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Never Say Never Chapter 99-100

Chapter 99

When she saw me do this, she took her phone out and tapped on the River City headlines.


I looked carefully at the news on the headlines, the day before Chen Xing drove his flashy Maybach and I downtown for dinner, someone wrote some nonsense about the post out of nothing, the worse it got, and finally wrote me directly as a Sl*t.


After reading the post, I have some headache, no wonder those few people in the finance department looked at me with that kind of eyes this morning, the original ……


So, Fu Shen Yan changed the locks on the villa and pulled me in black, all because of this?


I thought about the phone call Chen Xing took at the hotel earlier, and my head hurt even more.


How come everything is crammed together.


My phone buzzed and Han Shuang saw that I had something to do and went out with the papers in his arms.


I glanced at my phone, the caller ID was Chen Xing, a headache, picked up the phone and spoke, “What’s up?”


“Did you read the headlines?” He spoke, his tone droning.


I hmmed, in a bad mood, “Yes!”


“My mum’s birthday tomorrow night, come along?” He said this with such ease, as if it was no big deal that I was having a scandal with him.


I pinched my somewhat swollen brow and spoke, “There’s no time, find a way to hurry up and explain the headline thing.”


Shen Yu appeared, and I didn’t know who else I could turn to besides Fu Shen Yan.


Chen Xing and my headline was a very troublesome matter.


The other end of the phone was silent for a while and spoke, “I’ll take care of the headline.”


“Mmm!” I spoke, a little tired, “Don’t cause any more trouble!”


I didn’t know when Shen Yu would come looking for Jiangcheng, and if Fu Shen Yan fell out with me over the scandal, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to survive if the hellish life of five years ago played out again.


Compared to staying alive, nothing else was a big deal.


After hanging up with Chen Xing, I put the phone aside and after a while of silence I got up and went straight to Fu Shen Yan’s office.


Compared to the previous bustle, this time, Fu Shen Yan’s office was very cold, the original a*sistant room Chen Yi was also not present.


The sound of keyboard beating came from the quiet office, I stood at the door and raised my hand and knocked a few times.


“Come in!” The man’s voice was low and magnetic, as nice as ever.


After a few seconds of hesitation, I pushed the door open, my heartbeat, which had calmed down for a few moments, still couldn’t help but speed up at this point when I was near him.


The sound of the keyboard beating is particularly clear.


I stood in front of Fu Shen Yan’s desk, did not speak, just quietly looking at him seriously focused, sure, serious work of the man is very handsome.


“Put it here first, I’ll sign it later!” Perhaps too focused, he did not notice that the person who came was me, did not even raise an eyebrow, focused on the computer.


I stood quietly, not making a sound.


After a long time, he frowned, stopped what he was doing and looked over, seeing that it was me, his face, which was originally downcast, took on a colder tone.


“Something wrong?” He opened his mouth, the coldness in his voice particularly strong.


“Fu Shen Yan, let’s talk!” The matter with Chen Xing, I could explain, and it was necessary to explain.


His slender body leaned back slightly, a few leisurely moments leaning on the back of his chair, his eyebrows clear and cold as he looked at me, raising his eyebrows, a few disdainful moments, “Director Shen has a job to talk to me about?”


Rusty and cold.


I pursed my lips, hands pinching each other, some pain, “Fu Shen Yan, about me and Chen Xing, I can explain!”


Chapter 100

“Asleep?” He raised an eyebrow, a lot of frost dotting his brow.


I didn’t react at first, but it was just a moment before I understood what he meant and blushed mostly white for a moment, “No!”


“Heh!” A low, cold laugh spat out of his throat, raising his eyebrows at me, his chill intensified, “Shen Shu, do you think I’ll believe what you say?”


“Fu Shen Yan, I at least have a chance to explain, right?” The headline had dragged on for too long, and neither Chen Xing nor I had bothered to respond, which is why it had only gotten worse today.


He seemed to have little patience and raised his hand to pinch his brow as he looked at me and said, “Director Shen, Fu’s offering you such a high salary is not for you to talk to your boss about your personal matters during working hours!”


“Fu ……”


“Director Shen, when to do what, you should know better than me, right?” He raised his eyes and asked back, his voice clearly tinged with anger.


I was about to say something else when Chen Yi came in at some point and looked at me politely and distantly and said, “Director Shen, Mr. Fu has a lot more to do.”


The implication was to let me go.


I looked at Fu Shen Yan and saw that his dark eyes were downcast, obviously not wanting to say a word more to me.


Ignoring Chen Yi’s urging, I looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “When will Mr. Fu have time? Let’s talk.”


He didn’t say anything, his face cold.


Seeing this, Chen Yi opened his mouth towards me and said, “If Director Shen has nothing to do, please go back!”


It wasn’t a good idea to stand still like this, so I left the office and met Cheng Junyu, who was just getting off the lift.


He was carrying a lot of things in his hand, and when he saw me coming out of Fu Shen Yan’s office, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Did you have a fight?”


I nodded my head, this was a fight!


Fu Shen Yan’s temper has always been very strange, I’ve been with him for so many years, but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him this time.


“The medicine for you, remember to take it when you get back.” Cheng Junyu handed me the bag in his hand, looked at Fu Shenyan’s office looked at me and said, “I heard about the headline, explain it properly.”


He went back to his office, and I went back to work.


Dazed and confused until the end of the day, I carried my bag and went straight to the car park to wait for Fu Shen Yan.


Finding his black Jeep, I stood aside and waited for him; it was my problem and it was necessary to find him and talk it over.


However, I had been waiting for almost an hour and all the cars in the garage had basically left, but I hadn’t seen Fu Shenyan come out yet, so I thought he was still at the office working overtime.


I didn’t expect that Chen Yi would be the one who finally came to drive.


When he saw me, Chen Yi froze, still polite and distant, “Director Shen, are you here?”


“Where’s Fu Shen Yan?” I spoke, getting straight to the point.


“He just left with General Manager Qiao.” Chen Yi opened his mouth and pulled out the car keys from his briefcase.


I opened my mouth, not knowing what to say for a moment.


I simply smiled at him and said, “I have to leave first.”


Fu Shen Yan is really good.


I drove back to the villa in a hurry and rang the doorbell several times before I saw Mrs. Zhang open the door while wiping her hands. As she said this, she gestured with her afterglow.


I missed her and instead happened to see the man sitting in the hall reading the newspaper, with a cold, arrogant air and a coldness all around him.


After changing my shoes, Mrs. Zhang went in and continued her work, I went to sit next to Fu Shen Yan and did not rush to talk to him, but waited quietly for him to finish reading the newspaper.


After a long time, Fu Shen Yan put down the newspaper, I pushed the juice brought by sister-in-law Zhang to his side and said, “Fu Shen Yan, can we talk now?”


He swept a glance at the juice without touching it, his black eyes slightly sunken, his voice low and cold, “In what capacity is Miss Shen talking to me?”