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Never Say Never Chapter 165-166

Chapter 165

“I might be getting married and my husband wants me to stay at home and take care of the family.” She said this with a bit of regret and could hear that she was not reluctant to quit her job.


“Don’t you have any children yet? You can work just as well when you’re married, and forgivingly, you might not get used to it for a while if you don’t work.”


Back then, Grandpa also meant for me to stay at home and not have to work, I knew it was well-intentioned and didn’t want me to suffer too much first, but, if I didn’t work, there would be too much time, and there was no way I could survive those days when Fu Shenyan and Lu Xinran were tangled up.


She nodded, with a light smile on her face, “Superintendent, I thank you for this time, and I’m sorry, but this decision, too, is my own.”


The words had come to this, so there was no need for me to say more.


Nodding, I said, “Well then, you take the time to email me your resignation letter and hand over the job.”


She stood in front of me and looked at me with a very serious bow, turned around and walked a few steps away, then looked back at me and said, “Director, Fu’s audit and the matter of Huayu are not as simple as we seem to think.”


I froze and didn’t have time to ask before she was already out of the office.


I had been in a bad state lately, easily forgetting things and thinking very unclearly. I knew there was something wrong with Fu’s audit and Huayu, but there was no way to know for a while.


Fu Shen Yan is also not very willing to talk about work with me at home, so these things, I can only put aside.


At lunchtime, Fu Shen Yan called me to come to his office.


I didn’t have to guess, he wanted me to go up and have lunch with him.


I don’t know if it was Fu Shenyan’s intention, but his office had also changed its colour palette, with the plants originally placed at the entrance replaced by two pots of peaC*ck blue.


The originally empty hall also had greenery and other plants placed in it.


At lunchtime, Chen Yi packed up his things and was ready to go out, when he saw me, he froze slightly and said, “The president is in his office, Miss Shen can just go in directly!”


I nodded my head and glanced at the newly added desk in the office area and couldn’t help but be curious, “You’ve added new people to the secretary department?”


Chen Yi said very little, and nodded his head, “Yes!”


Knowing that I couldn’t ask anything from him, I didn’t ask any more questions and simply went straight into Fu Shen Yan’s office.


Fu Shen Yan was still busy, and when he saw me enter, he gestured to the food on the table, “You eat first, I’ll be ready in a minute.”


I nodded and noticed the new addition of greenery on his desk, but only for a moment, then I bowed my head and ate.


When Fu Shen Yan finished, he sat down next to me and looked at me, “Is there anywhere you want to go?”


I shook my head, “No!”


Shouldn’t we stay at home and nurse our babies now? Why would you go anywhere else?


After a few bites, I lost my appetite and looked at him, “Is there someone new in your office?”


He raised his eyebrows, “Now you’re acting like the president’s wife.”


I didn’t say anything and waited for him to continue.


After a pause he said, “It’s someone from the previous Dean Lu, you’ll be taking a break in a few months, so it’s convenient to have more secretaries.”


Dean Lu?


I would have liked to have gone to the girl I met at dinner earlier.


Maybe it was said Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived, the girl who suddenly came in, a bright yellow dress, high ponytail, all over with the two words of youth.


“Mr. Fu, sorry, I’m here to deliver the documents!” The girl was a little embarra*sed and placed the document in her hand on Fu Shenyan’s desk, then gave me a very restrained look.


Chapter 166

Seeing her go, I looked over at Fu Shen Yan and smiled lightly, “It smells young all around, quite nice.”


He raised an eyebrow and reached out with his long arms, pulling me into his arms, “Jealous?”


I shook my head, “Not so much, I just think you and your office have changed quite a bit, with the power of life.”


He embraced me, his breathing shallow, “We are birthing a little life, aren’t we?”


I didn’t say anything, my heart wasn’t sweet at first, it was endless fear, a fear that came from I didn’t know where.


After eating, Fu Shen Yan let me rest in the lounge for a while, and when I returned to the office, there was some noise.


I didn’t think much of it, I didn’t have anything to do originally, so I just went home and stayed there.


I met a delicate girl in Fu Shen Yan’s office, and when she saw me, she smiled in a formal way, “Mrs. Fu, so you are in the break room, did I disturb you just now?”


The girl looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember for a moment, so I froze, “Who are you?”


She smiled and said, “My name is Lu Ke, we’ve met before, you may not remember me, I’m Lu Changsheng’s niece, I’ve just joined Fu’s, I’m the secretary to Mr. Fu.”


I had just woken up from a nap, I heard it vaguely but understood it roughly, I was just curious in my heart how Fu Shen Yan had suddenly asked her to be his secretary.


“Did you arrange all these greenery in the office?” I opened my mouth, but it was a casual question, Fu Shen Yan and Chen Yi are relatively straight, before also put some vegetation, but not long before they were thrown away, mainly because Fu Shen Yan felt that it was in the way.


How come nowadays people are allowed to put things in his office.


“Yes! Mr. Fu is cold and his office is a bit chilly, so I asked Special a*sistant Chen’s opinion and put in some greenery.” This Lu Ke looked eloquent.


I nodded, didn’t say much, rubbed my brow which was a bit sore and said, “Well, that’s true!”


At any moment, I went out of Fu Shen Yan’s office.


Han Shuang had resigned, so I had to do many things on my own, and although Fu’s audit was completed, Huayu had a lot of things to do.


After half a day of tossing and turning, I was a little tired. Although I had already pa*sed the dangerous period of the first three months, I always felt that I was not that well.


As it was about to be 8pm, I simply stopped working and went home to rest.


At dinner time, Fu Shenyan sent me a message saying that he had ordered soup for me in the evening and would not be accompanying me.


I didn’t care much, after all, it was my own time, so I couldn’t always be together.


I went downstairs and drove the car, and I went straight back to the villa.


Seeing Sister Zhang still mopping the floor, I couldn’t help but stare and say, “Sister Zhang why are you back? Aren’t you busy these days?”


She stopped moving her hands, looked at me and sighed, “What can I do? I’m so old, my son doesn’t like me anymore.”


The villa had a bellhop who would come over to clean it, and seeing that she had cleaned it immaculately, I thought she might have been aggravated at home.


I didn’t say much and thought for a moment, “Sister Zhang, I seem to be having a bit of a hard time eating at night, do you have any ideas on how to improve it?”


“I’m afraid it’s up, I’ll cook you some soup to eliminate food, you can drink it and go out for a walk before it’s too early.”


With that, she went into the kitchen.


I followed her and leaned against the kitchen door and whined, “Sister-in-law Zhang, you don’t know how miserable Fu Shenyan and I were during the few days you were away, neither of us could cook, there was nothing to eat, we were suffocating.”