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Never Say Never Chapter 225-226

Chapter 225

The restaurant!


After the four of us finished eating, Chen Xing had to leave beforehand, and Muzi got a phone call, and seeing as how he didn’t look too good, he also left.


Left with me and Jon, he narrowed his eyes and spoke, “Let’s go to the cafe and talk?”


I nodded and changed places.


I’m not very good at talking about things like S*xual indifference.


I struggled to say it, but Jon, who was usually unorthodox but very serious about his work, looked at me and said, “It’s a psychological disorder! It’s not a physical cause, it needs to be adjusted by both you and Fu Shenyan.”


I wrinkled my brows, “I don’t want him to know about this!”


“What are you afraid of? You’re the victim, what are you so worried about? Fu Shen Yan has the right to know.” His voice was a little high, and after a pause he added, “You’re an emotional junkie, and you don’t want to do it with him because you feel in your heart that there was something between Fu Shen Yan and his mistress.”


I was a little embarra*sed, but I spoke up anyway, “But it wasn’t …… before.”


“That’s because, in your heart, you implied to yourself that he wouldn’t have a relationship with anyone else, even if you were nice to her, you believed that Fu Shen Yan wouldn’t touch it, but after you heard those voices, you became completely sure that he did, and to be frank, your emotional purity wouldn’t allow him to do that, so you didn’t react to him.”


“If one day I don’t love him anymore, will this disease be cured?” To put it bluntly, this disease is also due to Fu Shen Yan.


He raised his eyebrows, “It’s not easy to say, you can try with other men and see if you react to other men.”


He gave him a blank look, “When are you going back to M?”


“In a couple of days! I’ll stay and observe your condition to see how long you have left to live and I can prepare!”


Not bothering with him, I finished my gla*s of juice and said, “Make your own dinner, I’ve got something to do later, I’ve got to go!”


He bristled, his face unhappy, “I said I came all the way here, and you all have something to do, can’t you take me around the city?”


“You know the city well, I’ll lend you my car if you want to go anywhere, I really have something to do.” I handed him the car keys and went out of the cafe and took a taxi to the yoga studio.


I’m usually really lazy and rarely exercise, after half an hour of practice, I was so tired that when I sat down to rest, I saw my phone kept thinking.


It was a strange call, I didn’t answer it and simply went on to finish the rest of the exercises.


When Fu Shen Yan called, I had just come out of the yoga studio and had just taken a shower and changed my clothes. When I picked up the phone, he said seriously, “Come to the city hospital, something has happened to Muzi and Jun Yu!”


My heart thumped, and I rushed over without asking any more questions.


I saw Fu Shen Yan and Qiao Zhuan Yan at the entrance of the emergency room, and I was so sore that I almost fell to my knees.


Fu Shen Yan was quick and pulled me back, “It’s okay, Muzi just hurt her head, she’s in the dressing room, she’ll be out in a minute!”


I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and looked towards the emergency room and after a pause said, “Is Dr. Cheng badly hurt?”


“Thanks to your sisters, Jun Yu’s life or death is unknown, it’s true that people are divided by their own kind, you’re all quite capable of wreaking havoc on people.”


This is a statement that no one else but Qiao Zhongyan could have made.


It’s not the first day I’ve heard these words from him, so I simply ignored them and looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “What exactly is going on?”


I was sitting on a chair in the corridor and Fu Shen Yan calmed me down, “Mu Zi and Jun Yu were arguing in the car, and when they crossed the red light they collided with a lorry, Mu Zi hurt her head, Jun Yu is still in the resuscitation room, I don’t know what the situation is.”


Chapter 226

I froze, “Were the others hurt?”


“The truck driver died on the spot ……!” Fu Shen Yan frowned a little deeper, “This matter I have let Chen Yi to solve, you do not worry!”


I sat on the chair, my hands were shaking a bit, Qiao Zhuan Yan looked at me with contempt and said, “This is afraid? That’s all you have, Shen Shu!”


“Zhuan Yan, that’s enough!” Fu Shen Yan spoke up, his voice tinged with displeasure.


Qiao Zhongyan shut his mouth and gave me a fierce glare.


Lu Xinran came running on her high heels, panting and looking very anxious, “I just found out the situation, what’s the situation with Jun Yu?”


Qiao Zhuan Yan soothed her as he smoothed her breath.


Seeing me sitting with Fu Shen Yan, she froze, then quietly stood aside without speaking up.


It didn’t take long for Muzi to be pushed out of the dressing room and the doctor told to go and check in, so Fu Shenyan went on his own as he didn’t want me to run.


I followed the doctor into the ward, because of the anesthesia, it took half an hour to wake up, I called Qiao En and then stood guard in the ward.


Lu Xinran was clutching her hand and clinging to the doorway, looking at me with a sombre gaze, “You and Shen Yan seem to be doing quite well!”


Looking at her, I didn’t really want to talk to her and said lightly, “Thank you Miss Lu for your concern for our relationship as a couple, we will get better and better and live up to your expectations.”


“You ……” she turned furious, “Shen Shu, Shen Yan’s brother is mine, don’t think you can keep him with a child, if I tried to steal him away, you wouldn’t even have a chance to fight back! ”


I nodded, not doubting her words at all, I just said lightly, “I believe in Miss Lu’s strength, but you shouldn’t have come to talk to me, you should have talked to Shen Yan, no matter what, the decision is his!”


“If Fu Shen Yan wanted to be with Miss Lu, even if I had tens of thousands of skills, there would be no way to keep him, after all, his heart is not with me, this is something that I believe Miss Lu knows well.”


She was not stupid, how could she not hear the meaning of these words.


Seeing that she looked very bad, I kept my mouth shut, but the kid was difficult to deal with, and how could she just walk away after suffering a loss in the mouth.


She entered the ward and looked at me with narrowed eyes, “Shen Shu, if I can’t move you, can’t I also move you, my good sister?”


I was so shocked that I instinctively got up and pushed her away, but I was so anxious and worried that I didn’t use the right amount of force.


I pushed her straight to the ground and she hit the corner of the wall.


She was in pain and sat down on the floor and said, “Shen Shu, you’ve gone too far. Don’t think that because you’re pregnant, I don’t dare to touch you!”


Before I could say anything, Fu Shen Yan came in, followed by Qiao Zhuan Yan. Seeing his beloved hurt, Qiao Zhuan Yan walked towards me and said fiercely, “Did you push her?”


I nodded my head and looked at Lu Xinran on the ground, “Yes!”


“Shen Shu, do you want to F**king die?” With that, he was ready to raise his hand and hit me.


But he was stopped by Fu Shen Yan, “Zhuan Yan, stop when appropriate!” His voice was low, and he could not hear his sadness or happiness.


“Heh!” Qiao Zhuan Yan laughed coldly, “Third brother can protect her, but I can’t protect Xin Ran? They were both born and raised by their father and mother, why should she be able to hurt others and others can’t have a temper?”


I twisted my eyebrows and looked at him, “Mr. Qiao, this is too much, if you want to do justice to protect your beloved one, don’t you need to understand the situation first? Miss Lu hurt someone in the first place, I was only defending myself.”