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Never Say Never Chapter 227-228

Chapter 227

“Shen Shu you are talking nonsense, it was clearly you who threatened me not to let me see Brother Shen Yan, and you pushed me if I didn’t agree!” Lu Xinran put on a good show, her eyes tearing up.


I frowned and saw Fu Shen Yan looking at me, frowning slightly every day, “Okay no more drama, Mu Zi’s hospitalization is done.”


He turned back to Qiao Zhuan Yan and spoke, “You go stand guard at the entrance of the emergency room and contact me anytime if there are any problems, this is not the time to argue.”


When he reached my side, he lowered his voice and said, “Shen Shu, this is not over!”


I didn’t say anything, just looked at the pitiful Lu Xinran.


Lu Xinran was lucky to have Fu Shenyan’s incessant love, Qiao Zhongyan’s blatant preference for her, Cheng Junyu’s care, and her powerful parents, such a girl would have lived a good life even without love.


“Thinking about what?” Fu Shen Yan put the paperwork in his hands on the bedside table and looked at me and spoke.


Muzi was still awake, so I found a seat and sat down, speaking lightly, “There’s nothing going on over here, so why don’t you just go about your business?”


He raised his eyebrows, “Where can I go at this hour?”


It was true, Cheng Junyu was still in the emergency room.


After a few hours of yoga, I was a bit sleepy and leaned back in my chair to take a nap when Qiao Zhuan Yan called and said that Cheng Jun Yu had come out of the emergency room.


I had to stay over here and wait for Muzi to wake up.


She hit her head and woke up muddled, asking me, “How is he?”


Knowing she was asking about Cheng Junyu, I spoke, “He’s out of the emergency room, he’s fine!”


She sighed in relief and stared at the ceiling, I paused and asked her, “What’s going on with you guys?”


Looking at me, she sighed, “Just that!”


“Does he know you’re pregnant?”


She shook her head, “No!”


Ugh, there was no way I could ask carefully about these two for a while, and it didn’t look like she was in the mood to talk about it, so I stopped asking.


Jon came in quite quickly and bought some fruit.


When he saw the two of us chatting, he went up to look at Muzi and said with relief, “It looks like a small injury, it’ll heal up, it’s not a problem!”


“Mmm!” Muzi nodded, a little tired.


Jon was gossipy, curious and heavy, and couldn’t help but pull her along and ask, “How did you get into the accident? Who were you with?”


Muzi didn’t want to say, she just spoke lightly, “I was accidentally hit!”


Qiao En said with a blank stare, “Perfunctory!”


Seeing that Muzi didn’t want to talk about it, I changed the subject and said, “What kind of fruit did you buy? It looks pretty good.”


“The fruit I bought in front of the hospital, a hundred and fifty a basket.” After that he found a seat and sat down.


There was nothing to say, so I had to be silent, Muzi had something on his mind, Qiao En was playing with his phone, and I could only fret.


I was about to fall asleep when Fu Shenyin came in. Jon had seen him before, and before I could say anything, he jumped up and said excitedly, “Fu Shenyin!”


I was speechless, afraid he was talking nonsense.


I got up and walked over to Fu Shen Yan and said, “How is Dr. Cheng?”


“He’s already in the ward, his life is not in danger for now.” Saying that, Fu Shen Yan’s gaze fell on Qiao En, his black eyes sank, somewhat cold.


Qiao En was not stupid and sensed Fu Shen Yan’s hostility.


Chapter 228

Even B*tchy, “Don’t look at me like that, your wife and I are innocent, don’t get any ideas.”


I held my forehead, a little speechless.


Fu Shen Yan withdrew his gaze and looked at Mu Zi, seeing that she was awake, he spoke, “You spend the next two days in the hospital to get better.”


He was a cold and arrogant man, not usually willing to talk much to others, let alone greet them, except for his family and friends, so obviously he was placating Muzi.


Muzi raised an eyebrow and spat out a faint word, “Good!”


I smiled as Jon stared at Fu Shen Yan with a gossipy look on his face.


“You come back with me, I’ll arrange for someone to come and take care of her over here, and come back to see her when you’re well rested!” Fu Shen Yan spoke, and with that he picked up the bag I had placed on the chair.


I originally wanted to say that I would stay and take care of Muzi, but Muzi preempted me, “You go back and rest well, there are doctors and nurses here, I’m not a big deal, you’re carrying a belly, it’s not convenient for you to be here!”


After thinking about it, I nodded, “Okay, then I’ll come and see you tomorrow!”


After leaving the ward with Fu Shenyan, Qiao En followed him out, chattering in pieces as he followed Fu Shenyan, “Mr. Fu, I think we need to talk sometime!”


“Talk about what?” Fu Shen Yan spoke, his face light.


“Of course it’s your wife!” Qiao En, the douchebag, said while still sizing up Fu Shen Yan.


Standing at the entrance of the lift, I interrupted him and said, “Jon, have you had dinner yet?”


He shook his head, “No, want to eat together!”


“No!” I hastily said, “I have something to do with Shen Yan tonight, so I won’t eat with you, you can fix your own dinner!”


Jon was not happy, “No, you called me all the way from America, and this is how you treat me!”


I had a bit of a headache and looked at him with some weariness, “I’m a bit tired today, look at me with such a big belly and tossing around with you again, I’m worried he’ll come out early!”


He opened his mouth and turned his gaze towards Fu Shen Yan, saying, “It’s fine for you to go back and rest if you’re tired, I’ll talk to your husband.”


“Talk about what?” Fu Shen Yan looked at him, his eyes a little deeper.


Jon skimmed his lips, looked at me and said, “Fu Shen Yan, your wife is sick, do you know that?”


I froze, why couldn’t this one put a little thing in his mouth?


See Fu Shen Yan narrowed his eyes, his eyes sunk, “Well, I know!”


I ????


Jon froze and paused, “You know you still don’t want to find a way to cure her!”


“I’ll think of something!”


Why was it that the more I listened to the conversation between these two, the more out of place it sounded?


The lift door opened and I went straight into the lift, not really wanting to listen to the conversation between these two, it was not even on the same key.


“Fu Shen Yan, I think you need to take time to take him on a trip to M, get a doctor to look at her properly!” Qiao En said with a serious face.


Fu Shen Yan looked at him, “You came back just for her illness?”


Qiao En nodded, “What else would I have come back for? A few dozen hours of flying, am I full?”


“Let’s talk some other time! Let’s go back first, I’m a bit tired!” Fu Shenyan knew the same illness from his mouth as I thought?


Jon originally wanted to say more, but his phone rang, the signal in the lift wasn’t very good, he picked up the phone and spoke several times in a row hello before there was a voice on the other end of the line.


Not knowing what was said, he smiled with a cheerful face and replied repeatedly; “Fine, I’ll be right over!”