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Winner Takes All Chapter 373-374

Chapter 373

“Mr Zhou, you’re an old hand at things like getting land, you shouldn’t need me, right?”

Chen Dong said in disbelief.

Zhou Yanqiu had been in the market for decades, and in the city, just in the real estate industry, he was able to be on par with Zhou Zunlong, who specialized in real estate, and even pressed Zhou Zunlong so much that he could not even lift his head.

Such a magnificent man couldn’t get a piece of land?

Zhou Yanqiu rubbed his hands awkwardly, “To be honest, if it was in this city, I would naturally be able to get it, but that piece of land is next door in Lingdong, so it would be a problem for me to get it.”

Chen Dong did not care and waved his hand, “You can go directly to Dingtai to talk to Xiao Ma and Lone Wolf about this matter, they will be with you.”

“Many thanks Mr. Chen!”

Zhou Yanqiu was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “Mr. Chen has given his help, if I can get that piece of land, I will definitely pay generously, if Mr. Chen doesn’t mind, it’s okay to cooperate in the development!”

“Alright, go ahead, I’m still in a hurry to keep my wife company.”

Chen Dong waved his hand, and then led Elder Long and Kunlun straight towards the small bamboo forest courtyard.

“Young Master, Zhou Yanqiu has even directly offered that he can cooperate in the development, this piece of land should be troublesome.” Elder Long suddenly said.

“Xiao Ma and Lone Wolf should be able to handle it.”

Chen Dong nodded his head, he knew very well what kind of person Zhou Yanqiu was.

A magnificent man who had been running through the shopping malls for decades, no matter the city or the sleight of hand, it was all top notch.

If that piece of land was really easy to get, Zhou Yanqiu would have already swallowed it up.

Now that he can offer the terms of cooperation in the development, he is obviously sharing half of the fat in his mouth, and those who are willing to pay such a capital are obviously tricky.

Long Lao nodded his head and said no more.

Back at the bamboo courtyard.

Gu Qingying and Fan Lu were sipping tea in the courtyard.

“You’re back so early, why did you have to make yourself so tired.”

Gu Qingying greeted them and complained.

Chen Dong smiled faintly, “Didn’t I just want to come back earlier to spend more time with you?”

“With Sister Xiao Lu around, how do I need you to keep me company?”

Gu Qingying lifted her right hand and showed her pink fist: “You are about to become a father, now the first goal is to hurry up and earn milk powder money, if there is less milk powder money for the child, I, as a mother, will have to beat you up, yo.”

With a single word, the crowd laughed.

However, Chen Dong knew clearly that Gu Qingying was trying to understand her.

Because the period of one year was too short!

Thinking of this, Chen Dong’s heart was touched for a moment.

He intimately scraped the bridge of Gu Qingying’s nose and smiled gently, “Don’t worry, when the baby is born, I will definitely earn a lot of money for milk powder, earning money is important, but staying with you is even more important.”

Throughout the morning, Chen Dong stayed with Gu Qingying.

After the events of last night, the leisure and tranquility in the small bamboo courtyard now made Chen Dong quite comfortable.

A wife and children in a hot bed is a life that all men aspire to.

Even if he is a man who lives high up in the clouds overlooking all life.

After lunch.

Elder Long called Chen Dong to the courtyard.

“Young master, the Li family is finished.”

Elder Long said in a deep voice, “After fermenting all night last night, the major giants of Kyoto made their moves at the same time this morning and appropriated most of the Li family’s properties, and the rest is estimated to be finished soon.”

Chen Dong had expected this.

“If Elder Li dies, Li Deshan who has some brains will still be able to maintain the Li family for a long time, even if he can’t and loses his position as the richest person in the Li family, but the thin dead camel is bigger than the horse, the Li family will still be a powerful family in Kyoto.”

Speaking of this, Chen Dong gave a cold laugh, “It’s just a pity that the Li family is a family of fools, and Li Deshan is even more foolish like a retard.”

Elder Long nodded his head, what Chen Dong said was indeed the same as the truth.

The gecko had broken its tail, and it was still able to seek a life to live.

Not to mention the once richest family in Kyoto, the Li family!

By preference, Li Deshan had made the most foolish choice of all options.

“You should be looking for me to talk about more than just this, right?” Chen Dong suddenly looked at Elder Long.

Elder Long smiled awkwardly, “Actually, it was Chu Reed who asked old slave to ask your opinion on her behalf.”

After a pause, Elder Long said, “Li Deshan has died, the Li family has disintegrated in a huge change, and the old man of the Li family knows that you and the Li family are as close as water, but he is a smart man, and has circled back and retreated, wanting to put some of the Li family’s properties into the hands of the Chu family.”

“Reborn on a shell?” Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and couldn’t help but be a little surprised, “I had underestimated the Li family, it turns out there’s one with a brain.”

Now that the Li family was being swallowed up by the major giants in a frenzy, it was possible to maintain part of the base by bringing some of it under the Chu family and giving up some of its interests.

The Chu family was not at the top of the pyramid in Kyoto, but it was still one of the gentry.

What’s more, it is known among the gentry in Kyoto that the Chu family is dependent on him, on the Chen family!

