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Never Say Never Chapter 171-172

Chapter 171

In the age of the internet, any little thing will be known to everyone.


I didn’t go back to the villa, my wife Zhang called and told me not to go back as there were many reporters outside the villa.


It’s a good thing that no one knows about Cloud Copper Apartments, so it’s safe to stay here.


Fu Shenyan still could not be reached, Chen Xing called and said he was still in the ICU, and he was not sure of the details.


Fu’s stock market has hit rock bottom in just two days, as I thought it would, and many stockholders have already collapsed, and some are committing suicide.


Chen Yi held a press conference to pacify the situation, and because the Bureau of Industry and Commerce intervened to investigate, so all of Fu’s industries were halted.


Half of the shops, shopping malls, construction sites and hospitals in Jiangcheng are owned by Fu’s, and once they stop, the whole city is basically semi-paralyzed.


Every day, Muzi would go out to buy groceries, then walk around underneath Fu’s building, and when she returned, she would tell me the details.


There were a lot of things in it that I still hadn’t figured out, but the company couldn’t get in, so I had to wait for now.


“Just don’t think about it, the most important thing now is for you to stay here and get well, look at how big your belly is getting, you’re going to give birth in a few months.” Woody had gotten a lot better at cooking recently and spoke up to comfort me as she gave me a dish to eat.


I nodded my head, that’s what I said, but how could I be at peace when things had come to this point, “The results of the investigation will be out tomorrow from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and I don’t know what the situation is!”


“You do not think, the most miserable result is nothing more than the bankruptcy of Fu, you are at most a black pot, Fu is the executive president and chairman of the board, he has to carry but the billions of a*sets after the collapse of Fu, much more miserable than you, you better think of a way to cleanly let him sign the divorce, billions of debts, a lifetime can not be repaid.” Woody said this is the truth, people are selfish, I can understand, but also do not agree.


A slight sigh, “What am I doing leaving now? Grandpa Fu was so good to me back then, if I leave at this time, I’m afraid I’ll have to blame myself for the rest of my life later.”


She nodded her head and looked at me with her chin pinned, “Shen Shu, have you thought about it, could this matter be designed by Qiao Zhuan Yan? Huayu was under his management before when things went wrong, he knew there was a problem but didn’t report it or deal with it, and the ac and credit thing, it was Qiao who had most of the problems, do you think it could be that he used you in order to deal with Fu Shen Yan ……”


It’s not that I haven’t thought about what she said, but Fu Shenyan is not a fool, I’ve mentioned this to him before and he didn’t take it to heart, if it was Qiao Zhuan Yan who did it, he couldn’t have disregarded Qiao’s, Fu’s and Qiao’s are one when they go public.


He could not have done something that would have hurt the enemy a thousand times and hurt himself a hundred times.


The more I think about these things, the more I get a headache. Fu’s is too big and Fu Shen Yan is not around, I simply don’t know what to do now.


Seeing that I was a bit depressed, she patted my shoulder and said, “Well, you should stop thinking about it, you’re only twenty-six after all, how much can you know about the deceitfulness in the mall, the good Fu’s would happen to be in trouble at this time, it’s definitely not as simple as you think.”


Yes! Why would something so big suddenly happen at a time when Fu Shen Yan was in trouble and Cheng Jun Yu and Qiao Zhuan Yan were both away?


Chapter 172

Now that I think about it, it seems like it was calculated in advance and it just happened out of nowhere.


Mo Zhi Zhan!


This name suddenly popped into my head and my heart suddenly went cold.


Yes, if something happened to Fu’s family, the only people with the most power to help Fu Shen Yan were Lin Ivana and Mo Zhi Zhan, both of whom were well connected and financially powerful.


The daughter who had been lost for more than twenty years was suddenly found, and what she wanted, how would her parents not plan for her?


Lu Xinran loves Fu Shen Yan, this love has probably become a habit, if there is no this accident, then wanting Fu Shen Yan and I a pregnant woman divorce, not very likely, but now is different.


“What do you think?” Woody looked at me, tugged on my sleeve and spoke.


“Conspiracy!” I opened my mouth, already unable to eat, put down the chopsticks in my hand, looked at Muzi and said, “This time, I’m afraid it’s not directed at Fu Shenyan, but me!”


She didn’t know the reason for this and looked at me, “What’s going on? I’m confused by what you’re saying.”


Ignoring her, I had a bit of a headache, but if it was Mo Zhi Zhan and Ivana Lin, why would they also be in a plane accident at the same time, even if they loved Lu Xinran more, the two of them wouldn’t be able to use their own lives to plan for their daughter!


“It’s okay, maybe I’m overthinking it!” Responding to her, I got up and went back to the bedroom.


Then I called Chen Xing and the call was answered without thinking for a few seconds, “Shen Shu, are you alright?”


“Yeah!” Standing on the balcony, I looked at the light downstairs and spoke, “How’s it going on your end?”


“The person is still in the ICU, there’s nothing I can do, I can only wait, besides, I came back today, it’s useless to keep watch here, the credit is being investigated, there’s too much going on, staying here is rather a mistake.”


It’s also true that it’s useless to keep watch when you can’t even see the patient.


Thinking of Qiao Zhongyan and Cheng Junyu, I couldn’t help but say, “Did you see Qiao Zhongyan and Cheng Junyu over there?”


They can’t stay there all the time, can they? After such a big incident at the company, they are going to stay in the capital to take care of Fu Shenyin?


That was illogical!


“Cheng Junyu is in the ICU, Qiao Zhuan Yan arranged for someone to come over today and left in the morning, don’t worry about Fu’s business, it’s just a big reshuffle, it will recover in half a month’s time at most.”


I think he was in the corridor and there were echoes coming from time to time.


I wrinkled my nose, “Well, good!” I hadn’t figured out what was going on, after all, with limited business eyes, I had no way of penetrating.


After a few scattered conversations, I hung up the phone.


I then packed up and got ready to go out.


If Qiao Zhuan Yan came back today, then the first thing he should do was go to Fu’s.


When I saw me carrying my bag, Muzi was stunned and blocked the doorway, looking at me and saying, “Are you crazy, going out at this hour?”


“Qiao Zhuan Yan is back, I’m going to the office.”


She was speechless, “Let him handle it when he comes back, you’re a pregnant woman, going out with a big belly, what if something happens?”


“It’s fine!” It was only a few days after the accident that Qiao Zhuan Yan came back, which meant that there were some things that he should know better than I did.


“I’ll go with you!” She probably knew she couldn’t talk me out of it, so she just grabbed her coat and went out with me.


There were still a lot of reporters and stockholders jammed underneath Fu’s building, so it was basically impossible to get in.


I don’t know who shouted out from the crowd, “Isn’t that Mrs. Fu Shen Shu’s car?”