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Never Say Never Chapter 145-146

Chapter 145

When I called, I asked why I wasn’t home anymore. I told her briefly and she said she would send breakfast over.


I didn’t think I should bother, but after looking around the hospital, I found nothing to eat, so I asked her to deliver it.


I sat in the sun at the entrance of the hospital and waited for her, but after a few minutes, I didn’t see Mrs. Zhang, but I saw Qiao Zhongyan carrying a lunch box.


He should be bringing food to Fu Shen Yan.


Mrs. Zhang had brought a lot of food, congee, soy milk and buns.


I saw that she was in a hurry, so she must have had something to do. I took the things and she left in a hurry.


Just now Qiao Zhuan Yan brought food for Fu Shen Yan, so I went straight to Cheng Jun Yu’s office, who had just returned from an inspection.


Seeing me carrying a large bag, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, “So much?”


I nodded and went into his office, opened a porridge for myself and drank it, “There are buns and soy milk in it, and congee, take a look at what you want to eat.”


He nodded, and as he had patients to see, he simply ate a few buns and drank some soya milk and went out.


Looking at the remaining congee and buns, I couldn’t eat any more.


After a moment’s hesitation, I carried them to Fu Shenyan’s ward, but I stopped just before I reached the door.


Inside came the sound of Lu Xinran’s crying, talking and crying at the same time, her voice so tearful that it was sad to hear.


“Brother Shen Yan, Shen Shu is not a good woman at all, she broke all the collectibles I gave you and sent me to the police station.”


“This woman has no bottom line in her actions at all, Shen Yan, you can’t live with this kind of woman for the rest of your life for the sake of a child, can you?”


The words were so harsh and sarcastic that one didn’t need to think about them to know that it was Qiao Zhongyan who had said them.


It was unethical to eavesdrop like this, so I just pushed the door open and went in.


The air was quiet just as I entered, and when Lu Xinran saw me, his face was full of gloom, his heart holding his anger, his chest heaving.


I ignored it, skimming over the breakfast that hadn’t been touched, and looked faintly at Fu Shen Yan, “Still eating?”


He glanced at the bag in my hand and nodded, “Yes!”


I took out both the congee and the buns and placed them next to him, speaking indifferently, “Mrs. Zhang cooked them this morning, what do you want to eat?”


“Congee!” He spat out a word and I nodded, folding the bag up and preparing to throw it in the trash.


Turning back to see Fu Shen Yan just looking at me and not doing anything.


I wanted to ask, but after a pause, I remained silent, then spoke lightly, “It’s getting late, I’m going to the office.”


Before I could take a few steps, he spoke, “Do you think I can eat, like this?”


I froze, turning around to see him staring at me, noticing that he still had his infusion, and froze slightly, Lu Xinran and Qiao Zhuan Yan were both there.


He wasn’t going to ask me to feed him at this time, was he?


I looked over at him, a little confused, and saw him raise his eyebrows, meaning clearly – you feed me!


Lu Xinran, not blind, saw this and spoke up, “Brother Shen Yan, you’re still on an infusion, let me feed you whatever you want!”


She said, she brought up the breakfast that Qiao Zhuan Yan brought, her eyes were still a bit red and swollen, “I went home from the police station this morning and cooked you some porridge, I asked Brother Zhuan Yan to bring it here, try it.”


Fu Shen Yan wrinkled his eyebrows, “I’m not hungry!”


This time, the atmosphere was a little awkward.


Lu Xinran faintly paused her hand, a little embarra*sed, “You try it!”


I couldn’t bear to look at it and said, “I’m leaving first!”


I was called by Fu Shen Yan, “You don’t need to go to the company today, Zhuan Yan you send Xin Ran back, then go to the company to ask for leave for Shen Shu.”


I ????


Big brother you really know how to play.


Chapter 146

Even if she was stupid and mute, at this time Lu Xinran knew that Fu Shen Yan did not want her to stay here.


Seeing that Fu Shen Yan did not look good, Qiao Zhuan Yan looked at Lu Xinran, “Xinran, I’ll send you back!”


“I won’t!” Lu Xinran’s eyes turned red and she looked at Fu Shen Yan, aggrieved, “Why should I go?” Raising her hand to point at me, she said angrily, “What good is she? A wild doll in the middle of nowhere, but she only met Grandpa Fu who was kind enough to take her in, and she ……”


“Xinran!” Fu Shen Yan spoke up, his voice tinged with anger, “Go back with Zhuan Yan!”


“I won’t!” Lu Xinran seemed to be determined, looking at Fu Shen Yan, “Brother Shen Yan are you blaming me? Blame me for not arguing while you were driving, for not making you angry.”


Speaking here, tears had fallen silently, her voice choked, “Brother Shen Yan, I know I was wrong, don’t be angry, I promise I won’t be like this again in the future, I promise to listen to you on everything, don’t let me go!”


No matter who it is, in front of love, there is always no bottom line, and Lu Xinran’s bottom line, once again there is a compromise, becomes eloquent and pathetic.


I am not a good person, much less a saint, but I just don’t want to see such a humble picture. I opened my mouth slightly, but in the end I didn’t say a word.


I just left the ward in silence.


I went straight to the office, probably because of the previous conversation, Han Shuang took a leave of absence and I had a lot to do.


The project of Huayu has been started for some time, I have been handed over to Han Shuang, so I did not care much.


At this point, I was a bit uneasy, so I went to the finance department to check the recent situation of Huayu.


There were some deviations from the information Han Shuang had given me, so I thought I would go to the market and take a closer look.


The market of Huayu was not a big problem, but the middlemen were more complicated, and Qiao Zhuan Yan was in charge of Huayu before, so I ran around and there were quite a few people who faced it with a perfunctory attitude.


When I came out of Huayu, I ran into Lin Tao, the president of ac.


He was quite surprised to see me, and when he saw that I was a bit dusty, he couldn’t help but smile, “What’s Mr Shen busy with?”


“Running the market!” I spoke, my eyes fell on the girl beside him, Lin Tao was almost forty years old, the girl beside him was at most twenty-five or twenty-six, she should not be his wife by the looks of it.


Without asking more questions, I smiled lightly and said, “Mr. Lin is this shopping?”


He looked at the woman beside him and raised an eyebrow, “Does Mr. Shen want to join us?”


“No need, I have things to do!” It was originally a chance encounter, and after a simple greeting, I walked straight away.


The woman’s delicate voice came from behind me, “Mr. Lin, who is this woman?”


“The wife of Fu’s president, Shen Shu!”


“So blessed, I heard that President Fu is young and talented, and ……”


The voices at the back faded away and I didn’t listen carefully, but listening to the woman’s voice, I thought that the relationship between these two was not as pure as it seemed.


Huayu has more distribution points in Jiangcheng, and I was a little tired after running a few, so I looked for a few places on the paper that looked more problematic, and then went through them one by one.


I was a bit surprised when I came to the last point in the southern district, which is a suburb but also quite busy, just a bit further from the city centre.


But I had seen the site and the renovation of this place in the first place, the quotes were high and the company grants were rather generous, not that it would end up so humble.


A normal electronics factory wouldn’t have at least one building that was still in disrepair, and when the grandfather guarding the door saw me, he couldn’t help but come up and say, “This place is closed, no entry!”