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Never Say Never Chapter 141-142

Chapter 141

“If it’s the former, no matter what the girl’s reaction is, you don’t deserve that you like each other this good anymore, if it’s the latter, then collect it well, after all, there aren’t many people to share the good in one’s life.”


He looked at me, “What about you? If one day Fu Shen Yan becomes nothing, you will still like him? He’s not the president of Fu’s.”


“No ifs!” Interrupting his words, the waiter had already brought up the pot ingredients and I looked down to find the switch to turn on the heat.


The phone in my pocket vibrated.


Turning on the fire, I answered the phone and the voice on the other end was low and cold, “Shen Shu!”


It was Fu Shen Yan, who seemed to have come out of the emergency room.


“I’m here!” Answered Chen Xing, seeing me on the phone, he got up and went to get a few bottles of Wang Laoji from the boss.


“What are you doing?” By the sound of his voice, Fu Shen Yan didn’t seem too happy.


“Eating hot pot!” There was nothing to avoid here, so I just said it.


“Heh!” His cold laugh came from the other end of the phone, “You’re really something, your husband is still in the hospital and you’re in the mood to eat hot pot, Shen Shu, you’re really good.”


I pursed my lips, “Mr. Fu is so angry, it seems to be nothing serious, he can’t die.”


The fact that he could even argue with me meant that it was no big deal.


Chen Xing carried a few bottles of Wang Laoji over and spoke, “You can eat it without worry, Wang Laoji allows you not to worry about catching fire.”


I gave him a thumbs up, it was a pity he didn’t advertise Wang Lao Ji.


“Who are you with?” Fu Shen Yan on the other end of the phone heard the voice coldly questioning.


“Mr. Chen from Credit.” The hot pot soup rose and I put the small dish I ordered in the pot and spoke into the phone, a little annoyed, “Does Mr. Fu have any more instructions? If not, I’m hanging up.”


“Shen Shu, I’m your husband, shouldn’t you come and look after me now?” I could hear that Fu Shen Yan on the other end of the phone was very angry.


I was a little impatient, “Mr. Fu shouldn’t be short of people to take care of, Miss Lu should be guarding you at this moment without leaving a moment, if I go over there, the main house and the mistress are huddled together, if they fight, although you are physically disabled, you are ultimately powerless, so I’d better not go, you take good care of yourself, bye!”


Hang up the phone, I directly mute the phone, and Chen Xing chatted while eating up.


After two hours, Chen Xing finished his order and saw that the night market was bustling, he looked at me and said, “Do you want to go shopping?”


I shook my head, “Go home.” I’m not too keen on shopping.


Seeing this, he couldn’t say much, raised his eyebrows, and took me back.


Luckily, he hadn’t been drinking, so he sent me back after eating.


When he dropped me off at the villa, he stopped the car and looked at me and said, “If one day Fu Shen Yan and you are separated, I will take good care of the children and you, and will definitely not let you suffer half.”


I lost my smile, “I thank you, but there won’t be that day, it’s getting late, go back early and rest.”


He didn’t have a car, so I had to let him drive back in mine.


When I returned to the villa, I saw an extra person in the hall, Lu Xinran.


She was sorting out Fu Shenyan’s clothes in the hall, and Sister Zhang was probably busy and not there.


When she saw me, she was cold and didn’t say a word, but just continued to sort through Fu’s clothes.


I took out my mobile phone and saw that there were several missed calls, all from Fu Shen Yan.


Ignoring them outright, I dialed 110 directly.


After a few rings, the other side picked up, “Hello, this is the Huai’an District Police Station in Jiangcheng, may I ask what you need help with?”


Chapter 142

“Hello, I’m calling the police, there’s been a break-in at villa 78 in the Shanshui District, block D. I need you to send someone over for a transfer.”


“Okay, ma’am please wait a moment.”


After hanging up the phone, Lu Xinran looked at me incredulously, “Shen Shu, what are you doing?”


I wrapped my arms around myself, leaning against the entrance, and spoke indifferently, “Call the police!”


Lu Xinran was clenching her fists, her face alternating between blue and white, her eyes almost spitting out fire as she stared at me, “This is Shen Yan’s house, most of the things in it are my favorite, Shen Shu, you are the one who has no shame in taking over.”


I raised my eyebrows and swept around the house, “Miss Lu likes quite a lot of things, but, just because you like it means it’s yours? Your nine years of compulsory education is quite special.”


I saw a few nice style vases on the collection shelf in the hall, which seemed to have been bought by Lu Xinran for Fu Shenyan at the time.


I walked over and looked at the vase and said, “Is this what Miss Lu likes?”


After saying that, I pushed the vase off the collection shelf without hesitation, followed by the very pleasant sound of broken celadon.


“Shen Shu, you, I’m not finished with you!” Lu Xinran’s eyes turned red and she lunged towards me with her teeth and claws open.


After two years of pestering her, I knew her tricks by heart.


She was too angry to stop in her tracks and crashed directly into the collection shelf.


She broke a few valuable collectibles.


I was a little distressed, “Miss Lu this put me damaged things, calm down or have to count the money to compensate me.”


Lu Xinran was trembling with anger and wanted to tear me apart, “Shen Shu, you bully too much.”


A siren sounded outside the villa and it didn’t take long for someone to ring the doorbell outside.


When I opened the door, there were three young policemen who saw me and said, “We received a call that someone was breaking and entering, may I ask who the owner is?”


“Me!” Responding, I handed my ID card and property card to the policemen to look at, and then said, “This young lady entered my house without my permission and damaged valuable things in the house, please take care of it.”


“Okay, Miss Shen, you’re not hurt, are you?” The policeman handed me back my papers and spoke.


I shook my head.


Lu Xinran had probably never suffered such an indignity in her life, her eyes scarlet with rage, “Shen Shu, you’re not finished with you!”


Two policemen took her away.


I looked at the messy hall and was in no mood to clean up, so I simply went straight to my room.


I was so full that I fell asleep after taking a shower in the bathroom.


I heard the doorbell downstairs ringing extremely loudly, so I thought I had misheard it, so I turned under the covers and went back to sleep.


I didn’t want the doorbell to continue ringing again.


I got up and got out of bed, wondering who was coming here at this time of night.


I glanced at the camera at the door and saw Cheng Junyu standing at the door in black.


It was already two o’clock, what was he doing here?


When I opened the door, I was a little sleepy and looked at him and said, “Dr. Cheng, what’s wrong?”


He looked at me and said with relief, “Why didn’t you answer the phone?”


I froze, “I had it on mute before, I fell asleep and didn’t see it, what’s wrong?”


He entered the villa and lay down on the sofa a little tiredly and spoke, “Shen Yan asked you to send him some porridge to the hospital, he wants to eat it.”


I froze and opened my mouth, a little speechless, “There are so many things to buy near the hospital, you can just buy him some, why do you have to make a special trip?”


He pinched his brow and said tiredly, “He asked you to cook it yourself and bring it to him?”