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Never Say Never Chapter 163-164

Chapter 163

“No, I was talking to you about your man, aren’t you going to go over there and check it out?” Woody was a little anxious, “That woman Lu Xinran is dressed up in a fancy dress, you might as well go and have a look!”


I hmmed, a little disinterested, “Have you had dinner yet? Why don’t you come over and eat with me.”


“Sh*t!” She was speechless and said straight away, “You woman, forget it, I’m not going, I’ll go back after a bit of shopping.”


Hanging up the phone, I got up and went out of the study and walked around the backyard of the villa.


The weather was not too bad, and there was a row of blue carpets at the back of the yard, almost in bloom for the season, the blue flowers falling all over the place, looking beautiful.


I had just turned to open the door when my mobile phone rang.


It was Fu Shen Yan calling.


I picked up the phone and before I could say anything, he opened his mouth, “Go open the door, it’s for the baby’s room, and the garden room on the top floor is not good for living in, I’ll have them renovate the master bedroom from scratch, you’ll sleep better in there.”


I opened the door and saw a middle-aged man look at me and say, “Hello Mrs. Fu, we were called by Mr. Fu to install the baby’s room.”


I nodded, opened the door and let them in.


Then I said lightly into the phone, “Where are you? When are you coming back?”


“At the Wyndham Hotel, probably a little late, I ordered soup for you for dinner, Chef Liu will have it delivered to you later.”


His voice was faint, but it set everything up.


I said, “Okay, I’ll hang up now.”


Looking at the rockery in the courtyard, my heart was in a bit of turmoil, like someone was gently kneading my heart, slightly painful, but with an inexplicable warmth and stirring.


Fu Shen Yan is very good at taking care of people, I knew a long time ago, if he puts you in his heart, he can take care of you until you’re crippled on all fours.


But how long can this warmth and goodness last?


The sun was slowly going down and Chef Liu had soup brought in with a number of small dishes, all tonic to the body.


I didn’t eat much, and when the workers had left, I went around the house.


A lot had changed, the collection originally placed in the hall, except for the ones I had broken earlier, the rest Fu Shen Yan had gotten into storage.


The original dark and austere house was changed to warm tones, even the original brown sofa was changed to Athens blue, looking warm and inviting.


The Roman staircase is covered with carpets, the corridors are decorated with warm wall paintings and the nursery is decorated in sky blue, which is very pleasant to look at.


Just looking at it makes you feel better.


My eyes were a little sore, was it because of the baby or because of me?


Probably because of the baby!


I sat in the nursery and refused to come out. The doorbell downstairs kept ringing and I was so distracted.


As an afterthought, I realised and trotted downstairs.


When I opened the door, it was Qiao Zhuan Yan, and when he saw that I had taken a long time to come, he looked bad, “How big is the house that Shen always takes so long to walk?”


I ignored him and saw Fu Shen Yan sitting by the flower bed behind him, looking at him half leaning on the rockery, looking like he had drunk too much.


I walked straight up to Fu Shen Yan, a strong smell of alcohol came from him, I couldn’t help but wrinkle my eyebrows, helped him up and looked at Qiao Zhuan Yan and said, “Thank you for sending him back.”


Qiao Zhuan Yan didn’t say anything, he just gave me a look and left.


I helped Fu Shenyan back to the bedroom and saw that he was dazed and didn’t talk much, just stared down, looking like he had drunk too much, but not.


“Is it hard in your stomach?” I spoke, holding him up and shaking him a little.


Chapter 164

He looked up at me with a slightly misty gaze, “Have you eaten yet?”


I nodded and couldn’t help but sigh, he was afraid he was going to drink more than usual like this, getting up to pour him some water and he pulled me back.


Pressing me into his lap, he squinted, a little blurred, “Where to?”


“To get you a gla*s of water!” Why does that look so childlike!


He nodded, “I’m with you!” With that, he got up, but didn’t stand still and sat down again.


“Well, sit still and I’ll go pour it for you, so don’t toss and turn.” All this, and still going with me.


I got up and poured him a gla*s of water, his hands were hanging down and he looked boneless, I couldn’t help but sigh and bring the blanket up to his mouth, “Open your mouth!”


He narrowed his eyes at me, “Shen Shu!”


“Mmm!” I put the gla*s of water to his mouth and gave him a sip, I reached out to undress him, but he held me down, “Don’t move!”


“Fu Shen Yan, you should get some sleep now!” I looked up to see the time, it was twelve o’clock.


He nodded and got up, “Good, then I’ll go home first, it’s not safe for Shen Shu to be home alone!”


I ????


How much had he had to drink?


Pulling him back to the bed, I cupped his face and spoke, “Fu Shen Yan, you’re at home now, take a good look at me, I’m Shen Shu.”


He looked at me with open eyes, no longer the usual cold and stern, more warm and moist, he raised his hand and touched my face, the corners of his mouth rose, incomparably demonic, “You’ve come to pick me up, let’s go home!”


It seemed to be really drunk.


“Okay, let’s go home!” I said as I helped him up, ready to take him for a spin and come back, but I didn’t expect him to pull me straight downstairs, stumbling all the way.


He actually led me into the master bedroom, thinking it had been newly converted and that the original sandalwood king-size bed in the bedroom had been lifted away and replaced with tatami mats, which were very wide.


The walls were covered with the wedding photos we had taken earlier, and a small rocking bed had been placed next to the bed, which was very pink.


The wardrobe has been replaced with a cloakroom, which is very spacious, so it looks very comfortable.


I was so focused on the nursery that I didn’t notice the master bedroom.


He pulled me along, walked around, looked at me with a silly grin and said, “Do you like this?”


“Mmm!” He was usually cold, and this shade was mostly designed for me.


He did drink a lot and after walking around the bedroom for a while, he collapsed into bed and fell asleep.




Work day, Fu Shen Yan always got up early, and I had nothing to do, so I simply came to the office with him.


Han Shuang had taken a few days off and when I saw her again, she looked much better and seemed to have recovered.


When she saw me, she smiled and said, “Director, I want to talk to you!”


I nodded and took her into the office.


I had known her for more or less two or three years, and her temperament and personality were very similar in some ways. Signalling for her to sit down, I spoke, “The Fu audit has been reported. The next Huayu case will require your attention, and my stomach is slowly beating up, so there will always be times when I can’t take care of it.”


She put her hands on her knees, intertwining them, and only after half a second did she look at me and say, “Director, I’m here today to formally resign from you!”


I froze, a little surprised, “I thought you wouldn’t give up this job so easily, after all, you’ve worked so hard for so long.”


I thought you wouldn’t give up the job so easily, after all, you’ve been working hard for a long time.” Everyone makes mistakes, but if you make a mistake, just fix it, there’s no need to walk away.


She didn’t say anything for half a day and I was a bit anxious, “Because of what?”