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Never Say Never Chapter 91-92

Chapter 91

I originally planned to walk back, but the Shanshui villas were very large, almost all of them were single-family houses, and two villas were far away from each other, although they were all in the same district, it would still take some time to walk back.


So I just took Chen Xing’s car and went back.


I parked the car downstairs and went back to the villa, ready to wash up and go to bed.


The man was tall and cold, and there were flashes of smoke and fire between him in the dim light.


I twisted my eyebrows, why is he smoking outside?


When he saw me, he put out his cigarette, a pair of black eyes in the dim light, a little cold, “Where have you been?”


“Had dinner with a friend!” I was a little tired, and after answering him, I went straight back to the villa.


His wrist was pulled by him, then, he smoothly pulled me into his arms, I don’t know how many cigarettes he smoked, the strong smell of tobacco made me a bit unbearable, “Fu Shen Yan!”


“What friend are you having dinner with, pregnant and still drinking?” His voice was a little cold and hoarse.


The smell of alcohol should have come from helping Chen Xing earlier.


I was uncomfortable with his building, pushed him away and spoke, “I didn’t drink!”


Sleepy and tired, I wanted to sleep right now, but Fu Shen Yan seemed to have a cramp, pulling me to look at the Maybach and saying, “It’s worth a lot of money, a limited edition! Shen Shu, have you found your next home?”


What the F**k?


I pushed him away, looking at his somewhat disheveled appearance, I became even more angry, “Fu Shen Yan, please don’t use your narrow-minded view of three to define me, I’m not you, there’s a fish in a pond, go to whoever you feel comfortable with.”


After saying that, I turned around and went straight back to the bedroom.


Unlocking the door behind me, I briefly washed up and went to bed.


Probably because I had to get up early, and because I was tired myself, I fell asleep as soon as I lay down.


The phone rang frantically several times before I woke up in a daze, my mind a little out of mood, and the computer rang again when it was hung up.


I was going to go back to sleep, but suddenly the thought of the business trip occurred to me and I sat up violently, my sleep slowly dissipating.


“What’s wrong?” A raspy voice came from beside me, sleep still lingering.


I froze and turned around to see that it was Fu Shen Yan, who was sleeping soundly at the moment, his long arm still around my waist, I twisted my eyebrows, hadn’t I locked the bedroom door?


The last time he kicked the door down, he probably left a spare key behind himself.


I took his hand off my waist and went to get my mobile phone, which had just rung a few times, but I guess Fu Shenyan had turned it off because it was too noisy.


When I turned it on, a phone call came in, and I answered it smoothly, “Hello!”


“Mr. Shen, the five o’clock flight, should you not prepare to go to the airport!” This voice …… Chen Xing?


I wrinkled my eyebrows, “You’re going on a business trip with me?” Han Shuang just told me that someone from the credit side would be sent with me, but didn’t say who it was.


“Well, hurry up and get up, drive over and pick me up for a bit, my car was taken by you last night!”


I lifted my eyes and looked at the time, 4am, this guy is awesome too, he drank so much last night and still managed to wake up today, awesome!


After hanging up the phone, I simply packed up and hurriedly went out with my suitcase.


When I picked up Chen Xing, he had a messy head of curly hair and was still sleepy. When he got into the car, he looked at me and said, “I’ll drive!”


I was speechless, how could he drive like that?


Chapter 92

“I’ll drive!” It wasn’t far from the airport, half an hour away, plus there was no traffic at this time of day, so it didn’t take long to get there.


The good thing is that there were few people, and it didn’t take much time to get the boarding pa*s and go through security. When we got on the plane, Chen Xing asked the flight attendant for a blanket and went back to sleep.


I also slept on the plane for a while.


When I woke up, Chen Xing already looked at me in a human-like manner and said, “Go to the branch first, deal with things and we’ll go to the hotel and sleep again.”


That sounded awkward.


I didn’t think much of it, I got up and followed him down the plane in a daze. The branch had sent a car to pick me up, so I arrived at the branch without much torture.


All are Fu’s companies, operating mode and management institutions are similar, into the company, the division of labor is the president president Wang Hui and they implicitly a few words.


Then it contacted the financial and several parts of a small meeting, after which is Chen Xing and financial docking, hold a pile of information, Chen Xing and I together out of the company.


I looked at the pile of papers in his arms and couldn’t help but speak up, “You’re not going to do it in the company?”


“It’s not convenient!” He opened his mouth, sorted out the information and looked at me, “I ordered a meal and had them sent directly to the hotel, so you can eat later and rest for a while.”


He was so meticulous, which surprised me a little and I nodded slightly.


The hotel was booked in advance, once inside the hotel, the waiter led us up to the floor, saying as we walked, “The meal for the two of you has been delivered, if you need anything you can call the front desk directly.”


“Mmm!” Responding, Chen Xing and I went into our room, originally we had booked two rooms, but Chen Xing had ordered a meal, and there was no need to separate and eat separately for something like a meal.


So it was all sent to one room. I got up early in the morning, didn’t talk for long on the plane, and had a meeting at the branch to arrange work, so I was really tired and hungry after a few hours.


After a brief meal, I got up to go to the other room to rest, and he looked at me and said, “Just rest over here, I’ll come over later.”


Seeing that he was still eating, I didn’t say much, my body was really tired, and the hotel room was homely, with the bedroom and living room separate.


So I went straight into the bedroom, turned on the air conditioning, and plopped down on the bed to wait for Chen Xing to finish eating and leave so I could take a shower and get some sleep.


But it didn’t take me long to fall asleep, and when I woke up, I saw that I was covered with a quilt and there was the sound of papers turning over in the living room.


I froze, got up and went out to see Chen Xing sitting on the sofa with his face full of seriousness, opening papers and occasionally recording counts on his computer.


It looked like he hadn’t rested and had been working on these things.


It’s not really a good habit to go to bed just after eating, and I sat on the bed for a while, my stomach and my stomach didn’t feel too good.


When I got out of the bedroom, Chen Xing was on the table reading papers, probably too focused to notice me.


I took a gla*s of water and put it next to him, and spoke, “Rest for a while!”


He looked up sharply, froze, then nodded somewhat blankly and drank the gla*s of water before looking at me with a clear gaze and saying, “Awake!”


I nodded and looked at the report on his computer, and had to admit that on the point of working ability, Chen Xing was a very good leader.


He was efficient and had the drive to get things done.


Finishing the report, he closed it and nodded, then leaned his slender body on the sofa and rubbed his eyes, then closed his eyes and faked sleep, resting the back of his hand on his forehead, saying somewhat wearily, “The president of your branch, Wang, called and said he wanted to invite you to dinner tonight.”


Looking at him with a sleepy face, I nodded, “Well, why don’t you go back to your room and take a nap.”