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Never Say Never Chapter 173-174

Chapter 173

A bunch of people were surrounding it at one time, and when I saw this, I sneaked into the Fu building.


There were not many people in Fu’s, only a few people in charge of the management were there, the rest were people from the BIC investigation.


When I found the meeting hall, Qiao Zhuan Yan was negotiating with the people from the Bureau of Industry and Commerce.


When he saw me, he raised his eyebrows, “How did you get in?”


“Walked in!”


Sitting next to him, the person from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau handed him a batch of documents and information and said, “The results of Fu’s situation and problems will be out tomorrow. According to the current investigation, apart from the audit and Huayu’s irregularities, everything else is basically fine.”


Qiao Zhuan Yan nodded his head, “Please!”


As soon as the investigators left, he looked down at the information, his face looked, not a bit panicked at all, but rather calm and incomparable.


I took the information out of his hands and said, “Mr Qiao, let’s talk!”


He raised his eyes and looked at me with a raised eyebrow, “What do you want to talk about?”


When I looked at his breezy face, I held my breath and said with suppressed anger, “I’ve only had Fu’s audit and Huayu for two months, and then something happens, do you all think I’m stupid?”


“Or what?” He sneered disdainfully, “You don’t think I planned all these things, do you?”


“Didn’t you?” Looking at him coldly, I said, “You’ve been in charge of Fu’s audit before, especially Qiao’s, and now it’s also Qiao’s that ac in charge of the audit that’s gone wrong, so you think you had nothing to do with it? Huayu is so obvious, do I need to say it?”


“Heh!” He leaned back in his chair and looked at me askance, “I was in charge of the audit before, but there were no problems with the previous years’ audits, right? The problems with Qiao’s came after you were in charge, did you never pay attention when you read the documents and reports? You signed all the reports, didn’t you? Is this something I can interfere with?”


After a pause, he adjusted his sitting posture, looked at me and continued, “The Huayu matter, in essence, was something you turned up yourself, the South District factory failed, Shen Yan was clear about it, I used other flowing water instead, he was also clear about it, but after the company went public, it was impossible to easily declare the factory failed, it would affect the stock market, so the matter was suppressed, but you were excellent, you directly turned the matter turned up.”


I froze, somewhat incredulous, “So you knew all this from the start and didn’t tell me?”


He laughed, “Miss Shen, you’ve been working for so many years, don’t you understand the rules of the mall? How big is Fu’s? You don’t know that in your heart? Any big company has its loopholes, don’t you know? These loopholes can be overlooked as long as they don’t affect the company’s development and don’t involve other issues, besides, the accidents in the South District factory have all been dealt with, they just weren’t reported, otherwise you think the families of the four family members would just not bother with Fu’s so easily?”


“Then why would anyone still take a light life?” When I was taken away by the prosecutor’s office, I clearly heard that interrogator say that some family members had taken their lives lightly.


He sneered and looked at me a bit like I was an idiot, “Pregnancy can be silly, that much is true, it’s been over six months before anyone has taken a light life, do you think these people are doing it because of what happened in the southern district?”


It was someone who deliberately involved the two things together, nothing more than a desire to mess with Fu.


I didn’t know what to say for a while, so the whole thing came down to me being the most confused one? The reason why Qiao Zhuan Yan is not in a hurry is because this matter is just like what Chen Xing said, it’s just a big shuffle.


And the one who ended up being shuffled out of the game was me!


Chapter 174

The audit of Fu’s, the paperwork was signed by me, Huayu is under my name, both things are related to me and directly.


Even if something ended up going wrong, all the company had to do was kick me out publicly, and Fu’s could run just as normally.


“Huh!” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, somewhat sarcastically, “Mr. Qiao, you made a good move. Admirable!”


It was so obvious that I had been kicked out of the company that I could not find a single flaw.


He looked at me, his gaze deep, noticing my already bulging belly, and spoke, “You don’t need to be like this, even if you leave Fu, Fu’s shares in your name are still yours, you just don’t stay in Fu, and besides, you were going to have a baby now, so you’ll have to leave next.”


Yes! I was going to leave at the end!


I lost my smile, “It’s all about leaving, if it’s the same as being kicked out and leaving on your own?”


Looking at him, I suppressed the gloom on my face and said, “Does Fu Shen Yan know about this?”


He looked at me, silent for a long time, and nodded his head.


For just a moment, my heart felt like it was being pinched by a pair of large hands, hurting so much that I couldn’t breathe, even though I had previously thought that Mo Zhi Zhan had done it.


That was ridiculous!


There was no timing coincidence, it was just that everyone was aware of it by heart.


Indeed, what happened next was just like what Qiao Zhuan Yan had said.


The next day.


The report from the prosecutor’s office came down with the notice that Fu’s audit was faulty due to Huayu’s influence, so the report that appeared in the international weekly was not true.


So the whole audit had to be re-run, including Fu’s, which was responsible for credit, and Qiao’s, which ac was responsible for, plus a portion of the fine for commercial fraud. It was good that the people at the prosecutor’s office saw that Fu’s had almost a monopoly over the entire economic lifeline of Jiangcheng and did not make it public, but only settled it privately.


As for Huayu, since I was the direct manager, the fines and penalties were all borne by me, and indirectly I also affected Fu Shenyan.


But the good thing is that things were resolved in a logical manner, and Fu, which had been paralyzed for most of the week, began to operate normally.


I, like Qiao Zhuan Yan’s prediction, was publicly removed from the company and no longer employed.


I’m not sad to say that I knew in advance where the script was going and I was a lot more at peace with myself, but I was just resentful.


Once this was over, I didn’t go back to the villa immediately, I just stayed in the Cloud Copper flat, not having to go to Fu’s in future meant I didn’t have to go to work.


After a few days of tossing and turning, my belly was getting a little bigger.


I stopped inquiring about Fu Shenyan’s side of the family and just stayed in my flat to nurture my baby.


At the weekend, Muzi was bored and asked me to go to Jingcheng with her for a few days, so I agreed.


It was only an hour’s drive from Jiangcheng to Jingcheng, and when we got on the high speed train, Muzi looked out of the car window and got a little excited, holding my hand and saying, “I’ve paid for a house in Jingcheng, and I’ve just finished it.


“When and how come I haven’t heard you talk about it?” I’d been doing a lot of things for a while so I’d largely ignored her, and now that she mentioned it, I asked as an afterthought.


As she played with her phone, she said, “It didn’t take long, I was going to tell you about it ahead of time, but you just happened to run into something, so, I just didn’t mention it to you for a while, and it’s the same thing now.”


Well, it was just as well.