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Never Say Never Chapter 193-194

Chapter 193

“Is it because of Fu Shen Yan?” She spoke, sighing, “Xiao Shu, pregnant women tend to get emotional when they’re pregnant, maybe you’re just overthinking it.”


After a pause, she said, “How about this, I’ll contact Jon and have someone come back home to take a look at you, maybe he can help you.”


I hmmed and saw the bedroom door being opened and it was Fu Shen Yan.


Speaking into the phone, “You take care of yourself over there!”


“Good!” She returned, hesitantly saying, “Don’t tell Cheng Junyi about me being over here.”


Fu Shen Yan walked over to me, plums in his hand.


I returned the call, and then hung up the phone.


Seeing that I had hung up, he sat next to me and pa*sed a plum to my mouth, his voice clear and shallow, “Try it!”


I shook my head, genuinely not wanting to eat it.


Seeing that I didn’t like it, he didn’t say much, but quietly stayed by my side. After sitting for a long time, he started to bring all the documents in the study and started to read them.


I had nothing else to do, so I simply found a book too and sat down to read it.


I was fast asleep from reading when Jon called, but a call from him woke me up a bit.


When he heard the ringing, he raised his eyes and looked at me, then went back to reading his papers.


I answered the phone, got up and went to the balcony.


“Qiao En!”


“Holy Sh*t! You woman, if Muzi hadn’t reached out to me, I would have thought you were dead.” Jon’s nature, as usual, hadn’t changed, a big man talking too much and stammering.


Skimming over his words, I spoke, “You’re still abroad?”


I was an extremely indifferent person, and after I left university and married Fu Shenyan, I had very little contact with the people around me.


He chattered a bit, “Well, where are you? Are you still staying in Jiangcheng? By the way, how’s your health?”


I frowned, subconsciously reluctant to mention it, and said, “Fine, when are you going back home?”


“In a while!” He should have been drinking water, and after a moment he added, “Come over to M some time, Muzi and I have talked about your situation, you should have depression, the same symptoms as before, you come to M, we’ll have a good talk!”


My eyebrow hurt a little, I pinched it and spoke, “Okay!”


“Shen Shu, don’t take it lightly, this disease can kill you!”


Knowing that he meant well, I nodded, “Okay, I know!”


Noticing that Fu Shen Yan had put down the paper in his hand, I ended the conversation early, “It’s getting late, good night!”


“Holy Sh*t, it’s still daytime on my side, good night my a*s!”


I didn’t hear him continue, I hung up the phone directly.


Fu Shen Yan walked towards me, I put the phone away and looked at him indifferently, “Work done?”


He nodded, his long arms reached out and pulled me into his arms, kissing my forehead lightly, his voice low and dark, “Want to go for a walk over to the capital?”


“The capital??” I froze and wondered, “Is there something going on over in the capital?”


He pulled me to sit on the edge of the bed and rubbed his palm on my stomach as he spoke, “I’m planning to move Fu’s head office to the capital.”


The capital is the country’s capital, both economically and culturally, and it is a good choice for Fu’s to expand and grow.


Chapter 194

But after all, it is moving the roots, I couldn’t help but frown, “Fu’s is fine in Jiangcheng, it already has so many years of foundation, but suddenly moving to the capital, I’m afraid it will be difficult to develop for a while!”


He rested his chin on my shoulder and nodded slightly, “Well, but Fu’s has set up a new company there before, so it shouldn’t be difficult!”


I nodded my head and said no more.


After sitting for a long time, I was a bit sleepy, so I simply leaned on him and fell asleep.


After resting at the villa for two days, I couldn’t stay any longer, so I simply planned to go out for a walk.


I had no other female friends in Jiangcheng apart from Muzi, and now that Muzi had gone to the countryside, I couldn’t find anyone to go out with.


After thinking about it, I simply went for a walk to the mall by myself, it’s always boring.


When I parked my car in front of the mall, I met a familiar face, Cheng Xing, who was followed by a girl who looked a bit familiar to me.


After thinking about it, I remembered that it was the girl I met at the supermarket last time.


The two of them were walking towards the mall, and it looked like Chen Xing was accompanying the girl to shop, this time not like the last time at the supermarket.


The two of them looked like Chen Xing didn’t seem to resent the girl that much, and they looked quite intimate.


Probably because I was looking too obviously, Chen Xing also found me, seeing me his face froze, and then came towards me in stride.


Looking at me cheerfully, he said, “Shopping? Or is it a date?”


Noticing the girl following behind him, I smiled lightly, “Out for a walk!”


“Want to grab a bite to eat?” The girl was already leaning over him as he spoke, tugging on his sleeve in an obvious gesture.


I shook my head, “No, I don’t think so!”


Two young people are dating, what am I, a pregnant woman, to get involved in.


Just as I was about to leave, I was stopped by Chen Xing, “Have something to eat together, I have something to say to you.”


“Xing!” The girl beside him was a little upset, her voice was filled with a small amount of aggravation, “You promised to keep me company today, Miss Shen may also want to wander around by herself, so let’s not disturb.”


Chen Xing frowned, a little impatient, “I have something to talk to her, you can go back first! I’ll keep you company some other time.”


The girl’s face turned completely bad and she spoke angrily, “You promised Aunt Lin to accompany me!”


“Don’t talk about her, it’s annoying!” Chen Xing was a little angry, “You can go back by yourself if you don’t want to shop, I have things to do, I won’t accompany you!”


After saying that, he pulled me into the mall.


The girl trotted up, tugging on his sleeve, her eyes red and aggrieved, “Xing, I’m sorry I was wrong, I won’t bother you when you talk to her, we’ll go shopping again when you’re done, okay?”


Seeing that the girl was begging for her life, I felt a bit sad for a while, broke Chen Xing’s hand and said, “Let’s talk about it some other time, I have things to do, I won’t bother you guys anymore.”


The downtown mall is huge, I went straight to the baby products section, Fu Shen Yan has basically set up super not much, turned around and I bought some odds and ends.


Just outside the merchandise area I met Chen Xing who was looking around, seeing me he spoke, “Go!”


I didn’t see a girl with him, so I was curious, “Where’s your girlfriend?”


“She’s not my girlfriend!”


Never mind, I wasn’t a curious baby either, so I didn’t ask any more questions.


When I followed him to the entrance of a steakhouse, he paused, looked back at me worriedly and said, “Let’s go to another restaurant!”