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Never Say Never Chapter 275-276

Chapter 275

“Don’t get it!” I said back to him and was ready to walk away, but he stopped me.


“Does a second marriage seem so natural to you, are you ready for a second one too? What do you think of me? I don’t mind if you choose me after your divorce and I don’t mind if you take a child with you!”


That was a ridiculously frivolous statement.


I grimaced and glared at him angrily, “Thank you Mr. Gu for your kindness, I can’t afford it!”


The word “gloomy” is really apt to describe Gu Han.


Staggering away from him, I went straight out of the pavilion and walked briskly along the pond towards the villa.


The sound of footsteps following behind me got closer and closer, and I couldn’t help but frown, thinking he was bored to death.


Anger flared in my heart and when I noticed him putting his arm around my shoulders, I didn’t even think twice before turning around and pushing him away.


Gu Han was unprepared, and his whole body fell into the pond without warning.


“Flop!” It was dark, and with the streetlight, all I could see was the water echoing up in the pond.


Looking carefully inside there was no sound of his flopping water, I panicked for a moment and hurriedly shouted, “Help, someone has fallen into the water!”


I then got on the edge of the pond and called Gu Han’s name, but after several calls I heard no movement.


I did not understand how deep the water was, and when I saw this, I thought he had sunk, and panicked in my heart, and could not help but cry out, “Help, someone has fallen into the water, help ……”


“Poof!” In a flash Gu Han emerged from the water, raised his hand to wipe his face and looked at me, “Don’t cry, I’m not dead!”


I froze, seeing him climb up from the edge of the pond, soaked to the skin.


Looking at his face, he was so calm and relaxed that he had just deliberately scared me.


I was angry and furious for a moment, so angry that my heart was heaving up and down, “Gu Han, are you funny?”


My heart fell out when I scared a pregnant woman like that.


When I saw my anger, he was not angry, and his handsome face showed some relief, “The water was cold, so I soaked for a while longer!”


It was obvious that he was deliberately trying to scare people, so I was furious and raised my hand again, pushing him down, saying, “Then you go on soaking!”




“Shen Shu, you ……”


When I saw him puffing in the water, I didn’t care, and turned around to walk towards the villa.


I didn’t want to turn around to see Fu Shen Yan’s slender body standing hidden in the darkness, his gaze was unclear.


I only felt a little cold.


I paused and walked towards him, “Is Uncle Gu awake?”


He pursed his lips and withdrew his gaze from Gu Han in the pond, his voice shallow, “Mm!”


Fu Qingyin and Gu Hengyang also followed him out, seeing Gu Han, who had just climbed out of the pond, drenched in wetness.


Gu Hengyang frowned, very unhappy, “How did you fall in? Eyes with gasps of air?”


Clearly scolding.


I looked down, feeling somewhat sorry for Gu Han, who, rightly or wrongly, was never cared for.


I couldn’t help but look up and say, “Uncle Gu, it’s ……”


“Well, didn’t stand still, didn’t drown, let you down!” Gu Han interrupted my words and spoke with a brash face looking at Gu Hengyang.


Gu Hengyang was so angry with him that he almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of old blood, pointing at him, “You ……” Half a day did not say a word.


Fu Qingyin smoothed his breath and looked at Gu Han, “Ah Han, why are you angry with your father, the temperature is low at night, go and change your clothes, don’t catch a cold!”


He then helped Gu Hengyang back to the hall, Gu Han sneered, walked up to me, and gave Fu Qingyin a somewhat provocative look.


Chapter 276

His eyes fell on me and he hooked his lips, “Stop crying, you’re the one who pushed me and you’re the one who cried for me, contradiction!”


I frowned, why was this man talking in a shady way, I was crying obviously because I was scared by him.


Looking at his back as he left, I subconsciously looked at Fu Shen Yan, afraid that he would misunderstand me and said, “I was scared just now, I didn’t cry for him!”


“Mmm!” Fu Shen Yan raised his hand and smoothed the broken hair in front of my forehead behind my ear, smiling lightly, “I know!”


Luckily nothing happened next, after cutting the cake, it was getting late and I was sleepy.


Fu Qingyin put us in the car and admonished, “Don’t wander off again in the next few days, the baby is about to be born and you need to be careful, you are young, don’t be careless.”


I nodded, and Fu Qingyin gave Fu Shenyan a few more words of advice before letting us go.


At the traffic light intersection, Fu Shen Yan’s side eye fell on my stomach, “The due date is half a month away, I’ve taken care of everything at the hospital.”


I nodded, a little sleepy and didn’t want to say much.


I leaned back in the car seat and closed my eyes to rest.


The car slowly started and his low, cold voice came with displeasure, “Stay away from Gu Han from now on!”


“Hmm?” I froze and couldn’t help but look at him, “What’s wrong?”


He started the car and gave me a look, “Don’t want to?”


I shook my head, “No, I was curious, why did you tell me to stay away from him?”


When he frowned, I laughed, “You don’t think Gu Han is interested in me as a pregnant woman, do you?”


He frowned, “Where did you get that confidence?”


I raised my eyebrows, “You gave it to me!” I don’t have that kind of confidence, I haven’t looked in the mirror since I got pregnant and even if I am fat, my legs and hands are swollen.


How do I look like a ball of skin? Gu Han doesn’t look like a man who gives a heavy hand.


So, Fu Shen Yan is totally overthinking.


When I got back to the villa, I was so sleepy that I didn’t even want to get out of the car, so Fu Shen Yan carried me back to the bedroom.


I then fell into a deep sleep.




The next day.


The next day, Fu Shen Yan was not in the bedroom, I looked for my phone for half a day and remembered afterwards that it had been forgotten in the Gu family gazebo.


I washed up and went downstairs, and saw that Fu Shen Yan had picked up his wife Zhang, who had cooked a lot of food with Aunt Quan.


When she saw me coming downstairs, Sister-in-law Zhang smiled and said, “This belly has grown again, it looks like it must be for a big fat baby.”


I laughed, “We haven’t even checked, we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet!”


Sister-in-law Zhang bristled and looked at my stomach, “It must be a boy, by the way, we made you fish soup, it’s delicious, come and try it!”


I didn’t see Fu Shen Yan, so I said, “Where is Fu Shen Yan?”


Did he go to the office again today?


Sister-in-law Zhang brought out the fish soup and cooked a few more dishes, “Mr. Zhang went out this morning and said he would be back for lunch with you.


I knew that Fu Shenyin had been very busy lately, and I agreed with Lin Wan when she said that Fu Shenyin’s ambition was big; his aim was never the capital, but the world.


The capital was just a stepping stone towards time, and through it, he was opening up the markets of Western Europe.


Thinking about this, I couldn’t help but feel a little blocked in my heart. Lin Wan was right, if Lu Xinran had accompanied him, he would have gone even further.


I, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be able to accompany him in the mall anymore. Once the baby was born, it was impossible for me to return to Fu, and even if I had to work, I would just jump to another company to do it.