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Never Say Never Chapter 197-198

Chapter 197

Chen Xing blushed badly and said very matter-of-factly, “Not really, but it’s just because the person I like is pregnant.”




I couldn’t help but stare at him, was this guy planning to play with fire?


He misplaced my gaze and looked at Fu Shen Yan with an unconventional expression.


Fu Shen Yan was elegant and spoke lightly, “Unfortunately, this pregnant woman has already married a woman and become a mother, so you don’t have a chance.”


“She just married the wrong person when she was young and ignorant, it’s only a matter of time before she remarries!”


I got bored and got up, “I’ve had enough, take your time!”


I got up and walked out, but behind me came Chen Xing’s voice, “Xiao Shu, let’s make a deal, in the future the baby has to accept me as his godfather, or if not, his own father!”


I was in a hurry to walk and left the words behind me.


The car was parked outside the mall and I took a few steps to get into the car, and Fu Shen Yan followed, seeing his gloomy face, which was indescribably scary.


I started the car and opened my mouth, “Put your seat belt on!”


He gave me a sideways glance and his voice was low and cold, “You can’t die!”


Seeing him like this, I didn’t say much more and drove the car straight back to the villa, it was only about three or four in the afternoon, not too late.


The courtyard, which had been tidied up by the heavy rain, had been tidied up by her for a few days and had become vibrant again.


When she saw Fu Shenyan and I returning together, she was happy to talk and said with a smile, “You’re back, what do you want to eat tonight?”


“Anything!” Before I could say anything, Fu Shen Yan opened his mouth.


Then, my wrists ached and I was tugged by him back to the bedroom.


As soon as the door was slammed shut, Fu Shen Yan tended to press up against me, his dark shadow covering my body, looking extraordinarily gloomy and frightening.


“Fu Shen Yan, you ……” I began, finally fearful of his inexplicable anger.


“Godfather?” The corners of his mouth pulled out in an arc with sarcasm, “And you want to be a real father? Shen Shu, when did you guys get so close?”


I was a bit speechless and cursed Chen Xing’s crow’s mouth in my heart, saying what’s not good enough and having to talk nonsense.


I tilted my head to look at Fu Shen Yan who was messing with my head, I pulled a smile and said forcefully, “He’s talking nonsense, you were there, you can hear it!”


“I can’t hear it!” At those words, he lowered his head and bit down on my neck.


I was in pain, “Fu Shen Yan, you don’t know right from wrong!” It was clearly Chen Xing who was talking nonsense, he was in his thirties, how could he not be able to fly out?


He was having dinner with someone else, I didn’t say anything, Chen Xing just babbled a few words, and he was like this.


For a moment I stared at him with some aggression in my heart!


He looked at me, his dark eyes narrowed slightly, and kissed shallowly all the way down to the place where he had bitten, his voice muffled, “You don’t know what’s good for you!”


There was an ambiguous scent in the air as he fiercely pressed his hands around my waist, his voice hoarse, “Don’t wander off!”


Then, violently, he picked me up horizontally and threw me onto the bed, his body slender and tall, his gaze commanding, “Untie!”


Noticing where he was gesturing, I was speechless for a moment, hands on my stomach, looking at him with a blank stare, “The doctor said no, it could easily hurt the baby!”


It was true, so I was indifferent.


He looked at me, his eyes deepened, his thin lips parted, “Emboldened?”


Chapter 198

I don’t deny it and nod, “The doctor said so, unless you don’t want the baby!”


He pursed his lips and the phone he’d tossed aside rang, and it was mine.


I got up and pushed him away, I took the phone and glanced at the caller ID, Shen Yu, out of instinct I tensed up a little.


I subconsciously looked towards Fu Shen Yan, and saw that he also saw the name on the phone, and his eyes deepened a bit, with a vague sense of anger.


I got up and was ready to go out on the balcony to answer it.


But he held my shoulder down, “Answer it right here!”


Then I reached out and turned on the amplified voice, and I was displeased, “Fu Shen Yan, you are invading my ***.”


He laughed coldly, “Between husband and wife, there’s no talk of s**t!”


“Shame on you!”


I couldn’t help but draw a cold breath as I answered the phone, praying in my heart that Shen Yu wouldn’t say anything nonsense, otherwise one Chen Xing would be hard enough for me, and another Shen Yu, Fu Shen Yan might tear me apart!


“Mr. Shen, how are you? What can I do for you?” That’s rusty enough!


I glanced at Fu Shen Yan and was relieved to see that he looked a little better.


There was the sound of a keyboard on Shen Yu’s side, which seemed to be still busy, and his voice, which was permeated with a bit of fatigue, said, “Xiao Shu, stay with me for dinner tonight.”


He said this with no intention of asking at all, it was a direct notice.


I wrinkled my brows and subconsciously said, “I don’t have time, I’m hanging up.”


After saying that, I was ready to press the hang-up button.


Shen Yu spoke up, “You contacted Jon and you’re not going to talk to me!”


I froze violently, my body couldn’t help but freeze, Fu Shen Yan looked at me, his pair of black eyes getting deeper and deeper.


“We have nothing to talk about!”


“Xiao Shu, you don’t need to pretend with me, you know very well why Qiao En left the country back then, you didn’t look for him for so many years, and to look for him now means that you’re in a bad place, you’re having a bad time with Fu Shen Yan.”


The words were accompanied by the sound of his keyboard tapping, which made me a little cranky.


I didn’t control my emotions and yelled out, “Whether I’m having a good time or not has nothing to do with you, so who are you to care about me? Hang up!”


This time, without waiting for him to continue talking, I hung up the phone directly.


My heart was unbearably clogged, and my anger, which was difficult to suppress, wanted to burst out for unknown reasons.


Fu Shen Yan looked at me, his gaze was inquisitive and low, at this point I really do not want to say more, I have to admit, Shen Yu this snake hit the seven inches of the skill is very strong.


He knows exactly where my scars are! He knew exactly where my scars were! He could rub salt on them without fail.


The atmosphere in the bedroom was horribly gloomy, and I knew that Fu Shen Yan was piling on the anger, and in this state, I had more than enough to say to him.


So I lay down on the bed and began a long silence.


It’s strange when a man gives vent to his anger, it’s a woman’s body, it’s simple and rough, it’s not a gentle action.


I didn’t do much to resist, I just let him go down.


For a long time, seeing that I didn’t respond, his already bad state became even more unpleasant, and I knew that a woman who is indifferent to a man’s teasing and provocations.


It’s a few frustrating blows for a man, but it’s not the first time or two.


He knew it in his heart.


The phone that had been left on the bed rang again and I instinctively reached for it, but Fu Shen Yan was one step ahead.


He picked up the phone and didn’t say anything, just looked at me sarcastically.


“Xiaoshu, I’ve mailed you some fruit, go and get it!” It was Muzi’s voice.