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Never Say Never Chapter 195-196

Chapter 195

I originally did not see it, but when I saw his face was not good, I looked over.


I saw the restaurant by the window, Fu Shen Yan was dressed in a casual suit, moving elegantly and nobly, cutting the steak in his hand, the person sitting opposite him was not Lu Xinran, but a girl I had met twice, not too familiar, but still recognisable.


Lu Ke, the niece of Dean Lu!


These two came for steak?


The secretary and the president?


“Let’s change the restaurant!” It’s not that I’m avoiding it, it’s just a bit awkward, whether it’s that kind of situation, it’s never good for me to suddenly appear.


Chen Xing nodded his head, but after a pause he looked at me again and said, “I see that the two people are not very close, aren’t you going to ask?”


I looked at him with a somewhat unclear brain and said, “Ask what?”


“Uh-uh!” He mumbled, “Okay!”


Looking around, I saw a Korean barbecue restaurant around the corner and I opened my mouth lightly, “Go over there!”


At that moment the phone rang.


It was Fu Shen Yan!


I raised my eyes towards the restaurant and saw that his dark eyes were already looking in my direction.


When I picked up the phone, it was his clear, crisp voice, “Come in for dinner!”


“I’m with a friend, it’s not convenient!”


Each had something to talk about, and I understood that it was indeed inconvenient.


Seeing his dark eyes narrowed slightly, the fork in his hand put down, his body leaned lazily behind him, tilting his head to stare at me and Chen Xing.


There was a bit of thinness in his voice, “Is it inconvenient for you, or for me?”


“Both are inconvenient!” Since he wanted me to go over, at least it meant that he and Lu Ke were also talking about business, and it was naturally inconvenient for Chen Xing and me to appear.


Seeing him leisurely shaking his gla*s of wine, vaguely revealing a bit of thin anger, I said into the phone, “See you tonight!”


After saying that, I hung up the phone and went with Chen Xing to the Korean barbecue restaurant around the corner.


When we sat down, Chen Xing ordered the food and looked at me with his chin in the air, “Aren’t you worried that after one Lu Xinran is gone, another one will come?”


Taking a shallow sip of plain water, I looked at him and got straight to the point, “What do you have to talk to me about?”


Not being able to talk about gossip, he said somewhat bored, “It’s about the matter in the capital, Fu Shen Yan seems to be interested in moving Fu’s interruption to the capital.”


I nodded, “I know about that!”


He wasn’t surprised and looked at me, “It’s not strange, what’s strange is that my mother is also planning to move Chen’s to the capital.”


“That’s good!” Seeing that he was a bit depressed, I couldn’t help but speak up, “The capital is supposed to be an international centre, moving it to the capital will also allow for better progress in the future.”


He looked at me a bit like an idiot and said, “Do you really not know, or do you pretend not to know? Fu’s has almost monopolised half of Jiangcheng’s economic lifeline, projecting that Fu’s has a much greater advantage in Jiangcheng than in the capital, not to mention that Fu’s originally had a branch in the capital.”


“The branch has been in the capital for so many years, the development is obviously not as good as in Jiangcheng, Fu Shenyan is not a fool, he is ready to move Fu’s headquarters to the capital, what he is considering is not the company, but the people!”


I was a little confused by what he said and froze, “What do you mean?”


He was a bit speechless and gave me a blank look and said, “Are you an idiot? Mo Zhi Zang has the intention to train his daughter, Lu Xinran is in love with your man, and the moon is near the water, do you know that?”


I nodded, not so excited, “If Fu Shen Yan really has such plans, I alone can’t change anything!”


“You don’t want to change a thing! What you need to do now is to protect yourself and find a way to get the most out of yourself before you leave Fu Shenyan, Mo Zhi Zang is playing a big game of chess!”


Chapter 196

I was a bit baffled by what he said, and when I saw the waiter bringing up the food, I started grilling in earnest, it had been a while since I had been out to eat.


It was a bit of a craving.


“Shen Shu, do you understand what I mean?” Chen Xing looked like this, anxious like a little eunuch, “You have to plan for yourself early now, don’t wait until one day you are counted out of everything by this group of people!”


I chucked the roasted meat onto his plate and spoke as I ate, “It’s still early for the future, let’s eat first!”


How could I be counted? I don’t have anything but a life.


If Fu Shenyan wants a divorce now, I can sign it. Life is a big deal except for life and death, everything else is a small matter.


Seeing that he had said nothing to me for half a day, he was speechless and spat out a few words, “I am simply playing the piano to a cow!”


After a while, he looked at my stomach and after a pause said, “This stomach is so big, don’t you plan for this child?”


I felt that he was being a bit old-fashioned, so I put down my chopsticks and said, “If he can’t survive in the future, he can turn to you!”


At that, he smiled, squinting his eyes and saying, “Yes! Let him recognize me as his godfather in the future, and I’ll give him all of my property!”


He hadn’t even had a drink yet! He’s drunk!


I gave him a few pieces of meat, I really had nothing to say, so I said, “Eat more!” With a beak!


He laughed like a tomato and said as he ate, “Shen Shu, I’m serious, you’re going to have to accept me as your godfather!”


The phone rang, and it was Fu Shen Yan.


I didn’t really want to answer it, but after thinking about the connection a few times and Chen Xing being noisy, I answered it.


“Where is it?”


“The kebab shop!”


“Give me the address.”


I really didn’t want to see him and after a pause said, “We’re almost done eating and will be back in a few minutes!”


“Need me to make an announcement in the mall?”


Sh*t! I got a little grumpy, why was this guy so annoying.


“Just come around the corner from you there!” With that I hung up the phone.


The meat on the table was basically finished, Chen Xing saw that I had eaten a lot and smiled, “Shall I order some more?”


I nodded my head, later Fu Shen Yan is going to come, it’s not like he’s going to come and sit next to me and watch.


About two minutes later, Fu Shen Yan came over.


He naturally sat beside me, his long arm behind me, looked at the food on the table and said, “What else do you want to eat?”


“I’m full!” I was really full, I had just eaten most of it.


“Already ordered!” Chen Xing gave him a look and looked at him, “Mr. Fu is quite busy with business all day long!”


Looking at him lightly, Fu Shen Yan spoke, “It’s alright!”


Chen Xing had nothing good to say, and I didn’t expect him to say anything good, but I was surprised that he would say, “That girl just now, I think she’s a round younger than Mr. Fu! Does Mr. Fu prefer the younger ones these days?”


I couldn’t help but stare, my hand pausing as I drank my water.


The rest of my light fell on Fu Shen Yan and saw that his handsome face was somewhat breezy, even with a smile, “So, you like pregnant women?”


“Pfft!” I didn’t finish my mouthful of water and couldn’t help but spurt it out.


Fu Shen Yan swept me a glance and elegantly pulled a few tissues to wipe for me, I was a little apprehensive and took the tissues to wipe myself.