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Winner Takes All Chapter 381-382

Chapter 381

The river breeze is slightly cool.

On the water, the lights are dim.

The person, in a long black thin windbreaker, stood quietly in front of the parapet, her fair and upright side face, under the few wisps of green silk that flew, was a little more poignant.

“Young master, young lady, what’s wrong?”

Kunlun noticed the abnormality and quickly stepped forward to ask.

“Go home.”

Chen Dong suddenly said, his originally pleasant expression now turning sullen and even revealing a bit of disgust.

Go home?

This had only just arrived.

Kunlun was surprised and hurriedly followed Chen Dong’s gaze.

At this glance, realization dawned on him.

Without a word, he turned around with Chen Dong to leave.

However, a jade hand gently grabbed Chen Dong’s arm.

“After all these years, don’t you want to say hello?” Gu Qingying said.

“How can I have the heart to say hello to her.” Chen Dong’s disgust was undisguised.

Three years of marriage and all the pain in the world.

When his mother was seriously ill in bed, he was able to take life-saving money to his mother’s family, just to buy a house for his brother to get married.

Even, after the divorce, but also time and again to make strange secret trips.

If you don’t love, please let go.

But when it came to her, it became if you don’t love, please feel free to hurt.

Even, at the beginning, if it was not for Gu Qingying he had full trust, he and Gu Qingying would have been torn apart and would not have made it to today.

Seeing Gu Qingying hesitate.

Chen Dong gritted his teeth and said, “Do you still think that Wang Nan Nan has harmed us both and not harmed us enough?”

Gu Qingying hesitated, stopped arguing and left with Chen Dong.

By the time the three got off and left in the car.

The silhouette that stood in front of the guardrail finally moved.

Her fair jade hand flicked, stroking the green silk in front of her forehead behind her ear, and smiled sadly: “The past is finally over, it’s time for me to let go, it’s time to welcome the future.”

Wang Nan Nan slowly turned her head and prepared to leave.

She was still as beautiful as before, only that nowadays, apart from her beauty, her temperament was a little more mature and serene.

It is as if she is the kind of water that returns to a waveless surface after a monstrous wave.

There is no longer the arrogance and pettiness of the past.

Only, when Wang Nan Nan looked up, she happened to see the Rolls Royce driving away.

She couldn’t help but look stunned.

That car, something was familiar.

Looking at Jiang An in front and behind her, Wang Nan Nan’s calm expression lifted a few ripples and her eyes flashed: “Just now, did it come?”

With a bitter smile, she wrapped the black trench coat around her body and walked straight in the other direction.

As she walked down the riverbank, there was a Range Rover waiting by the roadside.

When she got into the car, the driver who was driving turned around and said respectfully, “Miss Wang, Brother Lingdong just called, saying that there was a change in his schedule and tonight’s dinner party has been cancelled.”

“Well, let’s go to his house.” Wang Nan Nan said calmly.

“What?” The driver was stunned.

“Go to his house.” Wang Nan Nan said.

The driver’s face changed drastically, and he had the feeling that it was like a dream.

His voice trembled a little in excitement, “Wang, Miss Wang, you, you promised our Brother Lingdong?”

“Mm.” Wang Nan Nan nodded her head.

“Brother Lingdong will be overjoyed when he finds out, I’ll call him right now to report the good news!”

The driver started the car as he dialed Lin Lingdong’s number.

Wang Nan Nan sat lazily in the back seat, looking out of the window at the rapidly receding night scene and smiled gently, “After leaving this city, one has to find a harbour to belong to, he is indeed quite good, at least he knows to respect me.”

After all that she had gone through, she was now washed up.

The so-called dream of a rich family is nothing but a delusion.

In the end, she was not respected, she was just a plaything, and when she was done, she threw it away.

After leaving the city, she spent a lot of effort to finally “reborn” herself.

When she met Lin Lingdong, she was able to see a different life.

Although she was not rich and powerful, she had money, and most importantly, she was treated with the utmost respect.

She was aware of Lin Lingdong’s status and background, so she knew even more about this respect, how rare and valuable it was.

An existence like that, a woman who took a fancy to a woman, could be in bed that night.

Lin Lingdong, on the other hand, had shown great tolerance towards her, making her even feel that Lin Lingdong was not the existence he was rumoured to be.

Tonight, she came back here to say goodbye to the past and to welcome the future.

One has to look ahead, right?

Lin Lingdong was frustrated, more frustrated than ever.

Lying in his own bed in his villa at Lingdong Villa, he was tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

He wanted to make friends with Chen Dong. If he could make friends with a man like that, he would be of great use.

He had thought that the land concession was an excellent brick in the wall, which is why he had invited Chen Dong to a banquet shortly afterwards.

As for the scandal and ridicule he suffered in Lingdong because of the land concession, he did not care at all.

