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Never Say Never Chapter 287-288

Chapter 287

“Jun Yu, you need to cut the crap!” Qiao Zhongyan opened his mouth and glanced at Lu Ke with dissatisfaction, saying, “Isn’t it just an invitation to buy you a meal? Do you have to be so deep-rooted and cause such disharmony among us?”


Lu Ke looked aggrieved and shook his head, “Mr. Qiao, it’s not like that, I didn’t think it would be like this, I didn’t mean it!”


Cheng Junyu laughed coldly, “Why do you blame her? If you feel sorry for Lu Xinran, you should go buy it for her yourself, is it necessary to embarra*s a girl here?”


“Cheng Junyu, what do you mean?” Qiao Zhongyan, who was still in a persuasive stance, had now become involved, looking at Cheng Junyu and saying, “You’re looking for trouble, aren’t you? What has Xinran done to you?”


The two brothers were locked in a tit-for-tat, and the atmosphere was extraordinarily discordant.


“Pah!” Fu Shen Yan put down the wine gla*s in his hand, the table was smashed loudly, looking at the two, his voice was cold, “You two called me here just to let me watch you quarrel?”


“Third Brother!” Qiao Zhuan Yan spoke up, “This matter is simply caused by the woman!”


He pointed at Lu Ke with a look of disgust.


I had long been used to Qiao Zhongyan’s habit of throwing dirt on anyone he disliked.


I didn’t like Lu Ke much, but at this point I felt some sympathy for her.


The first thing I did was to take a look at Lu Ke and say, “Don’t you want to go shopping?”


Lu Ke hurriedly shook her head, “No, no!”


Fu Shen Yan raised his eyebrows, “Then go buy it!”


Lu Ke glanced at Cheng Jun Yu and saw that he didn’t say anything, so he got up and went out.


After Lu Ke left, Fu Shen Yan looked at Cheng Jun Yu and said, “Are you relieved?”


“No!” Cheng Junyu opened his mouth and took a sullen sip of wine, not saying much.


“Then don’t hurt the peace!” Fu Shen Yan’s voice was very light, his gaze looked towards Qiao Zhuan Yan and said, “Talk properly in the future!”


Qiao Zhuan Yan nodded, picked up his gla*s and looked at Cheng Jun Yu, “Second brother, I’m sorry I was impulsive just now!”


Cheng Junyu raised his gla*s and drank the wine without saying much, as a reconciliation.


The relationship between men is not that complicated, and what’s done is done.


The three of them continued to chat, and Lu Ke’s perception of this pa*sed.


The three men continued to talk, and Lu Xinran pursed his lips, a little unhappy, and sat for a while before getting up and going out.


I sat for a long time and felt a bit uncomfortable, so I leaned close to Fu Shen Yan’s ear and said, “I’m going out for some air!”


He nodded and got up, “I’ll go with you!”


I shook my head, “No, I’ll go by myself!”


Pressing him back into his seat, I couldn’t help but smile and made my way out of the box.


I didn’t dare to go too far, so I walked slowly down the corridor.


Lu Xinran came out of the washroom and saw me wandering down the corridor and said sarcastically, “It looks like it’s about to hit the ground, I don’t know if you’ll be able to give birth to this doll and if you have a life to live!”


I wrinkled my eyebrows and leaned my body against the wall to steady myself and make sure it was safe to come and look at her and said, “I originally thought that when Miss Lu entered a big family like the Mo family, she should at least become generous and gentle with people, but at this point, looking at you, instead, you are becoming less and less than before, and it is no wonder that Fu Shen Yan is looking at you less and less.”


“You ……” she was so angry that she couldn’t speak, and looked at me angrily, “Shen Shu, who are you to say anything about me, do you think you can keep Shen Yan after you have this child? I’m telling you, it’s impossible, our Mo family, it’s easy to get someone killed, let alone a child, you think you can give birth to him, I won’t let you give birth to him!”


Chapter 288

The darkest side of human nature is that those you don’t like and hate must be killed.


I held my stomach and looked at her coldly, but I laughed, “Even if your Mo family has a hand in the sky, there is always the law as a bottom line, right? How can it be that a big Mo family will hurt innocent people because of you? Look at you now, you are furious and panic-stricken, not many people in the Mo family look up to you!


But if she were more comfortable in the Mo family, she wouldn’t be so condescending outside looking for a presence.


Seeing that she couldn’t talk me out of it, she stomped her foot in anger and dropped the words, “Wait for me!”


Then she turned around and walked towards the private room.


“Ah!” She walked too fast and collided with Lu Ke, who had just come around the corner.


“Are you blind?” Lu Xinran was upset at being bumped into, and stood firm and even pushed Lu Ke to the ground.


This arrogant and domineering side was on full display.


Lu Ke was still carrying the dumplings in her hand, fortunately they were steamed dumplings and had not been broken, she suppressed her anger.


She got up from the ground and said, “I’m sorry, I walked into a hurry just now, I didn’t mean to bump into you!”


“Can you hit me just because you didn’t mean to?” Lu Xinran yelled, squinting at her with disdain, “Just a dirty body like yours, it makes me feel sick to touch it.”


With that, she reached out and snatched the steamed dumpling from Lu Ke’s hand, throwing it into the bin without even thinking about it.


Words despised, “It’s already dirty, you go buy it for me again!”


“You ……” Lu Ke frowned, anger in her eyes, “Miss Lu, you threw it in yourself, do you have to go so far?”


Lu Xinran nodded as if it was a matter of course and arrogantly said, “Yes, it’s fine if you don’t want to go buy it, I’ll go in and talk to brother Zhuan Yan, and also by the way tell brother Jun Yu and brother Shen Yan that you deliberately bumped into me just to get back at me!”


“Despicable!” Lu Ke gritted his teeth.


“Huh!” Lu Xinran wrapped her arms around her and looked at her with a condescending look and said, “Buy or not?”


I looked away and didn’t say anything.


After a long time, Lu Ke bit her lip and nodded her head, hiding the anger in her dark eyes, and nodded, “Okay, I’ll go buy it for you!”


With that, he turned around and walked towards the lobby of the Parade.


Lu Xinran leaned against the wall and looked at me with contempt, “I originally thought you were someone who liked to see justice and fight for justice, but now it seems that you are colder than I thought, Shen Shu, you are not a good person either!”


With that she went into the private room.


I slowly followed behind her, sinking my eyes slightly, I never said I was a good person.


It’s not that I don’t do things like see what’s right and fight for justice, but it depends on who it is!


I have dealt with this woman, Lu Ke, a few times, and this woman’s heart is much deeper than Lu Xinran.


But wasn’t her aim at the beginning Fu Shenyan? How did she shift to Cheng Junyu?


When I entered the private room, Fu Shen Yan saw me following Lu Xinran, got up and walked to my side, embraced me and said, “Is everything okay?”


I didn’t say anything, I just glanced at Lu Xinran who was staring at me with pursed lips and a sullen face.


She was jealous, I could tell.


Fu Shenyan caught my gaze and frowned at Lu Xinran, a warning in his dark eyes.


But not much was said.


Lu Xinran, who had probably never been looked at by Fu Shen Yan like this, responded to Fu Shen Yan with a resigned look.