeated like a mountain, is there really such a good thing in the world?”

“Hong Society …… really idle, lack of ancestral offerings?”

Casually throwing the token onto the pa*senger seat, Chen Dong smiled to himself, “Which is such a good thing, just what is the purpose of the Hong Society to let me join, in the end?”