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Never Say Never Chapter 265-266

Chapter 265

Before he could react, the flowers had already been robbed than Fu Shen Yan, “Mr. Shen is really rotten, but Shen Shu has never liked flowers much, trouble Shen Yu to be attentive!”




I’ve never seen such a brazen person before!


Shen Yu looked at me and raised his eyebrows, “Don’t like flowers? When was that?”


I pursed my lips, thinking that these two were so boring.


Seeing that I didn’t say anything, Shen Yu narrowed his eyes and looked at Fu Shen Yan, “I remember that Xiaoshu used to love flowers, how come she stopped liking them after she got together with Mr. Fu?


This is a playful way of saying that Fu Shen Yan doesn’t like me?


Good boy!


Fu Shenyan held the words in his hand and raised his eyebrows at me, “You like it?”


These two were playing word games, and I was trying to figure out how to answer.


I didn’t expect Fu Shen Yan to think that if I didn’t say anything, I was acquiescing and said, “You can’t accept flowers from other people, if you like them, I’ll buy them for you every day from now on.”


With that he threw the large bouquet of roses into the bin and looked at Shen Yu with an innocent face and said, “I accidentally dropped them in, sorry!”


Shen Yu ……


The first time I saw such a boring operation.


“Do not like the person will refuse early, come back early, I am waiting for you and …… children at home!” Fu voice face no different colour, finished to me.


Glancing at Shen Yu, his gaze fell on the gift box in Shen Yu’s hand, and after a slight pause, he said, “Mr. Shen also brought dessert? It just so happens that I didn’t eat much just now, do you mind giving me a taste of this dessert here?”


Before Shen Yu could agree, he took the gift box and carried it straight into the villa.


Brazen and shameless!


Apart from these four words, I really couldn’t think of a better word than this for a while.


With Fu’s voice gone and the air a few degrees fresher, looking towards Shen Yu, I took the initiative to look at the mouth, “You really like not squatting in front of other people’s homes?”


From the time I met him, almost every time, he was waiting at my doorstep, and I suspected that this was one of his hobbies.


He raised an eyebrow, ignoring my sarcasm and looked at me and smiled, “Just really wanted to see you, so I came to see you.”


I pursed my lips, she was so good at computers, I didn’t even think much about how he found me, I just said breathlessly, “What’s up, just say it!”


“Come back to Huai’an with me!”


I frowned, “Shen Yu, do you have nothing to do right now?” Not to mention that I couldn’t find a reason to go back with him, and even if I did, how was he going to go back? The Shen family has recognized him, he has the ability to just leave?


This is just like playing house.


“Still can’t let go of Fu Shen Yan?” He narrowed his eyes, his slender body leaning against the car, wickedly provocative.


I almost laughed out loud and said, “He’s my husband, it’s normal that I can’t let go of him. Shen Yu, I said I can allow you to hang around me as long as you don’t affect my normal life, but can you be normal when you do?”


Every time something happens to him, it’s either with everyone in Fu Shenyin or to get me and Fu Shenyin into a fight.


“Let’s bet!” He casually took out the cigarette case from his pocket, his eyes fell on my stomach, and after a pause he tucked it back in and spoke, “No more than a month, you and Fu Shen Yan will be separated, and by then you and I will be back in Huai’an.”


I really didn’t know where he got his confidence from and said breathlessly, “Shen Yu, I don’t know what you’re trying to do by pestering me like this, but I’ll tell you anyway, I really hate it when you pester me like this in particular because you affect so many things for me and I’m confused.”


Chapter 266

“Leave Fu Shen Yan and this confusion will not exist!” He said casually.


I was so angry that I spat blood, this person simply did not make sense, suppressing the depression in my heart, I said directly, “Fine, do whatever you like!”


Then I went back to the villa.


The gift box that Shen Yu had brought with him was thrown aside miserably, and the dessert inside looked like it had been bitten into, so it looked like it had been tossed aside because it didn’t taste good.


Fu Shen Yan was really childish.


After taking a few steps, I glanced at a golden rim in the pastry and froze, walking over and picking it up again.


Removing a necklace of silver flying fish from inside.


“A hundred or so dollars is worth digging through the trash?” The cold, thin voice of Fu’s voice came to my ears.


I ignored it and picked the necklace up, wiping the cream off it with a paper towel; it really wasn’t worth much.


When I was about fourteen, I was in my second year of school, an age when love is still a blur to beauty. There were many girls in my cla*s who liked to wear some ornaments on their hands or necks like the adults did.


These things were not expensive, basically a few dozen or so, but at that time a few dozen or so was actually a very high price for me.


But even if I liked to wear these things, I wouldn’t ask my grandmother for money to buy them. Later I secretly went to help my uncle in the school canteen to move things, and I got about five dollars a time, and I was deadlocked for a month.


Then I thought my leg was knocked and my grandmother almost found out, so I didn’t go.


The rest of the money I spent on a belt for Shen Yu and a finger ring for my grandmother to sew her clothes.


I didn’t wear this necklace for long before I lost it, because it was the first time I wore something that expensive and I lost it before I could wear it for a few days.


I felt for a while that I wasn’t fit to wear these expensive things and until now I wouldn’t wear necklaces or rings, subconsciously I didn’t think I deserved to wear very expensive things.


I really didn’t expect that the necklace would still be found after so many years had pa*sed by my eyes. I was a bit cheerful and when I entered the villa, I couldn’t help but think that since Shen Yu would give me the necklace, would ……


When I thought of this, I looked at Fu Shen Yan who had a dark face, “Where is the box that contained these pastries just now?”


He frowned, his face very unhappy, “In the trash!”


I ignored his unhappy face and looked at all the bins in the villa and saw that he had thrown them in the bin in the kitchen.


I couldn’t help but half crouch down to find it.


His wrist was pulled, “Is that all you care about what he gave you?”


I broke his grip and, without explanation, said, “It’s not what you think.”


I opened the bag and found a belt that looked well preserved. I continued to look through it, since he had sent me the necklace and the belt, the finger ring I had given to my grandmother should be there too.


I went through the bag and found nothing.


I got up and prepared to go through the pastries that had been left at the door again, when I was pressed somewhat rudely against the sofa by Fu Shen Yan, “Shen Shu, that’s enough!”


I frowned, a little annoyed, “Fu Shen Yan, go do your own thing, I’m not in the mood to argue with you now!”