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Never Say Never Chapter 109-110

Chapter 109

“Xiao Shu, walk in!” Shen Yu faintly glanced at Lu Xinran, his interest was lacking, a hint of disgust flashed in his eyes, he pulled me and went straight into the hall.


Shen Yu is not uncomfortable with women, he is disgusted with women, since the age of eight, he has been very repulsed by women, if I had not grown up with him, he would be just as disgusted with me at this time.


This kind of special, at this time in my opinion is hell, forever difficult to escape the clutches of Shen Yu.


Lu Xinran’s voice came faintly from behind me, “Brother Shen Yan, Sister Shen turns out to still know General Manager Shen of Anda, no wonder Aunt Lin told me that the people coming tonight are all bigwigs in the business and political world.”


The Anda Group?


Calling it a birthday party, it was more like an exchange meeting between the major elites. Lin Ivana wore a black phoenix-trimmed open cheongsam with a pair of ink-coloured blue crystal high heels tonight, extraordinarily elegant and beautiful.


She is almost 50 years old, but there is no trace of age on her face, rather it is the years that have added colour to her, beauty is not late, the years never defeat no one, I am afraid that is what she is talking about.


From a distance she saw Shen Yu, who was hovering between a few elegant people, and approached her with a gla*s of champagne.


“Mr. Shen, thank you very much for coming over!” Holding up the champagne, she smiled lightly, her gaze fell on me and she looked at Shen Yu and said, “Who is this?”


Without waiting for Shen Yu to say anything, I opened my mouth first, “Mr. Lin, you look so beautiful today!”


She was stunned, but only for a moment before she suppressed her surprise and looked at me, smiling, “So it’s Miss Shen, you’re so beautiful today, I didn’t recognise you for a moment, I’m really sorry!”


I smiled lightly, “Mr. Lin is laughing, I’m usually sloppy and used to cleaning up after a while, it’s inevitable that there will be a gap, I don’t blame Mr. Lin!”


She looked at me for a moment and then at Shen Yu holding my hand, faintly, very warmly, “You know each other?” A suspicious gaze also looked at Shen Yu.


Shen Yu smiled, “Of course, we’ve known each other for over ten years.”


Originally, Ivana wanted to ask more questions, but at that moment there was a sudden silence, and many people’s eyes looked out into the hall.


Out of instinct, I looked back and saw that outside the hall, a middle-aged man dressed in an overcoat with a distinguished and handsome air walked in, followed by four men in black suits.


The middle-aged man’s appearance drew many people forward to greet him, and the man’s gaze fell straight on Lin Ivana, walking towards her impartially.


“Kyoto Mo Master Mo Zhi Zhan, whether in Jiangcheng or Kyoto, when he stamps his foot, the nobles and people of power and sizzle have to tremble three times.” Shen Yu opened his mouth, his voice low.


I faintly looked at Lin Ivana and Mo Zhi Zhan, and saw that the intimacy of the two was different from normal people.




Shen Yu raised his eyebrows, his eyes revealing a few deep meanings that I did not understand, “People who love each other but cannot stay together.”


I couldn’t quite understand this, “Didn’t Lin get married once before? But she married what seems to be an ordinary man, only later married Chen Xing’s father and had Chen Xing, how ……”


Another one came out Mo Zhi Zhan, this relationship is quite messy.


Shen Yu sneered, “The story she made up for the outside world is quite realistic.”


The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website.


The original firm man’s face had a bit of surprise that was lost and found, and his eyes were more doting as he pulled Lu Xinran.


I couldn’t see what was going on and saw Shen Yu beside me looking at me with a conspiratorial face and said, “Lu Xinran is the daughter that Lin Ivana has been looking for for more than twenty years and is also Mo Zhi Zhan’s daughter.”


My mouth dropped open as I listened, Lu Xinran is their daughter?


How come there was no word of this before?


Chapter 110

When Lin Yan and Mo Zhi Zhan finished talking, they couldn’t help but look towards me and Shen Yu. When he saw me, Mo Zhi Zhan’s vicissitudes showed a bit of surprise.


When he saw me, Mo Zhi Zhan’s majestic brow showed a little surprise. Lin Yan seemed to know what he was thinking and whispered a few words in his ear before Mo Zhi Zhan returned to his normal colour.


Shen Yu let go of me and went up to greet Mo Zhi Zhan.


When I got free, I first turned my eyes to look for Fu Shen Yan, but he had just finished greeting Mo Zhi Zhan and was nowhere to be found.


I looked around and saw a familiar voice at the corner of the hall, it was Chen Xing, so I walked over to him.


Seeing me, Chen Xing faintly froze, then spoke again lightly, “Good evening!”


Seeing him in a poor state, I couldn’t help but say, “It’s your mother’s birthday, why are you sickly? I just heard someone say that your mother’s long lost daughter has been found, why don’t you go over and take a look?”


“To see what?” He spoke up, his eyes a little forlorn, “Her heart was all in her daughter, I was just an accident,”


Hearing the aggravation in his words, I took the plate of cheese in my hand and said, “Every child is a treasure in a parent’s heart, she has been lost for more than twenty years after all, it’s always a joy to have her lost and found, after this moment, it will be fine.”


He sneered, his gaze falling on the cheese in my hand, and said heartlessly, “I do hope that the daughter they finally reclaim is you and not Lu Xinran, that woman is too scheming, it’s not a good thing in the Pearly Gates.”


I was a little confused by what he said and couldn’t help but laugh, “Is your family’s daughter something you can just admit?”


He gave me a look, a bit like he was looking at an idiot, “Big sister, you don’t really think my mother is so idle that she would come to your door for a chat, do you?”


He was talking about today?


I was puzzled, “What do you mean?” Although I was puzzled by the strange questions that Ivana Lin had asked me today, I didn’t think anything of it.


At this moment, when Chen Xing mentioned it, I was a bit suspicious.


“Heh!” He kind of despised me, “You’re lucky to be married to Fu Shen Yan with that kind of IQ. I’ve warned you before that you and my mother have some resemblance between your eyebrows and eyes, and so does Lu Xinran, do you really think there would be people in the world who resemble each other for no reason?”


I quirked my eyebrows, “What do you mean?”


He said, “It means that my mother has already taken your dna and Lu Xinran’s dna for a paternity test.”


When he said this, he was a bit puzzled, “I originally thought it was you at first, but I didn’t expect the paternity test results to be Lu Xinran.”


I had a bunch of questions piled up in my mind, and after looking down the hall, I couldn’t ask them here, so I simply dragged Chen Xing to the tea room in the corridor.


Looking at him, I said seriously, “You stole my DNA for a paternity test just because I have some resemblance to Mr. Lin’s eyebrows?”


He bristled, “Of course not, my mother has been searching for over twenty years, she wouldn’t have persisted for so many years without a clue, many of your and Lu Xinran’s experiences match, my mother wasn’t sure at first who you and Lu Xinran really were, so she arranged for Fu Shen Yan to take you, and Lu Xinran both met separately, and then did a paternity test afterwards.”


I wasn’t curious about my supposedly similar experience with Lu Xinran, what I was curious about was the fact that Fu Shen Yan didn’t take me to see Lin Ivana in the first place to save Muzi at all, but that he was just sending Lin Ivana a favour.


And me, in the whole thing, I actually knew nothing about.


“Did Lu Xinran know about all this at the beginning?” I opened my mouth, my heart feeling a little hard.