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Never Say Never Chapter 83-84

Chapter 83

I turned on the light and looked around the bedroom, I didn’t see any sound of Fu Shen Yan, there were cigarette butts falling on the balcony, it looked like he had smoked a lot.


No one in sight, I went out of the bedroom barefoot, maybe he would be in the study.


But I overthought it. Downstairs in the hall.


Lu Xinran was soaked through in her azure dress, her eyes red and somewhat stubborn as she looked at Fu Shen Yan, who was a head taller than her.


“Go back!” Fu Shen Yan spoke, his voice a little helpless.


“No!” The corners of Lu Xinran’s mouth rose, smiling innocently and eloquently, “You know, I’m afraid of thunder.”


Lu Xinran’s appearance was too delicate and soft, especially at this moment when her clothes were wet and her hair was still messy.


After a long time, Fu Shen Yan seemed to compromise and spoke, “Go and take a shower first!”


Lu Xinran nodded and after a pause looked at him and said, “I don’t have a change of clothes.”


“The ones you brought over earlier are still in the guest room!”


I stood at the entrance to the stairs and just watched wordlessly as the two conversed.


Lu Xinran nodded and went into the guest room.


When Grandpa bought this villa back then, he said that it was big, and that in the future, Fu Shenyan and I would have more children, and that there would be more rooms and spaciousness.


Later, I slowly realized that there probably wouldn’t be a lively day here, and I wouldn’t even know when there would be Lu Xinran’s clothes in the villa.




“Ah!” There was a sound from the guest room, the sound of a fall.


Fu Shen Yan frowned and instinctively went to look, but stopped after a few steps, he raised his eyes and looked up, when he saw me, his eyes were a little deeper, “Awake?”


I nodded my head, my heart still hurt a little, “She fell, go check it out!”


“Shen Shu!”


I spoke, “Go on!”


I can’t stay, I can’t stop him from running to the one he loves!


Not bothering to look at him, I turned and went back to the bedroom, the storm on the balcony was a little too strong, I walked over and stood on the windbreak, letting the pounding rain beat down on me, the pain in my heart slowly numbed as my body got cold to the touch.


Bending my knees and squatting on the ground, I wrapped my arms around myself in a death grip, my face crouched between my legs as tears began to run freely.


In this world, there is no such thing as bitterness followed by sweetness, how can things in fairy tales be taken seriously?


There are some pains that no one can help you with, nor is it their duty to do so, except to grit your teeth and get through them.


I don’t know if I’ve been in the rain for too long, but I feel dizzy, and the pain in my heart seems to have numbed my body to the cold.


When I heard the crackling sounds coming from the bedroom, I looked up and saw that I didn’t know when Fu Shen Yan was already standing beside me with a sullen face.


The eyes were gloomy and cold, seemingly furious.


“Are you happy to be so me like this?”


I froze for a moment, raised my eyes to look at him and opened my mouth, “Are you happy?”


He didn’t say anything, pulling me down from the balcony, his eyebrows knitted deeply, saying somewhat helplessly, “Shen Shu, there are some responsibilities I can’t shirk, don’t torture me with you and the child, okay?”


I looked down, tears still falling indefensibly, “I’m not torturing you, I just have too much pain in my heart.”


My clothes were already all wet, and he carried me straight into the bathroom, turning on the shower and wordlessly undressing my body.


I sat in the tub, a little dizzy, and sat with my eyes downcast in a daze.


My heart was dull and a little uncomfortable.


Having been honest with each other countless times long ago, I wasn’t embarra*sed at this point and just let him get on with it.


After a long time, a warm mist filled the bathroom, and the otherwise cold temperature of my body began to warm up.


Chapter 84

Much warmer, he wrapped me in a towel, carried me out of the bathroom, dressed me in my pyjamas on the chaise longue, and took the towel and wiped my hair.


The air was still to empty silence, and no one was about to speak.


I closed my eyes and leaned my body slightly back in the chair as exhaustion began to set in.


“Don’t rush to sleep, wait for your hair to dry before you go to sleep.” He spoke, his anger dissipating considerably.


I didn’t say anything, just closed my eyes and faked sleep.


After a long time, the sound of a whirring hairdryer came to my ears, a picture as warm as a painting, too good to be true.


“Shen Shu!” Stopping the sound of the hair dryer, Fu Shen Yan spoke.


I opened my eyes, a little sleepy, and looked at him a little blankly.


Holding me half in his arms, his voice was low, “Let’s go down together!”


This was not a discussion, because before I could react, he had already picked me up across the room and walked towards the outside of the bedroom.


Downstairs, Lu Xinran had already taken a shower, her hair half-dried, and was sitting in the living room in a single body, with Qiao Zhongyan, who had arrived at some point, sitting opposite her.


Seeing Fu Shenyan carrying me downstairs, Lu Xinran’s eyes, undisguised with jealousy, stared straight at me until Fu Shenyan placed me on the sofa.


She got up fiercely and tugged at Fu Shen Yan without a care in the world, “Brother Shen Yan, do you not want me anymore.”


As she spoke, her eyes were already red and swollen, tears crackling down.


I lowered my eyes and closed them not wanting to speak, what did Fu Shen Yan call me to do at this time?


To watch a show?


“Xinran, stop fooling around and go back with Zhuan Yan!” These words were spoken by Fu Shen Yan, his tone low and vaguely displeased.


Qiao Zhongyan, who had perhaps also over-exerted Lu Xinran, looked at her and said, “Xinran, I’ll take you back!”


Lu Xinran broke down, her voice hoarse, “Do you all think I’m being unreasonable? Do you all hate me, and now that my brother is gone, all of you have started to resent me and don’t want me anymore!”


“Heh!” I sneered out.


She glared at me, “Shen Shu, what are you laughing at? Oh yes, you are the one who is most proud of yourself now, after all your efforts, you got everything you wanted in the end.”


I laughed, “What did I get?” After a pause, I laughed a little out of control, “By the way, I did get quite a lot, with Miss Lu’s involvement, I got a broken and unfaithful marriage, and I didn’t even dare to speak openly with others about my own pregnancy. I am not as powerful as Miss Lu, with a dead brother, you can open your mouth and shut your brother, as long as you mention your brother, you can recklessly destroy other people’s families, insert into other people’s marriages, being a mistress are justified, hate to tell the world!”


“Shen Shu, you are talking nonsense!” Her face was red with anger and she looked at me with wide eyes, wanting to eat me.


I didn’t care to argue with her and said in a cold voice, “Nonsense? Why don’t you see if you’re being unreasonable, Miss Lu? This is the home of me, Shen Shu and Fu Shen Yan, not a place for you to strut your stuff, please, Miss Lu, please move!”


Lu Xinran’s face was not good, her hands were deadly clasped together, looking at Fu Shen Yan, and then at me indignantly.


I was really a little tired and didn’t want to toss and turn.


Turning towards upstairs, behind me came Lu Xinran’s aggrieved and helpless voice, “Shen Yan brother ……”


“That’s enough!” Fu Shen Yan opened his mouth, his tone a little warm and angry, “Zhuan Yan send her back!”