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Never Say Never Chapter 143-144

Chapter 143

“Now?” What’s wrong with Fu Shen Yan? It was clear that he wanted to toss me.


Seeing Cheng Junyu leaning on the sofa with serious dark circles under his eyes, it seems that he didn’t sleep well, I sighed, “I’ll go cook some for him later, you stay over here tonight and rest, the rooms are all empty, find one at your leisure and have a good rest.”


This person, Fu Shen Yan, is really boring, tossing his brother around like this in the middle of the night.


Cheng Junyu was probably tired too, so he nodded slightly and leaned back on the sofa to rest his eyes.


I went into the kitchen and cooked the porridge, when I came out I saw Cheng Jun Yu leaning on the sofa breathing a little more evenly, he should be asleep.


I couldn’t help him upstairs by myself, so I went back to my room and brought a quilt and pillow down to cover him up.


It didn’t take long for the congee to be ready, so I looked at the time and saw that it was already three in the morning, so I hurried to the hospital and found the ward where Fu Shen Yan was.


In the ward, Fu Shen Yan was still awake, in a brand new blue striped hospital gown, with gauze wrapped around his head and several injuries on his body already scabbed over.


He looked a little worse for wear, but his handsomeness was in no way diminished.


When he saw me, his face sank slightly and his eyes fell on the food box in my hand.


I thought she might be hungry, so I walked over to him and opened the food box. I said lightly, “You’ve just had surgery, and Dr. Cheng said you can’t eat anything else yet, so I cooked some porridge for you to eat first.”


“Mmm!” He answered me, and when I raised my eyes to see him staring at me, I couldn’t help but frown, “What’s wrong?”


“Woken up by Jun Yu?” As he spoke he looked down and began to drink his porridge.


I was speechless, but for the sake of him being a patient, I held back and said, “No.”


If he hadn’t tossed and turned, why would Cheng Junyu have dragged his tired body to me in the middle of the night to cook him porridge?


When I saw him drinking the porridge, I sat down on a chair and leaned back to close my eyes.


“Still angry?” He spoke, his voice cold and clear.


I closed my eyes, a little weary, and said lightly, “Angry about what?”


“I owe Lu Yan a lot, something I can’t pay back, so I can only pay her back twice as much!” His words were faint, with a touch of helplessness.


I raised my eyes and looked at him nonchalantly, “So, are you going to spend your whole life paying back?”


He looked at me, his dark eyes slightly deepened, “No, this is the last time.”


“Heh!” I lost my smile and looked at him with my chin in the air, “Habits are hard to change.” With Lu Xinran, there were many things that Fu Shenyan had done out of habit.


Looking at him as if he wanted to say something, I glanced at the porridge in his hand and spoke lightly, “The porridge is cold!”


He wrinkled his eyebrows, looked at me, drank all the little porridge left and looked at me with a faint gaze, “Are you heartbroken when I had an accident?”


I got up and put away the food box he was holding and said, a little tiredly, “It’s late, get some rest.”


I don’t think it’s heartbreaking, but there are some things that I’ve experienced more than once, so I’m numb to them.


Seeing that I was leaving, he sank, “The hospital requires a family member to accompany you.”


I originally wanted him to call Lu Xinran to come, but suddenly remembered that she had been taken away by the police and would not be able to come for a while.


So I nodded and said, “Yes!”


It was just a night’s escort, which was nothing.


Sitting back in my chair, I pushed my chin up and started to prepare for a nap.


His phone suddenly rang and I wasn’t in the mood to listen to him, but he seemed to be on speakerphone these days.


As soon as he picked up, the other end cried out, “Brother Shen Yan, I’ve been framed by Shen Shu and taken to the police station, what should I do?”


Lu Xinran?


Chapter 144

Why did she call for help only now? Shouldn’t you have called Fu Shen Yan as soon as you were taken away?


Seeing Fu Shen Yan staring at me, I shrugged my shoulders and spoke blandly, “She was rummaging around the house without my permission, so I called the police.”


He pinched his brow, somewhat helpless, and after a pause said into the phone, “It’s too late tonight, you stay inside for the night for now, remember it by the way, I’ll have Chen Yi take care of it tomorrow.”


“Brother Shen Yan ……” Lu Xinran went on to say, but the phone was hung up.


After hanging up the phone, Fu Shen Yan looked at me, somewhat helpless, “Why do you need to call the police, just change the locks.”


I lowered my eyes and played with my fingers, “Did you give her the key? Or did you record her fingerprints, in the future if you want to let her go, let me know in advance, we’ll work out the proportions, I’ll sell you the house and I’ll move out.”


“Shen Shu.” His tone was a little heavy, “We’re married!”


I nodded, “I know, that’s why I asked the police to take her away, after all, it’s my home and yours, not hers.”


He was a little helpless and held his forehead, “Well, come here!” With that he moved to the right spot beside him and gestured for me to go over.


I knew what he meant and didn’t bother to be pretentious, so I got up and sat down, then lay down next to him.


He laughed, “You’re smart.”


I ignored him, closed my eyes and went to sleep.


The next day.


I slept late the first night, so I woke up late the next day.


I opened my eyes halfway to see the sound of insects and birds outside, and I was in a trance, thinking I was still in the villa.


I couldn’t help but raise my hand and stretch out, but coldly it hit the person next to me, I couldn’t help but look up and see that Fu Shen Yan was holding a document in his hand at the moment, still signing.


The back of my hand hit his face, seeing me look at him, he raised his eyes, his eyebrows please handsome, “awake?”


I withdrew my hand and nodded my head, “Yes!”


As an afterthought, I realized that this was a hospital and moved to get up from the hospital bed, which was not like my bed at home.


I like to squeeze towards the hot place because of my cold body. Fu Shenyan was squeezed by me on the side of the bed, and when I got up, a large gap was exposed, which looked very obvious.


Seeing this, I was a little embarra*sed and lowered my eyes slightly and said, “Sorry!” I had no intention of squeezing into a bed with a patient.


He smiled lightly, put away the papers in his hand and looked at me, “Are you hungry?”


As he said that, his body moved slightly to the centre of the bed, at that moment a nurse came in to give him the infusion, the little nurse peeked at me a few times, it looked like I was sleeping before, that’s why I didn’t come in.


The nurse finished the infusion and I spoke indifferently, “It’s okay!” Then I went into the bathroom and washed up casually.


When I came out and saw that he still had a few bottles of drops, I said, “Do you have anything you want to eat?”


He smiled lightly, “As you wish!”


I didn’t bother to say anything more to him, so I carried my bag out of the ward and met Cheng Junyu at the door.


Seeing me go out, he spoke, “Thanks for last night!”


I froze, remembering that it was him who slept at the villa, and shook my head slightly, “It’s just a gesture, besides, someone bothered you that much, no thanks!”


He smiled low, “Ready to go?”


“To buy breakfast!” After a pause, I said, “Have you eaten yet?”


He shook his head, “Just got to the hospital!”


“Anything you want to eat?”


He shook his head, “Not really!”


I nodded, staggered with him and headed down the corridor into the lift.