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Never Say Never Chapter 273-274

Chapter 273

Accepting the porcelain, Gu Hengyang was so precious that he brought a smile to his face and politely said, “You two children, you really have a heart!”


“Shen Yan this child has always been like this.” Fu Qingyin spoke up with a smile in the corner of her eyes, “Now that he’s going to be a father, he looks more and more like one.”


Fu Shen Yan smiled, “I almost forgot when I arrived, but it’s a good thing Shen Shu always remembered.”


I froze, I didn’t even know he was giving a gift and froze for a moment.


Gu Hengyang put the porcelain away and handed it to Fu Qingyin and said, “Keep it well!”


Then he looked at me and said, “You’re a careful girl, the baby is due soon, right? Have you communicated with the hospital in advance? You have to be very careful when a woman has a baby!”


I nodded, “Yes, it’s all done, Shen Yan has been preparing for it for a long time!”


Fu Qingyin laughed, “Don’t worry about it, these two kids are delicate, there won’t be any problems.”


In the meantime, dinner was ready, and as they sat down, Fu Qingyin looked at Gu Han and said, “Ah Han is old enough to have a family, do you think there is a suitable girl?”


The atmosphere was a little cold as the topic was brought up to Gu Han, who was indifferent and only gave a cold reply, “No!”


Then there was no sound.


Fu Qingyin seemed to be used to it, smiled and didn’t say much, but Gu Hengyang snorted coldly and said, “Who can look at a girl like him? He’s not like a father!”


“Heh!” Gu Han laughed coldly and asked in return, “You do?”


Gu Hengyang was so furious that he could not control his anger, “You rebellious son!”


“Alright, alright, the child has a mouth and no heart, what are you bothering about!” Fu Qingyin spoke, “A good meal, don’t make it unpleasant, come on, let’s all taste the yellow wine of this Meilin.”


With that, she lifted her gla*s of wine.


It must be said that Fu Qingyin is indeed a master of rounding off a situation, she can calm down an anger in just the right way, and can also easily stir up trouble.


I couldn’t drink, so I simply picked up my tea and looked towards Gu Hengyang and said, “Uncle Gu I’d like to toast you with a cup of tea instead of wine, wishing you a happy birthday and may your heart be fulfilled and all things come to pa*s!”


Gu Hengyang smiled cheerfully, “Good, thank you!”


As the meal went on, some people were happy and some were sad.


Gu Hengyang drank a bit too much, so Fu Qingyin accompanied him upstairs to rest for a while. Since he had to cut the cake later, Fu Shenyan played chess with Gu Han to pa*s the time.


I had nothing to do and ate a bit too much, so I simply went for a walk in the courtyard.


Not worried about me being alone, Fu Shen Yan asked the maid to accompany me.


The Gu family’s grand and luxurious courtyard is relatively large, with many exotic flowers and plants planted inside.


When I found a gazebo to rest, the maid opened her mouth and said, “Mrs. Fu, the stones are cool here, why don’t you go to the courtyard over there to rest, there are cool mats over there, it’s more comfortable to lie down!”


I nodded and followed her to the pavilion, and as he had said, I leaned back on the cool mat and was comfortable.


But I didn’t sleep deeply. Seeing this, the maid couldn’t help but say, “Sleep at ease, Mr. Fu has instructed me to keep an eye on you, and the yard has been dosed with insect repellent, so you don’t have to worry!”


I froze and nodded my head, “Thank you!”


Because last after being scared by the snake, I had stayed in the yard stomach, this is originally just buried in my heart, but did not expect Fu Shen Yan also noticed.


Probably at ease, plus the temperature in the evening was extremely good, so I slept extremely well.


Chapter 274

When I woke up, it was completely dark and the gazebo was dimly lit. I opened my eyes in a daze to see a tall figure standing in front of me.


Thinking it was Fu Shen Yan, I buried my head in the pillow somewhat wearily and complained in a wong voice, “Fu Shen Yan, my back is sore and aching, this child is here for revenge, I think he must be a boy, and like you must not even be gentle!”


When I finished, I closed my eyes and rested, my stomach was a bit uncomfortable and my arms and legs were particularly sore.


When he didn’t answer me, I continued, “Rub my legs for me, they’re unbearably sore!”


“Yes!” He spoke, his strong fingers over my leg.


With some hindsight, I realised that the voice wasn’t Fu Shen Yan’s and opened my eyes violently.


I was startled by the sight of Gu Han’s handsome, thin face, and hastily pulled my leg back to avoid his hand.


I opened my mouth, somewhat stunned, “Mr. Gu, how did you …… get here?” I regretted the words after I said them, this is Gu’s house, where is he not normal?


Seeing me retract my legs, he faintly withdrew his gaze from my legs, his voice was very light, “Eliminating food after dinner!”


I nodded, there was nothing to talk to him about originally, I got up, ready to leave.


He found for a seat and sat down, somewhat idly, “Deliberately avoiding me? Am I that scary?”


I froze and shook my head, “No!”


He nodded and raised his eyebrows, “White has been sent away, he didn’t mean to scare you.”


It took me a moment to realise that he was referring to the Tibetan mastiff, and I twitched my lips at the obvious grey fur, but I had to call him by a name that had nothing to do with it.


What a peculiar brain circuit.


“Well, I’m fine.” After a pause, I looked to his somewhat forlorn face and said, “He can be sent away without it.”


As long as it was held well and didn’t hurt anyone, there was no need to send it away.


He sneered and looked at me with a raised eyebrow, “I don’t say!”


There was a sense of resentment in those words and I said after a moment, “I’m sorry, I ……”


“Apologize for what?” He frowned, “You and Fu Qingyin are quite similar in some ways, you know very well how to show weakness appropriately and how to catch men’s weakness.”


This …… did not fall on deaf ears.


I stood for some time, a little tired, found a pillar to lean against, frowned at him and said, “You don’t need to dislike me so resentfully, I didn’t originally expect this about Xiao Bai, besides, I am indeed afraid of dogs. Whether it was unintentional or intentional, it ended up scaring me, and you’ve all said what you should apologize for, and I’m not asking for anything, it’s up to you to deal with it, good or bad, it has nothing to do with me.”


I wasn’t angry, I just felt that he didn’t need to take it out on me, and after a pause said, “As for your Gu family, my aunt married my uncle in name only and didn’t interfere with anyone’s marriage, your parents’ marriage, exactly how, you should know better in your heart than I do.”


When Fu Qingyin married Gu Hengyang, Gu Hengyang had already divorced Xu Hui, which was a matter of mutual consent.


Probably the most frightening thing about human nature is that one cannot see one’s ex having a better time than oneself and putting up with it.


“Huh!” He sneered, adjusting his sitting posture and narrowing his eyes at me, the corners of his mouth rising, “Sounds like you know a lot about the Gu family?”