When a lord acted, he never cared about the gains and losses of a single cent.

It was his duty to make a full plate of calculations, and those who ridiculed him were nothing more than mediocre people.

However, Lin Lingdong never expected that.

His own invitation had sunk into the sea, but there was no news.

There was a real dragon coiled up in the city next door.

He had even met this true dragon.

Now he could not get closer, which made Lin Lingdong, who had always done nothing wrong, feel frustrated, and his mind was not at peace.

His mobile phone rang.

Lin Lingdong picked up the phone in an irritable manner.

When the voice on the other end of the line spoke for a few seconds.

Lin Lingdong sat up with a pang, his face full of joy, “Really?”

There was another second of pause.

Lin Lingdong’s breathing became a little shortness, and he couldn’t stop a big smile from appearing on his face.

“Quick, give the phone to Nan, I want to hear it from her myself!” Lin Lingdong said excitedly.

Soon, on the phone, Wang Nan Nan’s voice rang out.

“You don’t want to?”

“Willingly! I am willing! I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time!”

Lin Lingdong’s voice was trembling a little as he said with excitement and ecstasy, “Go home, from now on, this is your home, you are my Lin Lingdong’s most beloved person, I will give you everything I have, as long as you are happy!”

“Thank you.”

Over the phone, Wang Nan Nan faintly cried.

Lin Lingdong was frozen: “Nan Nan, what’s wrong with you? Why are you crying all of a sudden?”

“Nothing, thank you Lingdong.”

With a crying voice, Wang Nan Nan hung up the phone.

Lin Lingdong was stagnant for a moment.

Could it be that Nan Nan was also overjoyed?

Yes, it must be!

After Lin Lingdong figured it out, he hurriedly ordered the villa maids to clean the room and to replace all the mattresses in his bedroom with new ones.

But after hesitating for a while, Lin Lingdong eventually asked the maids to clean up another bedroom.

This was a sign of respect for Wang Nan Nan, and he would not impose on others, especially on his beloved, unless the other party volunteered.

However, Lin Lingdong did not know that Wang Nan Nan’s last words, “Thank you”, had a deeper meaning.

It was the gratitude of a man who, after a complete breakdown and the destruction of his three views, had redeemed himself and found a harbor again ……


Chapter 382

Chen Dong had never expected that Wang Nan Nan, who had left, would actually return.

This also made him sulk all the time when he returned to the Four Seals Clubhouse, with a strong flicker of depression in his eyes.

Seeing Chen Dong’s appearance, Gu Qingying was a little distressed.

She couldn’t help but gently console him, “It’s all in the past, isn’t it? Now I’m with you, and there’s still our baby in my belly.”

“It can’t pa*s.”

Chen Dong shook his head, “All I can do is just not to target them for revenge, but for me to let go, I can’t do it.”

The way Wang Nan Nan’s family had eaten was still fresh in their minds.

Chen Dong was not a vindictive person, but neither was he an honest gentleman who could shout “Hallelujah” and let go of everything.

The desperation of his mother as she lay in bed, the arrogance and brutality of the Wang family.

His mother’s life, in the eyes of the Wang family, was no match for Wang Hao’s wedding.

Even when times had changed and he and Gu Qingying were on the verge of consummating their marriage, the Wang family not only asked for a large sum of money, but ended up with a backstabbing.

If it wasn’t for Gu Qingying’s trust, if Wang Nan Nan hadn’t shown up in the end to explain, then he and Gu Qingying would really have been completely ruined.

How can one let go of a word of hatred?

“Alright, wife hug.”

Gu Qingying hugged Chen Dong and patted his back while saying, “Maybe it was just an accident and she just came back to have a look and then left?”

“That would be best.” Chen Dong said.

Gu Qingying had a complicated look on her face and stopped talking.

How could she ever want to see Wang Nan Nan?

After waiting for three years, she had finally gotten together with Chen Dong and was pregnant with a baby.

Anyone else would never want to see Wang Nan Nan at this time.

But considering Chen Dong, she finally pushed this resentment down.

However, now Chen Dong’s reaction had put her mind at ease.

This was not called selfishness, but every woman’s defence of her own happiness.

Back at the Four Seals Clubhouse.

Chen Dong then went into his room with Gu Qingying to rest.

When Elder Long saw the two of them looking ugly, he pulled Kunlun into the courtyard to ask questions.

Kun Lun stammered and finally told the truth.

At these words, Elder Long’s face changed.

In the end, he said in a deep voice, “Go and investigate, and if Wang Nan Nan wants to settle down, just shoo him away.”

“Will this be too much?” Kunlun was a little taken aback.

“Too much? Karma, how can you say it’s too much?”

Elder Long smiled coldly, “The young madam has just become pregnant, and if such a loose end as Wang Nan Nan is born at this time, then it will be a thorn in the middle of the young master and young madam, and I, as a servant, have to help the young master and young madam remove this thorn.”

