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Never Say Never Chapter 73-74

Chapter 73

When I followed him into the villa, I saw a middle-aged woman dressed in exquisite fashion greeting me at the door, with a smile in her eyes, she looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Mr. Fu, long time no see.”


When she saw me beside Fu Shenyan, the woman smiled lightly and looked at Fu Shenyan, “This is Mrs. Fu, right?”


Fu Shen Yan nodded and shook her hand in a subtle greeting, “Hello, Mr. Lin, I’ve kept you waiting!”


Mr. Lin? After taking a closer look at this woman, I suddenly remembered, isn’t she Chen Xing’s mother, Ivana Lin?


Why did Fu Shen Yan suddenly bring me here for dinner today?


The restaurant was on the first floor, so when I went upstairs and followed her into the dining room, there were already several people at the table, all of whom looked to be middle-aged men, each with their respective wives.


After beckoning everyone to sit down, Lin Ivana had someone start serving the food, and then smiled, “Thank you all very much for coming to sit with me today, we are usually busy and don’t have much time to get together, today is a good time, so don’t be formal, just treat it like your own home.”


“Hahahaha, Ivana Lin, don’t be in a hurry to make a statement, this young man who just came in, you haven’t introduced him to us all yet?” The person who spoke was a middle-aged man, somewhat slightly fat, smiling with a bit of authority.


Hearing this, Ivana Lin laughed and said, “Bureau Chen, what’s your hurry, this is the General Manager Fu I’ve been talking to you about before, young and talented, next to him is his wife, Mrs. Fu.”


In this way, what followed were all introductions, I listened to the round, but I was able to figure out that those who came tonight were either a certain Dong or a certain Bureau, basically they were all famous figures in the shopping mall and official circles.


I don’t know if she meant to or not, but she mentioned the blue crystal, saying that it hadn’t appeared on the market for decades and that she couldn’t find any medicine for it.


At this point, it was Chen who spoke up, “I saw yesterday that someone had recently brought this stuff, and if it’s used as medicine, one or two grams would be enough.”


The first time I asked Mrs. Fu about this two days ago, the girl took this to heart and asked a friend to find it two days ago, but the result was that something happened and she is still in custody at the bureau.”


I froze for about two seconds before I realized that the Mrs. Fu that Ivana was referring to was me!


I was a bit confused for a while, when had I ever met with Ivana? Nor had I ever been this intimate with her?


After glancing at Fu Shen Yan, I saw that Fu Shen Yan’s clear eyes were nonchalantly looking at Bureau Chen.


I don’t know the name of Mrs. Fu’s friend, I’ll go back and check it out. If there’s really a misunderstanding, then it’s a big water storming the Dragon King Temple. ”


I didn’t rush, I got up and picked up the orange juice in front of me, smiled sweetly and said, “Then thank you Uncle Chen, her name is Li Muzi, her age is the same as mine, I just got pregnant, so I’ll drink orange juice instead of wine and toast you twice as much, thank you Uncle Chen.”


Chen bureau face spread a smile, very cheerful look to Lin Ivana and Fu Shen Yan said, “This girl is really sweet mouth, come, come, I ah and you little girl drink.”


The matter of Muzi was mostly settled.


The wine was also drunk, and people got acquainted.


Chen Bureau and Lin Ivana may have had a little too much to drink, but they did talk about some old times.


Chapter 74

Chen looked at me and then looked at Ivana and said, “Ivana, you’ve been asking about that child all these years, but there’s still no news?”


Probably because she had mentioned her own sadness, Lin Ivana smiled slightly, and her elegant and delicate face was a bit more bitter, “It’s been more than twenty years, and after so many years of searching, there’s still no news.


“Ai!” Chen sighed and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay, we’ll always find her.”


I had eaten a bit too much and when a plate of fish was brought up on the table, I couldn’t stand it for a while and my stomach felt a bit uncomfortable.


So I got up and went out of the restaurant and went to the bathroom.


Fu Shen Yan followed me and pulled me along, “Is everything okay?”


“Yes, just a bit sick to my stomach.” The vomiting had only just started, so this was a good reaction.


I looked up at Fu Shen Yan after a while and said curiously, “What did Mr. Lin and Mr. Chen talk about just now? Didn’t Mr. Lin only have one child?”


Fu Shen Yan pulled me out of the bathroom, let me sit in the corridor on the chaise longue to rest, big palm on my belly said, “Lin is always divorced before marrying Chen Xing’s father, I heard she had a daughter before, that girl was later lost by Lin’s ex-husband, Lin has been inquiring about that child all these years.”


While talking Fu Shen Yan large palm has been on the small of my belly, watching him avian a face usually not gentle, I looked down at him and laughed, “Fu Shen Yan, do you particularly like children?”


I’ve been married for two years and he used to be cold and oblivious to me, but since I got pregnant, he seems to treat me differently.


Between a man and a woman, if there is no love at first sight, then it is love over time. Fu Shenyan did not fall in love with me at first sight, let alone over time.


He didn’t say anything, and pulled me up to go back to the restaurant.


I ate slowly, one end after another, for a few hours, and by the time I got out of the pear orchard, it was dark.


I was sleepy, and when I got into the car, it didn’t take me long to fall asleep.


When I got back to the villa, Fu Shen Yan didn’t wake me up and carried me straight back to the bedroom.


When I woke up the next day, Fu Shen Yan was not there, but my mobile phone kept ringing.


When I saw that it was Muzi’s phone, I froze and answered it.


“Baby, I’m free, I’m free!” There was an excited business on the other end of the line, and I could hear that her breath was ragged and she was probably running.


I was a little surprised and after a pause said, “Is the investigation over at the police station clear and completely clear of you?”


“Well well, the cop this morning said that the bit of blue in my closet, the crystal wasn’t enough to convict me, just a bit of what people normally use for medicine, so he let me out.”


I could hear that she was happy on the other end of the phone, and I was happy too, and spoke up, “Good then, you go home and get a good night’s sleep, get some rest, and let’s go out for a nice dinner tonight.”


“Okay, I want to eat Japanese food, Korean food, hot pot ……” she read a lot in one breath, I laughed at it and said, “Okay, go home and sleep, I’ll call you after work. ”




I was in a much better mood after hanging up with Muzi.


When we were young our teachers always told us to be fair and just, that the world was either black or white, but in fact it wasn’t, slowly growing up we would find that there was no absolute white or black in this world, the world was grey!


Just like when we judge a person, we can’t just define it by good and bad.