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Never Say Never Chapter 251-252

Chapter 251

“She is the ex-wife of Gu’s chairman, Gu Hengyang, and the woman in the long skirt next to her is Fu Qingyin of the luxurious Fu family in Jiangcheng. I heard that she has been Gu Hengyang’s mistress for several years, and only changed her status in the past two years.”


“So! No wonder that ex-wife is so unpleasant to the ears, a woman from a wealthy family is also a mistress, what’s her plan?”


“Who knows? Maybe the two of them are really in love?”


“Gu Hengyang and Fu Qingyin are almost twenty years apart, this kind of true love is also too …… exciting, right?”




The sound of discussion was not small, Fu Qingyin’s face was white, her face was not very good, glancing at Xu Hui, she did not say much and was ready to leave.


But was Xu Hui blocked, “What is the hurry to go? Everyone is also listening curious about your love story with Gu Dong, why don’t you just tell you all about it?”


“Just because Ms Xu likes to go around and share her private life, doesn’t mean others are like you.” I opened my mouth, my words a little heavy, “If you are not capable of taking what is good for yourself, please have some self-respect since you have let go of it.”


“Who are you saying doesn’t have self-respect?” Xu Hui was enraged and her voice rose several times, “Who are you to tell me what to do here?”


Fu Qingyin pulled me, worried that Xu Hui would hurt me, pulled me behind her and said, “No one dares to tell you what to do, if you want others to tell you what to do, you can be louder, tomorrow’s headlines in the capital you and the Gu family will be the subject of after-dinner chatter among the people of the capital.”


“You ……” Xu Hui was so angry that her heart was heaving and she held Gu Han aside and said, “Ah Han, look closely, this is how this woman insulted me.”


I frowned, thinking that this woman was too bottomless, I was not sure who was right and who was wrong about the Gu family, but her behavior yesterday and today was really degrading.


Glancing at Gu Han, I spoke up, “Mr. Gu is a smart man, you don’t want to block us like this one and make a joke out of the people coming in and out of here, do you?”


Gu Han raised his eyebrows, did not say much, lightly spat out a word, “Please!”


The whole red face in front of the public is not something honorable, Fu Qing Yin pulled me away from them.


The doorway of the cafe was not spacious enough, Xu Hui was hiding her anger and had the intention of not letting her go, but Fu Qingyin did not bother with her and sidled out of the cafe.


I followed behind Fu Qingyin, looking at Xu Hui, I couldn’t help but feel that she was sad and pathetic, divorced at middle age, no matter how perfect one can be in this life.


“Ah ……” I didn’t expect that Xu Hui would make a stumble, and seeing that I was about to flop to the ground, I subconsciously protected the small of my back.


Heart suddenly sucked in a cold breath, so fall down, only ……


I was about to hit the ground when my arm was pulled, then I was pulled by a force, my waist was floor and my body was held steady.


“How’s that? Did you get a shock? Is everything okay?” Fu Qingyin asked as she held me up and spoke in some panic.


I broke out in a cold sweat, stood firm, sucked in a cold breath and looked at her shaking my head, “Nothing?”


Noticing the hand still resting on my waist, I couldn’t help but feel embarra*sed for a moment, raising my eyes to look at Gu Han and spoke, “Thank you!”


He narrowed his eyebrows and withdrew his hand, his brows knitted, his voice light, “It’s alright!” He then looked at Xu Hui, his voice a little cold, “Let’s go!”


Fu Qingyin was not one to pester, but at this moment she tugged Xu Hui and said in a stern voice, “Is Ms. Xu going to leave without even saying sorry for tripping over someone?”


Chapter 252

Xu Hui was unhappy, her arrogance undiminished, “You filthy, lowly women are not worthy of my sorry!”


“Slap!” This slap was loud and stinging.


Xu Hui looked at Fu Qingyin somewhat incredulously, covering her struck cheek, “You woman, you dare to hit me with your hands?”


Fu Qingyin suppressed her anger and her voice was low, “Xu Hui, I think I have not wronged you over the years, you know very well in your heart what you and Hengyang have come this far for. I’m not afraid of you, I’m not afraid to let you go. Rather, I pity you, who have lived half your life and still don’t know what you are living for!”


“It doesn’t matter to me if you’re arrogant and rude and your words are unkind, but you shouldn’t treat a pregnant woman is bad, it doesn’t even matter if life sucks, but you can’t have a rotten soul and morals.” Fu Qingyin pointed at my stomach and looked at Xu Hui word by word.


“The child in her belly seven months, you know that you just tripped, if Gu Han was not pulling her, she this fall, a body two lives, Xu Hui is not in your opinion a life is nothing at all? Your Xu family has grown so big that you don’t even care about human lives anymore?”


Fu Qingyin’s voice was so loud that there were already many people staring at this side, and at this moment, there were even more people watching, and some people were using their mobile phones to take video.


Her words rang true to the heart, and many bystanders next to her already had a sense of vicariousness, pointing at Xu Hui and whispering about it.


“No wonder she was abandoned by Gu Hengyang, ruthless and ruthless, where the Gu family greeted her!”


“Yes! That’s two lives in one body, she still has the guts to do it.”


“God, it’s too vicious!”




The chatter grew louder and louder, and some people didn’t hide it and directly started scolding Xu Hui.


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time, and they’ve been in the business for a long time. If you’ve seen enough, get lost?”


The same applies to Xu Hui, who was accused by so many people. She shrank and hid behind Gu Han, without any of the arrogance she had just now.


I couldn’t help but sigh and pulled Fu Qingyin’s hand, speaking, “Aunt, it’s getting late, let’s go back!”


She looked at Xu Hui’s mother and son, and also moderately stopped, looked at me and nodded, “Let’s go!”


After leaving the cafe, I was no longer in the mood to continue shopping.


After sending me back to the villa, Fu Qingyin looked at me and said, “You’ve been tossing and turning all day, and you’re in shock, so go back and rest!”


I nodded, got out of the car, looked at her and said, “Shen Yan should be back, you should have dinner before you go back!”


She shook her head and smiled lightly, “No, Heng Yang has no one to supervise him at night, he doesn’t eat seriously, I have to go back!”


Hearing this, I froze and didn’t say much, smiling lightly as I sent her away.


For a long time, I looked at the roadside green belt and wondered, there are a thousand kinds of feelings in the human world, which one does Fu Qingyin and Gu Hengyang count?


Muzi called, “How are you doing in the capital? Are you still adapting?”


I looked at the large villa in front of me and walked slowly on the cobblestones, “It’s fine! How are you doing over there? Is it still convenient to have a maternity check-up?”


“It’s all fine, there’s a hospital in town and I go over there once a week.” Her voice still carried the sound of food, “I didn’t think I was big before, I’ve noticed it’s gotten a lot bigger recently, I don’t think I’ll be able to go anywhere for the next few months, you’re about to give birth, I might not be able to visit you for a while, you’ll have to look after yourself.”