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Never Say Never Chapter 213-214

Chapter 213

At a time like this, I didn’t feel the need to get involved, so I hesitated and prepared to go back to the bedroom.


I don’t want Fu Shen Yan to open his mouth, “Wash up, come down and have something to eat!”


I looked downstairs, and Fu Shen Yan was looking at me with a shallow gaze, and Lu Xin Ran was running with aggression, her eyes were red and swollen, and she was also looking at me reluctantly.


With a silent sigh, I went downstairs and tried to lower my presence into the restaurant.


A voice came from outside the hall, one that Lu Xinran intended me to hear, “Shen Shu is just an orphan, with nothing to lose and nothing to gain, and she won’t be able to help you much in the future when Fu’s is growing? But I can, I have my mother and the Mo family behind me, all these resources will be able to run Fu’s better in the future.”


This is indeed true, none of us are the masters of the world, even if we are good again, at a certain point, it is the resources and connections behind us that we rely on.


Ivana Lin and Mo Zhi Zhan were a good choice.


The porridge was a little sweet and I lost some of my appetite, pestling my chin to listen to Fu Shen Yan’s voice, “Xinran, if I could give up my wife and children for what’s behind you, I would also give you up later because I met someone of a higher cla*s than you.”


“I don’t care!” Lu Xinran choked, “I love you, in the future if you meet someone better and you want to go, I am willing to let you pursue something better.”


Fu Shen Yan seemed a little warm and angry, “But I care, I will only marry one person in my life, and it can only be Shen Shu!”


“But you don’t love her!” Lu Xinran hissed, “A marriage without love can’t go on at all, in the future you and your children will be tortured because of the lack of love.”


Fu Shen Yan’s voice was a little cold, “Xinran, this is my marriage, it’s between me and Shen Shu, you don’t need or have to get involved, I used to take care of you because I thought your brother entrusted you to me and needed you to be able to live well, now you have parents around you who love you, you can live well, I have my family, I have people I need to take care of. ”


There was a pause in his voice and he continued, “I need you to be able to control your actions and words and not hurt my family, if you can’t do that then I hope that there is no need for us to ever see each other again.”


“No need to see each other?” Lu Xinran whispered, her voice hoarse and choked, somewhat incredulous, “Brother Shen Yan, you’re in love with her?”


I was a little surprised, and even more surprised that Fu Shen Yan would say such a thing.


But what was even more surprising was Fu Shen Yan’s words afterwards, “Yes!”


He’s in love with me?


Lu Xinran’s voice was a little sharp, “Impossible, you are not in love with her at all, it’s duty, it’s because she kept you for two years, gave you her body and got pregnant, these are guilt, duty, not love at all!”


Fu Shen Yan was not an eloquent person, seeing her frantic, he just said indifferently, “Xin Ran stop it, go back with Zhuan Yan!”


Probably because he was worried that Lu Xinran was making noise, Fu Shenyan let Lu Xinran leave in a quiet voice, and it didn’t take long for Qiao Zhuan Yan to arrive.


Lu Xinran was so agitated that Qiao Zhuan Yan half pulled and half carried her out of the villa.


When Fu Shen Yan came into the dining room, I had almost finished eating. He pinched his brow and looked at me with a little weariness, “Is your breakfast satisfactory?”


I nodded, “Didn’t get a good night’s rest?”


Chapter 214

He smiled lightly and pulled me into his arms, resting his chin on my shoulder a little wearily, “Do you have any plans for this afternoon?”


I thought about it and said, “I might have to go out, Muzi has been back for a few days, I haven’t had time to spend with her, I want to go over and see her today!”


Qiao En had come to Jiangcheng and arrived this afternoon, I didn’t talk to Fu Shen Yan because there was no need to, my illness wasn’t fatal yet, I couldn’t die.


“Mmm!” He answered, looking a little disgruntled, “Looks like I’m going to be alone.”


I lowered my eyes, took his hand of my own accord and looked at him, “Fu Shen Yan, what you said to Lu Xin Ran just now, was it all true?”


I could clearly see my reflection in his pupils, and he said, “When did I ever say anything that wasn’t true?”


“Good, then let’s live our lives together!” Love and unlove are not that important in a marriage, and are really small compared to responsibility.


I’m not sure about Fu Shen Yan’s feelings for me, but I’m sure about his responsibilities to me and my children, and I’m sure he won’t give them up easily.


That’s enough!


After sitting with him in the hall for a while, I went out, my belly was big but it didn’t affect the drive.


Jon was arriving at 3pm, driving from the villa to the airport, just in time!


When I looked at the man prominently displayed at the exit gate, I couldn’t help but stare. I hadn’t seen him for a few years, but the boy who used to be about 5’7″ was a whole lot taller all of a sudden.


A stylish and handsome boy in his twenties, the weather was overheating and he was wearing knee-length grey shorts with a new blue plaid shirt from this year’s fashion week, sungla*ses on the bridge of his high nose and his hair, not too long but not too short, was stylish.


“Hello, baby! Finally, I see you.” Before I could react, the man was crushed by his big 6’8″ frame.


“Long time no see, how come you’ve grown taller?” Separating myself from him, I looked at him as he opened his mouth and couldn’t help but sigh in my heart, age is a killing knife, the old Jon I influenced wasn’t this handsome!


Now look can be compared with the popular male stars handsome, out of the color too much.


He looked up and pinched my face, showing his teeth and grinning, “You don’t understand this, I’m an acquired development, suddenly growing taller, maybe I’ll still grow!”


Looking at his big head, I couldn’t help but grimace, “You’re still growing taller, you’re probably going to the sky!”


When we got into the car, he looked around and said, “Why didn’t that girl Muzi come to pick me up? Is she looking for a man too?”


I laughed and said, “I’ll see you at the restaurant later! She’s gone ahead and booked a table.”


Fastening his seat belt, he looked at me and said, “Just make a phone call.” After a pause, his eyes fell on my stomach and the corners of his eyes twitched, “Why don’t I drive?”


I raised an eyebrow, “Do you know the way?”


He shook his head, “No!”


“That’s fine!” Starting the car, I said, “I booked a hotel for you, a four-star one, have a good time in Jiangcheng for a few days.”


He looked at me with displeasure and said, “I’m not staying in a hotel! Aren’t you married? I heard from Muzi that your husband is the CEO of a listed company, so he should be very rich, and your family should have a big villa of 500 square meters at least!”


I looked at him with a gossipy look on my face, and I smiled at him, “You know my husband, you even wrote an article criticizing the young master of the rich family yourself back then.”


He froze, “That ancestor of the Fu family, Fu Shenyan?”


I nodded with a smile on my lips, back when I was at university, Fu Shen Yan had just taken over the Fu family, he was only twenty-eight years old at that time, this manager was too young for the huge Fu family.