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Never Say Never Chapter 269-270

Chapter 269

The phone had already been answered, it was Cheng Jun Yu’s clear cold voice, “Shen Yan, what’s wrong?”


“Shen Shu lent you my clothes earlier, find a chance to return them to me clean, I want to wear them!” This was straight to the point, said without heart jumping, face not red, ears not red.


What a master!


I can almost imagine the expression on Cheng Junyu’s face at the other end of the phone, he turned on the amplification, the other end of the phone paused for a few seconds and said, “You lack this piece of clothing?”


Fu Shen Yan, “No!”


“Then forget it, I don’t know where I put the clothes.” Cheng Junyu is also a cold person at heart, and was about to hang up the phone after he finished.


Fu Shen Yan was not pleased and said directly, “I don’t know where it is also find it out for me, take the clothes bought by other people’s wives, you are wearing the right size.”


“The size is right!” Cheng Junyu is estimated to be in a bad mood, listening to some noise on the other end of the phone.


“M International Bone Cancer Hospital has been officially established, it seems that you don’t need a letter of recommendation.” Fu Shen Yan leaned back in his noble chair with a calm demeanour after saying this.


“Yes, I will find the clothes for you as soon as possible!” Cheng Junyu opened his mouth and said indifferently, “I’ll go find the clothes!”


After saying this, he hung up the phone.


I ?????


I gave Fu Shen Yan a white look, I really had nothing to talk about with him, so I simply prepared to sleep.




I was not so bored when Chen Xing and Shen Yu came to the capital, and I was at home with the jewellery that Fu Shen Yan got for me.


I think I can open a high-end jewellery shop to sell these things.


I was much more relaxed this time, not nervous, and invited her into the parlour where Aunt Quan made her tea.


The warm smile on Ivana’s face remained the same, and her eyes fell on my belly, saying after a moment, “This baby is about to be born, right?”


I nodded my head, “Yes!” There were no unnecessary words.


She didn’t mind and spoke, “How wonderful that you’re about to start welcoming a little life.”


This was obvious nonsense and I didn’t take it, just smiled lightly.


Seeing me like this, she placed a contract in front of me and smiled lightly, “Take a look, it might be useful to you!”


I raised my eyebrows, “What’s that?”


She smiled lightly, “Take a look first!”


I took the contract and read it over, not knowing whether to laugh or cry for a moment, I looked at her and said, “Ivana Lin is really someone who is on the rich list, she is very generous.”


She smiled lightly, “Not really, this condition of mine is beneficial to you in any way, if you love Fu Shen Yan, then I believe you will think carefully for his future, he is an ambitious man, the reason he chose the capital is because Jiangcheng is no longer enough to accommodate his ambition, so he chose the capital. ”


Here she paused, playing with the emerald ring in her hand, “And if he develops in the capital, it will be much harder for him to turn over the clouds like he did in Jiangcheng with just his abilities and the only contacts he has at the moment, he will have to need external forces in order to have a prosperous future.”


I looked at the contract in my hand and listened indifferently to her words, I couldn’t help but want to laugh, “Mr. Lin really knows how to use his advantages, but you don’t know Fu Shen Yan too well, he is the proud son of the sky, he never cares for help from others, if he has the intention to develop in the capital, even without help, he will have the same day to turn the clouds in the capital.”


I never doubted Fu Shen Yan’s ability and never felt that he would give up me and my children for his own future.


Chapter 270

The only thing that can make him give up is his love, and unless his love for Lu Xinran transcends duty, he will not leave me of his own accord.


She raised her eyebrows and placed the gla*s in her hand on the table with some weight, “No need for a boost, what if someone can create resistance for him? You should know that I, Ivana Lin, am not considered a big shot, but that doesn’t mean the Mo family can’t?”


A threat!


**A naked threat.


I pursed my lips and looked at her without losing my gaze, “Does Lin think I’d leave him back because I care about his future?”


She raised her eyebrows, “So, you don’t love Fu Shen Yan?” If you don’t love him, things will be easier. You can take the kids and leave, I’ll give you enough money, enough for you to live a few lives without worries. You can always come to me and I’ll give it to you later!”


Listen to this, the way rich people solve problems is really extremely generous.


I felt for a moment that if I didn’t agree to such a condition, I would be too ungrateful myself.


After a pause, I couldn’t help but say, “If I were to say no to you in one breath at this point, then it would seem like I’m too ungrateful, so I’ll think about it!”


She raised her eyebrows and smiled lightly, “Sure, next weekend is Xinran’s birthday, you can think about it until next weekend, if I can you agree to it then I’ll send a lawyer to do a match with you directly then, if you don’t then hopefully show up at Xinran’s birthday party by eight o’clock.”


“Why eight o’clock?”


“Because, after eight o’clock, I will have Xinran and Fu Shenyan engaged, in name only.” Those words were decisive.


At this moment, I really envied Lu Xinran for having such a good mother who could design such a thorough plan for her.


“Good!” I spoke.


When the matter was finished, there was naturally nothing more to talk about.


Ivana Lin left without staying much longer.


Perhaps it was because my stomach was getting bigger and bigger, so I was getting more and more tired and fond of fidgeting.


When Fu Shenyan came back, I was sitting in the hall, dazed, in the sun and high temperature during the day, and I was sweating a lot.


Seeing that my forehead was covered in sweat, Fu Shen Yan plucked up his voice, “Are you planning to smother yourself to death, two bodies in one?”


I looked up at him, withdrew my gaze, didn’t say anything, and went straight back to the bedroom to rest.


I didn’t want to talk to him, and I knew that whenever I did, I would inevitably argue with him.


When I returned to the bedroom, Fu Shen Yan followed me, searched around the bedroom and threw me a pair of white baggy fists, “Get dressed and come out with me!”


“I don’t want to go out!” It was tiring and I really didn’t want to go.


“My aunt called and said that Gu Hengyang’s birthday is tonight, she’s not going to make a big deal out of it, she’s just going to have a family dinner together.” He didn’t mean to force me to go, but it was said, so even if I didn’t know any better, I couldn’t really go!


I sighed and sulked as I changed into my clothes and put on a light makeup.


In the car!


Fu Shen Yan glanced at me, “What did Mr. Lin say to you?”


I froze for a moment, reacting to the fact that he knew, how there were a few bodyguards and doctors in the villa, a stranger had come to the house, naturally someone would tell Fu Shen Yan.


It wasn’t surprising that she knew!