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Never Say Never Chapter 253-254

Chapter 253

“Well, I know!” There were not many people in the villa, and it was still early, so I found a seat and sat down, looking at the yard, “When the baby is born, I will bring the baby back to see you, then let her call you godmother!”


She cut out, “What godmother, just call her mum, my baby will be the same in the future, what godmother or not, just call her mum directly!”


I laughed, “Yes yes, all at your service.”


“Qiao En is probably going back to the capital in the next few days, if you are bored in the capital, find him for a chat and go out to get together, after his mother’s incident, he is more or less pressed with a lot of things in his heart, especially in the capital, he probably feels even worse when he sees those people from the Qiao family.”


I nodded and sighed, “I’ll call him later and ask when he’s coming to the capital.”


She answered and said, “Right, take down his number, he’s changed it, he changed it again last time he went back to M. He contacted me on QQ.”


Jon, who had this habit of changing his number, which we were all used to, said into his phone, “Well, you give me his number, I’ll take it down!”


With that I put it on speakerphone and was about to record it on my phone when I saw Aunt Kwon in the living room wiping the table and I went in to say hello.


Then I went upstairs while talking on the phone, and when Muzi heard the movement on my side, she said, “Don’t walk and write down the number at the same time, either go find a paper and pen or I’ll send it to you later.”


I didn’t want to hang up the phone, so I said, “I’ll go to the study to find some paper and notes.”


The study is very large, Fu Shenyan acquired a lot, I filled a circle, rummaged through the drawers, found a blank sheet of paper, let Muzi said the number to write down.


Chatting with her about trivial topics, I noticed the hard-shelled, dark yellow file bag sitting here in the drawer, and I opened it while talking to Muzi on the phone.


Seeing the contents of the papers, I wandered off for a moment.


“By the way, do you still have pregnancy sickness? The old man here says that you basically stop throwing up at seven months, when am I going to get to seven months!” On the other end of the phone was the voice of Kimiko complaining and wailing.


I stared at the words on the paper, my heart lost its chatting ***, and spoke, “Muzi, I’m hanging up now.”


“What’s wrong?”


Me: “Something’s wrong!”


I hung up the phone and closed the drawer, feeling uncomfortably clogged, perhaps because the atmosphere in the study was too dull.


When I came downstairs, Aunt Quan greeted me with a smile, “Mrs. Fu, do you have anything you want to eat? Shall I make you some dessert?”


“No need!” I didn’t have the energy to deal with her, so I said back indifferently and left the hall.


The capital was too big and I didn’t know where I wanted to go for a while.


When I left the villa, I wandered aimlessly through the streets, and when I looked up, all I saw was unfamiliarity.


In fact, I didn’t feel so bad. Fu Shenyan wanted to divorce me, which I knew from the day I married him, and I was prepared for it.


If this child hadn’t come, I’m afraid he and I would have already returned to the bridge and the road.


After wandering aimlessly around, I seemed lost, looking at all the different kinds of people on the streets, and I didn’t know where to start!


It was so hot that I simply found a place to sit down. I was distracted when I left home and didn’t have my phone or bag with me.


It seemed that I was really lost at this point.


As it was getting dark, I was about to ask a pa*ser-by for a mobile phone, but I was turned down.


Chapter 254

A black BMW pulled up to the curb and, thinking it was him who was going to stop here, I turned around and walked in the other direction in a daze.


“Shen Shu!”


A man’s low voice came from behind me, unfamiliar, and I froze, turning around to see the BMW’s window gla*s rolled down, revealing the man’s clear, fresh side face.


Gu Han!


How could he be here?


“Mr. Gu, what a coincidence to meet you here!” I pulled a smile, trying to hide my embarra*sment at the moment.


He seemed to say very little, and his eyes fell on my feet, which had been worn out from walking too far, so I took them off.


I was a little embarra*sed by him looking at me like that, but had nowhere to hide it, so I smiled dryly.


“Get in!” He spoke, unable to hear the emotion.


“No!” I instinctively refused, “I’m just out for a walk, I’ll be back in a minute, I won’t bother you.”


He narrowed his eyebrows, a little lightly displeased, “It’ll be harder to find your way back when it’s dark!”




I pursed my lips, looked down at the blood on my feet and sighed silently, what’s the point of being pretentious, it’s already this time of year.


When we got into the car, he gave me a look, not saying much, “Wear your seat belt!”


I nodded and when I saw him start the car, I said, “South Hill villa area!”


He didn’t say anything, he just drove quietly.


The air was somewhat terribly still, and my stomach rumbled uncomfortably for a moment, awkwardly.


He looked over at me and raised his handsome eyebrows slightly, “What do you want to eat?”


Embarra*sed, I looked down and said, “I’ll be home in a few minutes, so go home and eat!”


“Hunan and Szechuan food, or hotpot!”


“Hot pot!”


I opened my mouth and froze not having looked at him, seeing his eyebrows rise, I bit my lip, it was all the food that caused the trouble.


He pulled the car over to the parking area on the side of the road and looked to me, “Let’s go!”


Following him out of the car, he chose a roadside hot pot restaurant, which looked quite nicely decorated, and the hot pot restaurant was doing extremely well.


The waiter found us a seat and then handed the menu to Gu Han, the little girl’s good-looking eyes couldn’t help but sneak a few glances at him.


Gu Han turned out the menu and looked at me and said, “What do you want to eat?”


I ended up with the menu and didn’t make a show of it, directly ticking off a few dishes, and after a pause looked at him and said, “I don’t have my phone or wallet with me.”


He nodded, “I’ll pay for it!”


Seeing him say that, I nodded and continued to tick off a few more dishes, handing the menu to the little girl who was gawking at him.


The little girl took the menu and couldn’t help but sneak a few glances at him on her way out.


She was a good-looking and flashy girl, and everyone has a love of beauty.


Looking over at him, I said, “Mr. Gu, thank you for today, and for tonight too!”


After all, he had helped me, so I couldn’t just say nothing and be indifferent.


He narrowed his eyebrows and replied indifferently, “Mm!” Then there were no more words.


The meal was extremely quiet; I had nothing to say to people I didn’t already know, and he, too, was elegant and reserved, attracting a lot of attention.


I put my chopsticks down and stopped moving.


He looked up, noticed my movement and spoke in a shallow voice, “Full?”


I nodded and smiled lightly!


He put down his chopsticks, wiped his mouth elegantly and spoke, “Let’s go!”


The way this man handled things, I couldn’t find anything to talk about with him for a while, I always felt that he was not cold, not indifferent, but not warm and noisy either, and that he could carry everything off with aplomb.


When I got into the car, I looked at the time and it was already nine o’clock.