With this banner in place, the gentry would be deterred from incorporating the Li family’s properties under the Chu family.

“That is probably what it means, Chu Reed is uncertain about it, so he asked his old slave to ask you what you want instead, young master.” Elder Long nodded his head.

“What do you think?” Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and said.

“The one-year deadline is just around the corner, one more point is one more point.” Elder Long said.

Chen Dong suddenly laughed.

The laughter caused Elder Long to freeze.

Immediately following, Chen Dong said, “The truth of raising a tiger is a danger, Elder Long should be clear about it, right? The story of the farmer and the snake is also told by many people, right? I’m not so hungry that I can’t choose my food.”

Stretching his back.

Chen Dong said, “I’ll go back inside to keep my wife company.”

Long Lao froze in place and pondered for a few seconds before he just picked up his phone to reply to Chu Reed.

“Let the Li family fend for themselves, the two Zhang Chu families, shall not interfere!”


Chen Dong did not care about how big a storm Kyoto had actually set off.

Instead of caring about the Li family, he should care about his wife and the clues to his father’s disappearance.

The day pa*sed peacefully.

Such a leisurely and relaxing time was shattered by a phone call from Lone Wolf.

“Mr. Chen, the talks have fallen apart!”

Chen Dong was a bit stunned: “This can collapse? It’s just a piece of land in the next city, Dingtai and Zhou Yanqiu have joined forces and still can’t take it down?”

“It couldn’t be taken down, and there was even a fight just now.”

Chen Dong’s face sank, it was only the next city over, he had stirred up such a big storm in this city, the next city must have heard about it a long time ago.

If Dingtai plus Zhou Yanqiu joined forces at the same time, the other side should give three points of thin face even if they were horse kings.

After all, they are just local snakes in a corner, not five-clawed golden dragons like the Chen family’s Yike Group.

“You didn’t mention us Dingtai?” Chen Dong asked.

“Mentioned it!”

Lone Wolf’s voice was suddenly suppressed to the extreme with raging anger, “It’s just that the other party doesn’t even put our Dingtai in their eyes, and they even threatened to make you go on your knees and apologise to them for interfering in this matter.”

Chen Dong suddenly felt that this matter was a bit funny.

It was just a piece of land, but it had actually come to such a point.

What kind of cross breed was the other party?

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong said, “Tell me the location, I will go over there now and see if they can make me apologize by accompanying them with drinks.”


Chapter 374

Lingdong City, International Hotel.

When Chen Dong saw Zhou Yanqiu and Lone Wolf, he could not help but feel a moment of consternation.

Both of them were dusty, and even Lone Wolf had a few bruises on his face, in a wretched state.

“What the hell is going on?”

Chen Dong’s face sank.

It was enough that the other party had insulted him, but now they had moved his people, there was no way for this matter to go away.

Having been immersed in real estate for so many years, Chen Dong knew very well about matters like land acquisition.

When he was the vice president of Dingtai, he took on the name of Li Dabao’s president and helped Dingtai to get land outside.

When Zhou Yanqiu acquired land like this now, it was usually the major real estate bosses sitting together, smoking cigars and drinking wine, and discussing who would take the land.

As for the bidding, it was just a situation.

Zhou Yanqiu hadn’t put things together at the beginning, so he was expecting to join forces with Din Tai to get the land, and now with Lone Wolf’s injury, it was obvious that the talks had fallen apart badly.

“Mr Chen, I’m sorry, I didn’t take care of Lone Wolf.” Zhou Yanqiu rubbed his hands together and said with an apologetic face.

Lone Wolf had once fought in his underground boxing ring and had left it after meeting Chen Dong, with this relationship in place, Zhou Yanqiu was well aware of the relationship between Chen Dong and Lone Wolf, it was not at all the ordinary boss and employee kind.

After a pause, to make sure that Chen Dong’s expression had not changed.

Only then did Zhou Yanqiu say, “The one competing with us for the land this time is the largest real estate company in Lingdong, Lingdong Real Estate is the only one in the whole of Lingdong, an oligarchy, and their boss, Lin Lingdong, is the king of the underground in Lingdong, with unparalleled means.”

“Because that piece of land is in the core of Lingdong, the value potential is huge, so Lingdong Real Estate is also bound to get it, originally I have planned to bleed once to get this piece of land from Lingdong Real Estate, but their attitude is very tough.”

Speaking of this, Zhou Yanqiu suddenly smiled awkwardly, “I’m not going to lie to you, we didn’t see Lin Lingdong on the two occasions we approached him, we only met his men, and Lone Wolf’s injuries were also inflicted by his men.”

“The words were also from his men?” Chen Dong asked.

Putting aside Lin Lingdong’s background, the matter of his men doing it alone already showed that there was no way to talk about this matter by normal means.

“Mm.” Zhou Yanqiu nodded, “That person’s name is Wu Junhao, he is the most powerful pony under Lin Lingdong, known as the God of War of Lingdong, he is ruthless and ruthless, his fists and kicks are also very good.”

Chen Dong suddenly smiled.

Stretching his back, “Let’s go, let’s go and meet him personally.”

