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Never Say Never Chapter 281-282

Chapter 281

I shook my head, “It’s fine, you go up first, Cheng will come down to pick me up later, you go ahead! Don’t delay your work.”


He raised his eyebrows and smiled lightly, “Vice President Cheng Junyu?”


I nodded my head.


He smiled and didn’t say much more, he went straight up.


Seeing this, the receptionist lady was probably mostly sure in her heart, a time to look and I said, “Mrs. Fu, what just happened, don’t take it to heart, I didn’t mean to, this was supposed to be my job, please understand.”


Sister-in-law Zhang was not nice, “Your job? What is your job? Your job is to receive and convey, one you didn’t receive us well, and two you didn’t convey the message.”


“You didn’t convey the message because we didn’t have an appointment, that’s not your fault, but the main part of your job is reception, not only did you not receive us properly, but you also sneered at us openly and secretly, what is the company keeping a receptionist like you for?”


After all, Sister Zhang had been with her grandfather for many years and had seen more or less the world, her mind was clear and her words were sharp.


The receptionist was dumbfounded by her for a moment and looked at me and said, “Mrs. Fu, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to!”


“I killed a man, I said sorry to him, do you think that’s okay?” Sister-in-law Zhang held her breath, upset in her heart, and her mouth had to be reasonable.


“Why are you like this?” The receptionist plucked up her voice for a moment, “I’ve said everything I need to say and apologize, why are you being so aggressive? The one who is looking for a mistress is Mr. Fu, his own man is looking for a woman outside, and he is still taking it out on outsiders, being rich is great, huh?”


The more she said, the louder she got, the more she said, “With your kind of temperament, it’s no wonder you can’t be on stage, Mr. Fu doesn’t want to take you around. You may have played some unseemly tricks to get married to Mr. Fu!”


The more she said, the meaner her words became.


I stopped her and said, “Don’t make trouble!”


There are people around here with mobile phones, if someone wants to use these videos to make an article, I am afraid that the public opinion in the capital is not as difficult to handle as in Jiangcheng.


Not to mention that Fu Shenyin now wants to expand the market, make some public opinion, I’m afraid it’s not good.


“You just let her bully you like this?” Sister-in-law Zhang opened her mouth and glared fiercely at the receptionist lady.


I shook my head, “It’s all right for lip service!”


When Cheng Jun Yu came, he saw that there were people around, he couldn’t help but frown and look at me, “What’s wrong?”


I glanced at the receptionist and saw that the girl who was so articulate just a moment ago was a bit at a loss for words, with a few moments of uncontainable shyness on her face.


It is common for people to have expectations and aspirations for beautiful people or food, so I guess this girl admires Cheng Junyu.


Retracting my gaze, I shook my head slightly, “It’s alright, let’s go!”


In the lift.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.


I laughed, “If I don’t go up there, I’ll feel even worse.”


He laughed, and his eyes fell on my stomach, his gaze sinking, saying, “You’re about to give birth, don’t run around all the time!”


I nodded, curious, “How did you know I knew Lu Xinran was coming?”


“The receptionist looked bad, I guess he said something he shouldn’t have.” He spoke, his voice light.


It seemed like it was, too; it was different when smart people thought about things.


In that case, I won’t say much more.


Chapter 282

The lift reached the floor, Cheng Jun Yu raised his eyebrows to indicate, follow the corridor all the way past, it is Shen Yan’s office, you go over, I still have something to do.


I nodded, “Well, thanks!”


“You’re welcome!”


He went back to his office and I walked down the corridor with Sister Zhang, who looked at me and whispered, “Xiao Shu, that receptionist girl is not suitable to stay in the company.”


“I’m not involved in the company’s affairs, whether it’s suitable or not has nothing to do with me, don’t think nonsense!”


I raised my hand and knocked on the door of Fu Shen Yan’s office, no one answered, I couldn’t help but raise my hand and push.


The door was unlocked and opened with a push.


There was no one in the office, and Mrs. Zhang put the pastries in the living room in the office and looked at me and said, “I’ll go for a walk and wait for you downstairs, you can talk to Sir!”


I nodded, thinking that she had something to buy.


It didn’t take long for Fu Shenyin to return, followed by Lu Xinran, when he saw me, he faintly stared, “When did you get here?”


“An hour ago!” It hadn’t taken long to get to the office, there had been more delay at the reception desk.


He raised an eyebrow and walked over to me, smoothing the hair around my ear, “Why didn’t you call me and let me know?”


I raised my eyes and glanced at Lu Xinran, who was following him, dressed in a very… wealthy Lu Xinran, withdrew my gaze and said lightly, “Called, Miss Lu said you were in a meeting!”


He frowned, his temples jutting a little as he looked at Lu Xinran, “Interesting?”


Seeing him angry, Lu Xinran paled a few shades, “Brother Shen Yan, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to touch your phone, it just rang several times, I thought it was an emergency so I answered it, I didn’t think it was sister Shen!”


After listening to her, I raised my eyebrows and said somewhat thoughtfully, “I only called once before I was answered.” Looking at Fu Shen Yan I smiled a bit grimly, “You usually have quite a lot of phone calls!”


Fu Shen Yan frowned, “Talk properly!” Then he glanced at Lu Xinran nonchalantly and said somewhat coldly, “It’s getting late, let Jin Yan send you back!”


Lu Xinran’s face was not good, she looked at me and spoke with some reluctance, “Brother Shen Yan, my father asked you to send me back!”


Fu Shen Yan frowned, “Since when did I become your family’s driver?”


Lu Xinran’s face turned white and she couldn’t say a word.


Very aggrieved, her eyes reddened, “You know I didn’t mean that.”


“That’s what I understood!” Fu Shen Yan’s recent technique of disliking people is really not ordinary.


If I were Lu Xinran, my mind would have collapsed long ago.


Lu Xinran’s hands were intertwined, her fingertips pinched in the flesh, and her red eyes said, “Then I’ll come over to see you tomorrow.”


I said, and looked at Fu Shen Yan three times a step back.


I pinned my chin and looked at Fu Shen Yan, couldn’t help but say, “The receptionist downstairs said your fiancée comes to see you every day, it seems what was said is true, do I need to go back and prepare for you to welcome your fiancée?”


He frowned, “Fiancée??”


“Yes!” My arms were a little sore and I reached out to him and he consciously rubbed them for me as I continued, “What is she if not a fiancée when she comes so often and carries one in her belly?”


He didn’t look too good and raised an eyebrow at me, “You believe that?”


“It’s not up to me to believe it or not!” I was in a light mood and didn’t have the *** to argue with him.


He pulled out his phone and dialed a number, close enough that I could clearly hear the voice on the other end.