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Never Say Never Chapter 297-298

Chapter 297

The nanny had prepared a lot of delicious food, and after a few bites, I couldn’t eat any more. Gu Han frowned, a little displeased, and put a few chopsticks of food into my bowl, saying somewhat seriously, “Eat these!”


I pursed my lips, somewhat unable to eat, but knowing that he was being kind, I bowed my head and ate a few hard bites.


“Vomit!” Before I could swallow, I vomited it all up, along with all that I had eaten before.


I slumped over the sink and dry-heaved for half a day as Gu Han spoke to the nannies in the hall, “How did this happen?”


The nannies said with some trepidation, “Miss Shen has always been like this, she basically can’t eat anything, sometimes it’s fine, she can eat some, but once she eats one more bite, she will vomit it all up, the doctor at home has also seen her, saying that this is a heart disease, the doctor can’t do anything about it.”


It was hard to stop the dry heaving, I cleaned up and straightened up to look at myself in the mirror, in just a month I had become a completely different person.


The flesh on my cheeks was almost gone, my eyes were sunken, my brow bones stood out, my chin was so sharp it could poke someone, and all the roundness I’d had when I was pregnant was gone.


When I looked down at my hands, there was no flesh left, they were all bones, dried up like a dead body.


“How did I get like this?” I looked in the mirror, my eyes sore and uncomfortable, my tears hitting the white sink.


The sound was extremely harsh as they snapped.


“I’ve only just recovered my body, I’ll get better later!” Gu Han can’t comfort people, his slender figure standing beside me, his voice low and deep as he spoke.


I pursed my lips and raised my hand to wipe my tears as he handed over tissues.


After dealing with my emotions, I couldn’t eat any more and sat in the living room, my heart still aching dully and uncomfortably.


“Shall we go out for a stroll later?” He spoke, talking about us.


I looked up at him, a little dazzled, the late autumn sunlight spilling down behind him, he was a little translucent and bright to look at.


I nodded, “Yes!”


The bedroom!


The Gu family was huge, I had always known that, this villa of Gu Han’s was in the suburbs, extraordinarily large, like an old European castle, extraordinarily luxurious and elegant.


There were many rooms in the villa, I didn’t go through them carefully, but these the one I was staying in seemed to be the largest, housing an extremely large cloakroom inside.


I don’t know if Gu Han had a girlfriend, but I always felt that the clothes he purchased in the cloakroom were not just big brands, but also extremely good looking clothes.


“Do you want me to help you choose?” Gu Han leaned against the door with his arms in his hands, his eyes smiling as he watched me gawk at a room full of clothes.


I was going out later and I wanted to change into something else, but at the moment, I didn’t know what to choose when I looked at all the clothes.


Looking back at him, I thought for a moment and chose a black cheongsam with gold trim, followed by a black coat and a pair of black Martin shoes.


Holding the clothes, I was about to go into the dressing room to change when I was blocked by Gu Han, who raised an eyebrow, “It’s all black, are you sure you want to wear it?”


I froze and nodded, “No?”


He pursed his lips, “No!”


Snatching the dress from my hands, he picked out a new golden pink cheongsam in the cloakroom in the same style, embroidered with moonflowers and blindingly bright.


Instinctively resisting the colour, I looked at him and shook my head, “Can I have another one?”


He pursed his lips and looked at the cheongsam he had chosen and said, “This one looks good!”


I shook my head, “I don’t like it!”


Chapter 298

He was silent, his eyes a little deeper, “Must you choose deadly black?”


I froze, I didn’t think black was deadly dull, how could this normal colour become deadly dull as soon as he said it?


With a slight sigh, I said helplessly, “Then change it!” My eyes explored the cloakroom and I did pick out a blue cheongsam, not quite a brilliant colour, but it looked warm.


I took the dress off the hanger and looked at Gu Han inquiringly, he nodded his head blushing a lot better and looked at me, “Go and change!”


Once changed, he changed his black jacket as well and found me a white mink coat and gave it to me and spoke, “Put it on!”


I froze and put it on as he wanted me to, then paired it with black martin shoes.


He looked satisfied and nodded, “Pretty, with a little make-up?”


For the first time, this man seemed to have a good sense of aesthetics.


I had become so haggard over the past few days that if I went out untouched, I was afraid I would scare pa*sers-by.


I nodded, put on a light make-up and then left the door with Gu Han.


The streets were still full of traffic and everyone was wearing coats in the late autumn. The leaves on both sides of the road were paved with leaves, and the sanitation workers swept one side and then turned around and dropped many more, and so on and so forth.


“What do you want to eat later?” Gu Han spoke up, driving to ask my opinion.


I C*cked my head in thought and shook my head, “Dessert!”


He smiled lightly, “I’m talking about the main meal!”


“Haven’t we just eaten?” It was just after noon, lunch had been eaten.


He raised an eyebrow, “You’ve eaten there?”


Dumbfounded by his question, I bristled and thought for a moment, “I couldn’t think of anything to eat for a while.”


As we drove through the city centre, we saw a long line of people in front of a sweet shop on the street.


I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is his food very good? So many people queuing up?”


Gu Han gave a sideways glance, pulled the car over and looked at me, “Wait for me in the car, don’t go out, it’s cold outside, I’ll be back later!”


Before I could say anything in reply, he jogged to the front of the sweet shop and lined up in the crowd.


He stood out in the crowd, and with his slender figure, he stood out in the crowd.


I leaned against the car window and watched in silence as people occasionally approached him with their mobile phones, looking like they wanted his number.


He was quite friendly, pointing to the car, then waving his hand with a light smile, looking like he was turning people down.


After a few times, no more girls approached him, but every now and then someone would look in my direction.


I didn’t know what was going on, so I nodded and smiled lightly as a gesture of friendship.


About half an hour later, he trotted towards me carrying pastries, and when he got into the car, he handed me the dessert and said, “I bought some of everything, try it if you like the taste.”


I nodded and took the cheese-and-grenadine cake in his hand, not knowing what was going on, I seemed to particularly like the taste.


Seeing me take a few more bites, the corners of his mouth turned up, “Tasty?”


I nodded, “It tastes great!” Seeing him looking at me, I froze and couldn’t help but say, “Do you want to try it?”


It didn’t seem appropriate that he had worked hard for half an hour without even tasting it, so I subconsciously scooped up a spoonful and brought it to my mouth.


He froze slightly, and in a flash his eyes were extremely bright, and he opened his mouth with a hidden smile and took the spoon.