Zhou Yanqiu’s heart was overjoyed and he busily stood up, “Wu Junhao is now at the Junhao Hotel, that’s his turf.”

“Mr. Chen.” Lone Wolf was however a little worried, “Why don’t we call Brother Kunlun to come?”

Chen Dong paused in his steps, “Are you doubting my level of combat power?”

Lone Wolf shook his head, “It’s better to let Brother Kunlun do this kind of thing, you don’t need to do it yourself, Mr. Chen.”

“After beating my brother, I still can’t fight back personally?”

Chen Dong’s words made Lone Wolf shut his mouth.

Then, Chen Dong looked at Zhou Yanqiu, “I don’t want Wu Junhao’s address, I want Lin Lingdong’s address.”

Zhou Yanqiu was instantly shocked.

Following closely, he said helplessly, “Wu Junhao has been acting in place of Lin Lingdong, and in Lingdong, there are only a few people in Wu Junhao who know Lin Lingdong’s whereabouts.”

“Then go to the Junhao Hotel.”

Half an hour later.

Chen Dong led Lone Wolf and Zhou Yanqiu to the Junhao Hotel.

It was a four-star hotel.

As Lin Lingdong’s pony, the fact that he could own such a large hotel was enough to prove his position in front of Lin Lingdong and his status in Lingdong.

“Let’s go.”

Chen Dong indifferently walked into the hotel.

Zhou Yanqiu looked a little nervous, and dense beads of sweat quietly seeped out of his forehead.

This matter had started because of him, and if Chen Dong had the slightest bit of blame, he could not afford it.

Now, he could only play the role of a pawn.

He quickly stepped forward and found the hotel lobby manager, “Hello, we would like to pay a visit to Brother Junhao.”

The smile on the lobby manager’s face disappeared.

He cast a sidelong glance at Chen Dong and Lone Wolf.

Instantly his aura rose, “I remember, you are the two who were beaten up by Mr. Wu this afternoon, right?”

The way he spoke and acted, there was an air of untamed disdain.

Zhou Yanqiu smiled awkwardly, “Please inform me.”

“Get lost, Mr. Wu is a busy man, do you really think you can see any dog or cat?”

The lobby manager didn’t intend to waste more words and waved his hand, “Or maybe you still don’t think you’ve been beaten enough and want to receive another beating?”

Zhou Yanqiu’s face sank.

It was true that he was now playing the role of a pawn, but he was after all a great man of the mall.

When he was disliked in the face, his anger immediately rose to the surface.

But when he thought of Chen Dong behind him, he gritted his teeth and was about to speak.


Suddenly, a figure stepped out from the corner.

“Watchdog, what are you talking to him for?”


Chen Dong threw a blatant punch at the lobby manager’s stomach.

The lobby manager immediately let out a miserable scream, his face turned pig’s liver colour and he crouched on the ground with his stomach covered.

At the same time, he bared his teeth and roared, “You F**king hit ……”

Before he could finish his sentence, he felt his throat tighten and swallowed the words that came to his mouth.

Chen Dong grabbed the lobby manager’s neck and spoke like frost, “I don’t have time to waste with a dog, take me to see Wu Junhao.”

The lobby manager struggled, but Chen Dong’s right hand was like an iron vise, causing him to suffocate quickly.

A strong threat of death came rushing in.

He nodded his head in terror.


Chen Dong let go of his hand and looked askance at Zhou Yanqiu: “Since when did Mr Zhou start reasoning with dogs?”

On the other side, the hotel security noticed the scene and instantly came towards this side.

The lobby manager hurriedly raised his hand to stop it.

He glanced at Chen Dong with scorn.

He knew clearly that this was a ruthless man, even more ruthless than the other two in front of him!

Such a person could only be left to General Manager Wu to deal with personally!

With that.

The lobby manager got up and respectfully led the way ahead, no longer having the unruly look he had just now.

All this happened in just a few seconds.

Yet it caused Zhou Yanqiu to look despondent, and the look in Chen Dong’s eyes was once again a little more awe-inspiring.

“Killing and decisive, the Chen Dong back then did not have such a decisive heart!”

This was the thought in Zhou Yanqiu’s mind.

Lone Wolf, on the other hand, was following behind as if he was used to it.

The entire floor on the top floor of the Grand Plaza Hotel was a place for bathing, relaxing and entertainment.

Chen Dong followed the lobby manager out of the lift.

Finally, they stopped in front of a room with the room number “999999”.

Knock, knock, knock!

The lobby manager took a glance at Chen Dong, his scornful expression suddenly faded by a few points and hooked the corners of his mouth, revealing a cold smile.


Just at this moment.

Chen Dong suddenly stepped forward.

Bang Teen!

A foot kicked open the door of the room.

It was overbearing and brutal, with a compelling momentum.

The laughter in the room came to an abrupt halt, leaving only the music echoing.

A group of people looked at Chen Dong at the door with faces full of shock and anger.

Some of the girls in the room, dressed in cool clothes, had already walked to a side corner with the utmost sense.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and said in a cold voice.

“Who is Wu Junhao? Get out!”