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Never Say Never Chapter 103-104

Chapter 103

But the towel in my hand was taken away, I turned around and saw that the person who was originally playing with his phone on the chaise longue was standing behind me, and without waiting for me to react, Fu Shen Yan had already started to wipe my hair.


The two of them were just silent, no one had the intention to speak.


It didn’t take long for the hair to be wiped down, he threw the towel aside and said in a low, cold voice, “Lie down!”


I ?????


saw that he had taken the oil and his slender body was already half kneeling on the bed, I froze and reacted that he was preparing to rub the oil on me.


My face burned a little as I looked to him and said, “Don’t bother with that, I can do it myself ……”


The next words were blocked in my throat as I met his eerie gaze.


Fu Shen Yan did not say anything, poured the oil skillfully into his palm, and then began to ma*sage it on my calves. The atmosphere was a little eerie and I wanted to say something, but for a moment I couldn’t find the right words.


“Are you still angry?” Without being serious, I looked towards Fu Shen Yan and spoke, with some apprehension in my heart.


The movements under his hands stopped abruptly, a pair of black eyes looked at me, his voice low and provocative, “Hard?”


I froze, not reacting to what he meant, thinking he was talking about my leg cramp, which was originally brought up by Sister Zhang to ease our relationship, I shook my head slightly, “Fine!”


I don’t know why he suddenly stopped moving and got up to leave, but out of instinct, I hastily tugged him back and said urgently, “Fu Shen Yan, if you’re still angry, you can be angry at me, but don’t be so cold, okay?”


It’s too much to be cold like this when you’re not doing anything.


He looked at me and sneered, his brow tinged with a little sneer, “Anger? You think you can get angry?”


I ……


Seeing his face low and cold, I lowered my eyes and bit my lip, sitting up from the bed and somewhat clumsily lying on top of him.


Perhaps thinking I was too stupid, he pushed straight away and looked at me and said, “Is that the clumsy technique you’re using to perfume me?”


I was speechless and said, “If I were good, you wouldn’t have been so entangled with Lu Xinran all these years.”


“Shen Shu!” I sounded angry.


I said, “I’m here!” What’s the point of shouting so loudly, it’s not like I can’t hear you.


“Heh!” He sneered, “I’ve never seen an apology so justified.”




When he was done, he helplessly pulled me into his arms, hugging me tightly his voice hoarse, “There!”


I didn’t say anything, I didn’t mention that day to anyone, and I didn’t see the man who kidnapped me again.


It all seemed like a dream.


He carried me out of the bathroom, and after half a day of tossing and turning, I was a little sleepy on the bed, and settled into Fu Shenyan’s arm.


With the only lucidity I had, I said, “Fu Shen Yan, don’t be angry with me, there’s really nothing between me and Chen Xing, I’m a pregnant woman and he’s only in his twenties, how could we get together.”


He turned sideways and encircled me, a low, titillating tone in his voice, “Impossible with him, possible with others?”


He was simply playing with words, I pursed my lips, my eyes bulging at him with aggression, “To put it bluntly, you just don’t believe me!”


He seemed to be impressed by this display of weakness, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly as he dropped a sloppy kiss on my forehead, “Go to sleep!”


Seeing him like this, I didn’t say much. I was already sleepy, so it didn’t take me long to fall asleep.


Chapter 104

The following day.


After a few days of exhausting business life, it was hard to get back and it was rare to get a good night’s sleep.


After lying in bed for a while, I got out of bed and saw several missed calls on my phone screen, all from Han Shuang.


The phone was muted, so I called it back up, and as soon as the caller picked up, he said hurriedly, “Director, it’s not good, Mr. Chen sent out a notice last night, asking all the media reporters to open up about his relationship with you, and now there are quite a few reporters and spectators waiting underneath the Fu’s Daxia building to see what’s going on with you.”


Public relationship with me? So Chen Xing was out of his mind?


I climbed up and pulled back the curtains, the sun was shining and the birds were singing.


Smoothing out the displeasure in my heart, I said into the phone, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to the office today, Chen Xing is at least an adult who knows what she should do!”


She hmmed and said somewhat cautiously, “You and Mr. Fu, are you okay?”


I nodded, “Both pretty good.”


After hanging up the phone, I went downstairs and saw Sister Zhang in the kitchen, after looking around, I didn’t see Fu Shen Yan, I walked outside the kitchen and asked Sister Zhang, “Has Fu Shen Yan gone out?”


Sister Zhang was so focused on her work that she was startled when she suddenly heard a voice. When she turned around and saw it was me, she smiled and said, “Mr. Fu said he had something to do this morning and left in a hurry.


I nodded my head and touched my belly, which was bulging a bit, I always felt as if I had gained weight in the past few days.


I was still drinking the soup when Muzi called, and when I saw that she was in a hurry, I stopped what I was doing and said, “What’s wrong? Is something wrong?”


“I read the headline, it’s too flashy, what if Shen Yu sees it?” Muzi was afraid of Shen Yu, and so was I.


So once the man was mentioned, my heart became depressed.


“I will find a way to solve it as soon as possible! Don’t worry, stay at home and rest for the next few days, don’t run around.”


I didn’t know if Shen Yu would find Jiangcheng, but before he did, I had to ask for Fu Shen Yan’s shelter.


After hanging up the phone, I simply ate something and went out. To my surprise, I would meet Ivana Lin, to be precise she had come looking for me.


The Fu family’s villa is very low-profile, and after Fu Shen Yan and I got married, except for those who are familiar with it, almost no one else knew about it.


I saw Ivana in a water-blue open cheongsam, elegant and graceful, with a new limited edition Chinese style bag from Van Cleef & Arpels around her waist this year, which made her look even more elegant and noble.


I hesitated for about two seconds, then my face took on a smile and I greeted her, “Mr. Lin, I’m really sorry, I didn’t know you were coming over, so I’m sorry to miss you!”


She smiled lightly, her eyebrows tinged with warmth, and said, “I came uninvited, there is no need for Miss Shen to blame herself.”


The villa was divided into front and back yards, Fu Shen Yan and I ate and lived in the back yard, while the front yard was where we usually entertained guests, and the tea garden and flower pond were in the front yard.


When I arrived at the tea garden, I asked sister-in-law Zhang to prepare some fruit and pastries, then I boiled water on the tea table and looked at her, “Is Lin always here to talk to Shen Yan about something?”


She shook her head, her gaze falling on my hands as I made the tea, and said warmly, “I’m here to see Miss Shen, who has beautiful hands.”


A polite and subtle greeting, I smiled lowly, “Mr. Lin is joking, your hands are only exquisitely maintained.” The conversation between women was nothing more than that.


But she came here, definitely not to be subtle with me to each other, I will Fu Shen Yan collection of thousand-year-old tea Xigui find out, laughing, “I usually do not drink much tea, are Shen Yan like to drink, today with his collection of good tea in Mr. Lin this offer, you can not dislike my craft.”