“Understood, Elder Long.” Kunlun answered.

The latter days.

It was as if Chen Dong had returned to normal and devoted himself to his work every day.

After work, he returned to the small bamboo forest courtyard early to accompany Gu Qingying.

Just like he had promised Gu Qingying, he took as much time as possible to be with her.

This was the responsibility of being a husband, to his wife, and also to his children.

The results of Kunlun’s investigation put Elder Long’s mind at ease.

Wang Nan Nan had not stayed in the city and had left.

In other words, the encounter on the river bank that night might really have been just a coincidence, a thorn that came and went as quickly as it came.

That morning, Chen Dong was sorting out the development plan for the property that Xiao Ma had sent up.

Knock, knock.

A knock sounded at the door.

Lone Wolf walked in and placed an invitation letter in front of Chen Dong.

“Mr. Chen, Lin Lingdong has sent another invitation.”

“Throw it away.”

Chen Dong did not even raise his head.

Lone Wolf was stunned, “This, this is a bit bad, isn’t it?”

Chen Dong smiled, “Meeting with Lin Lingdong is only because Zhou Yanqiu has encountered obstacles in getting land in his hands, now that the land has been obtained and Zhou Yanqiu and our Dingtai cooperative development is already moving forward, there is no point in dealing with Lin Lingdong again, besides ……”

After a pause, Chen Dong said meaningfully, “Lin Lingdong is not as clean as Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong.”

Seeing no light?

Lone Wolf instantly woke up.

Once upon a time, when he had fought in Zhou Yanqiu’s underground boxing ring, he had been unable to see the light of day.

He knew better than anyone the importance of being able to see the light of day.

In this city, whether it was Zhou Yanqiu or Zhou Zunlong.

But they were smart enough to know how to hide behind the scenes and keep themselves clean while they were tainted.

But what about Lin Lingdong?

He is known as the king of the underground in Lingdong.

If something happens to such a person, not just one or two people will be involved, and the impact will be a tsunami of collapse.

The word “Underground King” alone would not be seen in the light of day.

“Understood.” Lone Wolf casually threw the invitation into the trash.

Night was falling.

Chen Dong had returned to the Four Seals Clubhouse early.

But on the other side.

Inside the Ling Dong Villa.

In the large banquet hall, Lin Lingdong was sitting alone.

His hands were propped up on the table with his elbows, his palms crossed and folded against his lips, his gaze flickering with some anxiety.


Wu Junhao walked in and said somewhat helplessly, “It’s getting late, he shouldn’t be coming.”

“Keep sending out invitations tomorrow.” Lin Lingdong said.

“Boss, what’s your situation here?”

Wu Junhao was Lin Lingdong’s favoured henchman, and his words were naturally less fearful and more intimate: “That Chen Dong is brutal and overbearing, in order to grab the land, and that night he even made you lose face in front of so many people, this kind of person, why do you keep trying to befriend him?”

“That guy is indeed a big shot, but you’re inviting yourself again and again, this is lowering your status, the whole of Lingdong is laughing at you these days.”

“Laughing at me for what?” Lin Lingdong asked with a raised eyebrow.

Feeling Lin Lingdong’s gaze, Wu Junhao’s back went cold.

After hesitating for a while, he still gritted his teeth and said, “They all said how you were such a wimp when you faced Chen Dong that night, saying that your underground king’s ability was only to bully Lingdong people, and that in front of Chen Dong, you were an underground dog.”

This ridicule could not be described as poisonous.

Even after Wu Junhao had said these words, he was still heartily watching the change in Lin Lingdong’s expression.

When he saw the corners of Lin Lingdong’s eyes twitching and narrowing, Wu Junhao’s scalp instantly tingled and his sweat hair stood on end.

Brother Lingdong, was he really about to get furious?



Lin Lingdong, however, suddenly snorted, let go of his hands and got up and shrugged, “Let that group of people talk, they can say anything about me, but Chen Sheng, must please.”


Wu Junhao was completely confused, looking at Lin Lingdong in front of him, he suddenly felt a little strange.

“Big brother, this is not your style, you ……”


Lin Lingdong slapped his palm on the table, scaring Wu Junhao into stopping his words.

Lin Lingdong’s handsome and gentle face was abruptly covered with a layer of cold frost.

This moment was as stern as a sword.

He said coldly, “Since when do I let you dictate what I should do? If I can’t invite Chen Dong once, I will invite him twice, if I can’t invite him twice, I will invite him three times, if I can’t invite him twice, I will invite him again and again, ten times and a hundred times, I will always be able to invite him!”

He said.

He snapped his palm, overturned several plates of dishes in front of him to the ground, turned around and left.

“Wu Junhao, you are the same as those rat-eyed people in Lingdong, you are all fools with eyes that don’t know the mountains!”