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Never Say Never Chapter 247-248

Chapter 247

Such a man, too, is the best in the world!


“Shen Shu!” A voice rang in my ears and I froze, continuing into the hall.


Fu Qingyin smiled lightly, “You have a big belly, so you should worry about walking.”


I nodded my head and vaguely felt someone looking at me behind me, so I turned back unconsciously.


Gu Han’s clear eyebrows looked at me, and when my eyes met, I couldn’t help but stare.


I smiled lightly out of instinct and nodded slightly as a greeting. He narrowed his eyebrows and made no unnecessary movements, lowering his head and continuing to read.


The Gu family’s lobby was extraordinarily bright and luxurious, and a piano was set up under the stairs, expensive and well maintained!


The first thing you need to do is to get the food ready, then greet me and Fu Shen Yan and sit down in the living room.


After saying that, she looked at me and smiled, “The baby is already seven months old, right? Is the due date set?”


I smiled lightly and looked at Fu Shen Yan, “He’s made all the arrangements.”


Fu Qingyin nodded, the smile on her face, still warming people’s hearts.


After a brief chat, Fu Qingyin took us out for tea in the backyard. When aunt and nephew met, Fu Shenyan spoke extremely little, so it was all Fu Qingyin who spoke.


She asked about the Fu family over the years, about Fu Shenyin, about the company, about everyone around him, but it seemed that the only person she asked about was Grandpa Fu.


Fu Shen Yan’s words were very light, all responding to him one by one, I saw Fu Qing Yin’s eyes were a little red and swollen, I slightly got up and said, “Auntie you guys talk, I’ve been sitting for a little too long, my back is a little uncomfortable, I’m going for a walk.”


Fu Qingyin got up and arranged, “I have a doctor at home, why don’t I call him to take a look at you?”


I hurriedly shook my head, “No, I’ll just walk, you guys talk.”


Fu ShenYin glanced at me and spoke, “Go ahead, be safe!”


Seeing this, Fu Qingyin smiled lightly and looked at me gratefully, about the Fu family, if Fu Shenyan didn’t say anything, I wouldn’t ask, Fu Qingyin is an elegant and atmospheric woman, surely she wouldn’t want others to see her out of shape.


I walked along the cobblestones for a while, found a shady spot and sat down, quietly watching the scenery in the courtyard.


The quiet was broken by the appearance of Gu Han.


The man, slender and erect, stood in front of me, looking at me somewhat condescendingly.


I got up, kept my manners and smile and said, “Hello!”


He narrowed his brows, still holding the book he had just read in his hands, and his gaze fell on my stomach, “From the Fu family?”


The words were a bit abrupt and I froze before I realised that it was about the baby in my belly, I nodded, “Yes! My name is Shen Shu, hello!”


He nodded his head and didn’t say much, but the undisguised hostility in his eyes was particularly clear.


I was a bit puzzled, I had never met him before, so how could I be hostile?


It was a good thing that he left after a brief greeting.


By lunchtime it was already two o’clock in the afternoon.


At the table, Fu invited Yin to introduce people, there were only five people in total, Fu Shen Yan, Fu Qing Yin and me, the other two, one was Gu Han and the other was Gu Hengyang.


The other two were Gu Han and Gu Hengyang. Gu Hengyang looked to be in his fifties, but this middle-aged man who looks out over the financial world was surprisingly kind and gentle to people.


Fu Qingyin and Gu Hengyang, a middle-aged man and a delicate young woman of less than thirty-five, a couple more than ten years apart, would inevitably be overthought.


The doubts in my mind were solved when a woman called Xu Hui appeared.


Chapter 248

A middle-aged woman appeared at the originally quiet and harmonious dinner table, and rushed towards Gu Hengyang to fight with her heart and lungs, her eyes full of tears, her voice hoarse, “Gu Hengyang, I can overlook your raising a mistress and spoiling a mistress, I can go along with you, but why did you transfer the company’s inheritance to this woman? What about your son? That’s our son? You’re just going to let him be laughed at by the little people up and down the capital?”


The woman’s face was fierce as she looked at Fu Qingyin, “Fu Qingyin, you’re so clever, aren’t you? I, Xu Hui, am no match for you, nor can I play with you for ten years! You ruined my marriage and my family, why do you want to ruin my son now?”


Fu Qingyin was a little surprised and looked at Gu Hengyang, her brows knitted, “What are you doing transferring the inheritance to my name?”


“These things, sooner or later, will be yours, I’m too old to survive for a few years.” Gu Hengyang was a little powerless and looked at Xu Hui, “All the a*sets in my name have been transferred to Ah Han, his company in M is doing well.”


Xu Hui’s gaze was scarlet, “Gu Hengyang, the company was run by you and me bit by bit over the years, why should you give it to someone else?”


“Qingyin is not someone else, he is my Gu Hengyang’s wife.” Gu Hengyang spoke, then his gaze fell on Gu Han, his voice old and tired, “Take your mother home.”


Gu Han raised his eyebrows, his clear, meaningful eyes were cold and violent, “Isn’t her home here?”


“You ……” Gu Hengyang was so angry that he suddenly coughed loudly, Fu Qingyin supported him and smoothed his breathing, “I won’t take any of the company’s things, you guys don’t push him anymore, he’s not well, you guys please go back! ”


These words were said to Gu Han and Xu Hui.


Xu Hui then stared at the two men, full of resentment and running, he grabbed Gu Han’s hand, his voice trembling a little, “Ah Han send mum back!”


The two of them were not choked up, and if not for Xu Hui, he would have been furious at them.


This was a farce that had nothing to do with me and Fu Shenyin, and I sighed slightly, understanding in my heart seven or eight percent why grandfather was unwilling to acknowledge his aunt.


The Fu family has been in the military for three generations and has a pure and fine family tradition. When Fu Shen Yan’s generation came along, his grandfather did not want his children and grandchildren to continue to walk on the edge of the sword in the future, so he abandoned the military and went into business, and there was the Fu family.


The two of them are obviously not as innocent as we seem to be when it comes to marriage.


It’s not easy for anyone to feel good when they encounter something like this, and the original meal at one end was good, but it made everyone feel bad.


The doctor at the villa was treating Gu Hengyang in the bedroom, and Fu Qingyin was accompanying him.


It was already late in the evening when Gu Hengyang was feeling better and had fallen asleep. Fu Qingyin was relieved and looked at Fu Shenyan with some guilt and remorse, “It was my fault for not thinking carefully and letting you all have a good meal.”


Fu Shen Yan didn’t say anything, he just looked at her, his voice was shallow and thin, “Do you regret it?”


Fu Qingyin smiled bitterly, “It’s been so many years, there’s no talk of regret, life always goes on.”


The first time I saw this, Fu Shenyin stopped talking and pulled me to look at her and said, “We’re going back first!”


The original heart of each of them has a preoccupation, so also did not do much to stay.


When I got into the car, I stared at the scenery outside the window, Fu Shen Yan started the car and said, “What do you want to eat?”


I shook my head, “I’m not very hungry!”