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Never Say Never Chapter 203-204

Chapter 203

It has been a long time since I came to the office, so I met some acquaintances in the stairwell and said hello.


I just came out of the stairs and saw Lu Ke in a long, slim dress, long hair draped over her shoulders, S*xy and provocative, young is good no matter how you dress up, you are beautiful.


It looked like she was preparing to deliver documents, and when she saw me, she smiled politely, “Hello Miss Shen, are you here to see Mr. Fu?”


I nodded, “It’s too hot for me to bring some fruit over.”


She was in a hurry to get into the lift and didn’t say much when Liu Yue, the head of the finance department who was following me, opened her mouth, “Doesn’t Mrs. Fu find it scary to have such a woman following her husband around?”


Liu Yue is in her forties and is considered a senior white-collar worker at Fu’s, with a high annual salary and a well-maintained husband who is a developer, so she is also a rich wife.


I lost my smile, looking at the closed lift door, and spoke lightly, “What’s so terrible about it, she’s only in her twenties, her future is promising, her family is good looking, she’s not going to ruin her future for a married man.”


Liu Yue disdained, “It’s the women who don’t want money that are scary, the ones who want money can still be sent off with money, it’s the ones who don’t want anything that are difficult to deal with.”


The fact that Lu Ke is in love with Fu Shenyan is obvious to everyone, and it is common for a man like Fu Shenyan to have people admiring him, which is not my business.


I didn’t say much to Liu Yue, I smiled lightly and said, “I won’t disturb your work.”


Fu Shenyan was in a meeting and there was no one on the top floor, so I went straight to Cheng Junyu’s office, who was always free in the company.


After knocking on the door several times and seeing no movement, I thought he wasn’t there.


I was just about to leave when the door opened.


When I saw his face was full of disheveled and haggard, his white shirt was a bit yellowed, and his chin was sprouting a beard, I couldn’t help but stare and stagger into his office.


Looking at the piles of papers, I couldn’t help but say, “What’s gotten into you? What’s the matter with you? You’ve made yourself look so haggard, why is your office like this too?”


He was a doctor with a slight cleanliness problem.


“Researching something!” I replied, and he sat back down in his seat and began to bury his head in his experiments.


Not quite understanding his research, I placed the washed fruit in front of him and spoke, “This is the fruit that Muzi sent in the mail, would you like to not eat some before you research your stuff?”


He froze slightly, his eyes fell on the fruit, his brows knitted as he looked at me, “Why did she suddenly leave Jiangcheng?”


Seeing him like this, I couldn’t help but be sure of what was on my mind and looked at him, “You and Muzi, did something happen?”


“No!” Throwing two words at me, he dropped a few plums into his mouth before looking back down and continuing with his research.


I don’t think he’d been told about Muzi’s pregnancy.


Dwelling on it for a moment, I spoke, “Dr. Cheng ……”


No sooner had I said the words than he snapped his head up to look at me, his gaze falling on my stomach as he spoke, “How are you feeling lately?”


Knowing he was asking about the fetus, I nodded, “Pretty good!”


“Yeah!” He took some medicine out of the drawer and handed it to me, “Take it once a day, keep your diet regular and eat small meals.”


He then went on with a look of reluctance to say more and continued to keep his head down and tinker with his experiment.


I had no choice but to stop!


When I couldn’t find anything to talk about, I didn’t stay long, so I left his office and went to Fu Shen Yan’s office.


Seeing that he was busy, Lu Ke poured him a cup of coffee and put it by his hand, then sorted the waste paper on his desk and threw it into the trash.


Chapter 204

The picture and the harmony!


A woman who doesn’t want anything is scary!


My brain suddenly remembered this statement, I could not help but frown, Lu Xinran and Lu Ke are two completely different kinds of women.


If one day the object of Fu Shen Yan’s heart is Lu Ke ……


I think too much, I feel my brain hurts a bit, pinch the brow into the office, directly walk to Fu Shen Yan side.


When I saw me, Lu Ke only smiled faintly and then went out.


Fu Shen Yan put down the movement in his hands, pulled me to do beside him and spoke, “Where did you go just now?”


“To see Dr. Cheng!” Fu Shen Yan’s office was large and just around the corner outside was Lu Ke’s office area, Lu Ke only needed to look up to see Fu Shen Yan at work.


The location was well found.


“Thinking about what?” His hand was tugged.


I withdrew my gaze and looked at the files on his computer, leaning slightly on his heart and said, “I’m brainstorming a plot of a fox secretary and a domineering wolf gentleman.”


He lost his smile, “How’s the thinking going?”


I raised my hand, my fingertips landing on the office area outside his office and raised an eyebrow at him, “Fox secretary, see?”


The smile on his lips thickened, “So I’m Mr. Bossy Wolf?”


I nodded and sat up from him, walking over to the sofa and sitting down, speaking, “A handsome and affectionate man, and a beautiful and young man, a man and a woman, so to speak.”


Chen Yi finished his delivery and knocked a few times at the door, Fu Shen Yan’s smile was still on his face as he spoke lightly, “Come in!”


“Mr. Fu, Huayao’s recent information, it seems that they and A’s Anda Technology Company have drawn up an acquisition agreement, which will be signed about next week!” Chen Yi placed the document in his hand in front of Fu Shen Yan and opened his mouth to report his work.


Fu Shen Yan nodded and looked at Chen Yi with a very strange gaze, Chen Yi froze, a little unsure, and spoke, “Mr. Fu, what’s the matter?”


“Did you design that position?” Fu Shen Yan spoke, his dark gaze looking towards the office area outside his office.


Chen Yi followed the look and froze, puzzled, “Mr. Fu is not satisfied with Lu Ke’s position?”


Fu Shenyin raised his eyebrows without saying anything.


I was originally watching the show from the sidelines, and when I saw Chen Yi looking at me, I couldn’t help but shrug my shoulders, “It’s none of my business!”


Fu Shen Yan smiled and said, “You can take over Lu Ke’s job! Arrange for her to go over to Zhuan Yan’s side, and don’t arrange for any female secretaries to come in over here.”


“But ……” Chen Yi wanted to say something else.


He was interrupted by Fu Shen Yan, “You can book a restaurant later, closer to the company.”


Obviously Fu Shen Yan did not want him to say more, Chen Yi has been with Fu Shen Yan for so long, naturally he knows, after a pause, nodded and left.


Seeing Chen Yi leave, Fu Shen Yan looked at me and raised his eyebrows, “Is there any more storyline you want to tell me about?”


I leaned back on the sofa, a little bored, “Without the fox secretary, I’ll think about the soft princess then!”


He held his forehead, a little speechless, gathered the papers on his desk and walked towards me, “Xinran has gone to the capital.”


I nodded my head, “I know!”




Late afternoon.


It was the height of summer in Jiangcheng, like a big furnace, so hot that people were on edge, the streets were basically empty, and there were no fewer people in the restaurant.


The streets were largely deserted, and the restaurant was not crowded. Fu Shen Yan ordered his food and looked at me like I was frosted, so he frowned, “Not feeling well?”


I nodded my head, “It’s hot!”


Half squinting at him, I cracked a smile and said, “Fu Shen Yan, the weather is so hot, I can actually eat something cold, right?”