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Never Say Never Chapter 93-94

Chapter 93

He looked at the time and shook his head, “No need, I’ll just lean here for a while.” After a pause, he said, “There are some problems with the branch’s finances, you can’t tell unless you take a closer look, I guess which boss has embezzled public money and then found a random project to fool people, a few million in accounts, take a look!”


I nodded, turned all the accounts out and started to look at them, the branch was following Fu’s model and way of doing business, the development of A City was very smooth, so Fu Shen Yan gave a lot of power to the president over here.


A lot of things he doesn’t get involved in much, I looked it over carefully, there was indeed a problem with an engineering project, under normal circumstances, a small engineering accident, I don’t know why millions of dollars were spent to make up for it, even if it was used to subsidize the injured at work, it was never that much, obviously someone had misappropriated it.


“This matter may have to be handled through Wang Hui!” I opened my mouth and looked back at Chen Xing, not realising that he had fallen asleep.


Seeing this, I got up, carried my life out of the bedroom and covered him with it.


There were still two hours left, so I could let him rest for a while, he hadn’t had much rest until now yesterday.


After putting the information together, my phone vibrated, it was Muzi calling.


I picked up and nodded, there was some noise on her end but I could still hear her voice, “Shen Shu, you’re here in A City, send me the location, I’ll come find you later!”


I was stunned, “You’re in A City too?”


She said before that she wanted to go to Hainan for a walk, how come she was also in A City?


“Didn’t I read the friends circle you posted? I know you’re in city A, so I came over, I just got off the plane, send me your address, I’ll come over to you later.”


I hung up the phone and called Muzi on WeChat, I saw a few messages, I flipped through them, part of them were from Han Shuang reporting on his work, and a few were from Cheng Jun Yu.


I almost forgot, Cheng Junyu said she was also coming to city A. Thinking of this, I called him up.


The phone rang a few times and he picked up, his voice was low and nice, “Which hotel are you at?”


“You’re in A City too?” I spoke, thinking what a coincidence.


“I just arrived, I was just about to call you and you called, at that hotel?” His voice was low and there was some noise around.


I spoke a little louder and said, “Wyndham Hotel, over on South Diane Road.”


“Well, see you in a bit!”


After hanging up the phone, I got up and got ready to take a shower, I was going out for dinner tonight, and according to Muzi’s nature, she would definitely drag me along to go shopping.


I hadn’t been shopping for a long time, so it was good to go out for a walk.


I had planned to go to another room, but after searching for half a day, I couldn’t find another room card, and Chen Xing was asleep.


He was asleep again, so nothing would happen.


I felt greasy because I had eaten too much before I went to bed, but I was more comfortable after the shower.


After blow-drying my hair in the bathroom and changing my clothes, I put on some more light make-up and when I came out I heard Chen Xing talking to someone on the phone.


I could only hear him say, a little hazy from sleep, “Hello, who’s calling?”


Not knowing what was said over there, he said in a somewhat muffled voice, “She’s gone to take a shower, call later if you need anything!”


This was followed by a hmmm answer and then he hung up.


I got out of the shower and saw him leaning back on the couch, half asleep, seemingly not getting enough sleep.


When he saw me, he yawned and said, “Why are you dressed up like that, just going out for dinner.”


Chapter 94

Ignoring him and noticing that my phone was still in his hand, I couldn’t help but remember the call he had just taken and I reacted with hindsight.


I couldn’t help but be surprised, “You just took my call?”


He nodded, sat up straighter and tossed the phone to me, “Called several times and woke me up.”


I took the phone and ignored him, flipping through the call log, the last call was from Fu Shen Yan.


I ……


called the number back and it was already switched off on the other side.


Glaring at Chen Xing, I said without good grace, “What did you just say?”


He got up and said lazily, “Nothing! Fu Shenyan asked me where you had been, and I said you had gone to take a shower, after which he asked me if I was in the same room as you, and I said yes!”


He looked at me with an innocent look on his face and said, “What I said was the truth, what’s wrong with that?”


I held my forehead, wanting to punch this man hard, “Yes, you’re right about everything.”


But that’s a F**king statement that could easily lead to misunderstandings.


I dialed Fu Shen Yan’s number again, but the phone was still off on the other end, but come to think of it, Fu Shen Yan hadn’t thought much about it for a long time.


After putting the phone away, Chen Xing came out of the washroom, his hair wet with droplets of water hanging out, so he must have gone in to wash his face.


He used a towel to haphazardly dry the beads of water from his hair and looked at me, “Let’s go, it’s getting late.”


When I left the hotel with him, I called Muzi and Cheng Junyu. Muzi had just arrived at the hotel and settled in, saying she wanted to sleep first and would come to me later, and Cheng Junyu said he had something to do and might not be able to leave for a while.


I returned a few words and went with Chen Xing to the hotel Wang Hui had booked.


Wang Hui is quite efficient, I and Chen Xing to the time, the other people have arrived, waiting for me and Chen Xing to arrive on the food.


When we arrived at the private room, Wang Hui briefly introduced us, followed by a few subtle words.


They were all senior people in the branch, Chen Xing was used to being spontaneous, and after chatting for a while, he and Wang Hui talked about going to the branch.


The two of them had a nice chat, but they went out halfway and came back not knowing what they had encountered, and their mouths got a bit mean.


Looking at Wang Hui said, “Wang is also considered a shareholder of Fu’s, Fu’s listed for two years, all aspects of development are good, although it is not so much to think that the embezzlement of a few million stolen money, and lead to any big problems, but this kind of problem if more, it is inevitable that one day will not collapse in the anthill.”


Wang Hui listened in awe, holding his gla*s to toast him and said, “Chen is young and talented, Wang doesn’t quite understand what Chen means?”


“Then go back and take a good look at the finances!” After saying that Chen Xing took his gla*s of wine and looked at me and said, “Come and have a drink!”


I couldn’t open my mouth to refuse, he had already downed the wine and then picked up the wine in front of me and said, “Knowing that you can’t drink, I’ll give it to you.”


When several other senior executives heard Chen Xing’s words, their faces did not look too good for a while, and one of the old bosses from the finance department said, “Mr Chen, come on, let’s have a drink to thank you for personally coming to audit our branch.”


Chen Xing was followed by several senior executives who gave him a toast, and it didn’t take long for the man to get drunk.


After the meal was over, I helped Chen Xing into a taxi, my head hurt a bit, why does this guy like to drink so much when he can’t drink well?


When Muzi called, I picked up and she shouted, “Where are you? Out shopping.”


I looked at the drunken man beside me and my head got big, “I’ve got a drunk beside me and I can’t really go.”


“Sh*t!” Woody exploded, “No more fun.”