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Winner Takes All Chapter 361-362

Chapter 361

Rumble ……

In the air, helicopter propellers roared.

A gust of wind was raised.

To Chen Dong’s surprise, there was not just one helicopter in the air, but …… three!

Each helicopter had a giant square box similar to a container dangling under it.

At this moment, the helicopters were hovering in the air and were slowly lowering the cables to let down the boxes.

This scene was incomparably shocking.

It drew countless onlookers from all around, exclaiming in awe.

After all, apart from Chen Daolin’s close security team, the security team within the Four Seals Clubhouse had rarely seen such a scene.

Chen Dong smacked his lips and said, “Is this really a gift giving? Sure it’s not a move?”

“A small spectacle, the old master has always been generous, and will not be stingy with his son and daughter-in-law and good grandchildren.”

Elder Long smiled with a red face and narrowed his eyes, “Actually, old slave thinks that Master is still a bit stingy, he is much more generous than this when he goes out to talk business.”

“Giving away oil fields?”

Chen Dong thought of something that Elder Long had mentioned when he had first said that his father was ho-hum.

“Right.” Long Lao nodded his head.

Gu Qingying, who was in Chen Dong’s arms, had already covered her mouth with her jade hand in shock, forcing herself to stifle a scream.

Even with her background and family background, she had never seen anyone give a gift in such a way.

Knock, knock, knock.

Finally, under the command of a special person, the three giant boxes fell steadily to the ground.

The middle-aged man in charge of conducting them, stepped forward quickly, still holding a booklet in his hand.

“He: Young Master and Young Lady.”

The middle-aged man was full of smiles and shouted respectfully.

With that, he unfolded the booklet in his hand.

Chen Dong’s gaze stared as the middle-aged man’s hand was clearly a gift list.

He glanced at Elder Long in dismay, “This still requires noisy gifts?”

“Yes, I do.” Elder Long nodded his head.

Immediately afterwards, the middle-aged man clamoured loudly for gifts.

“Ten thousand year old mountain ginseng.”

“One Golden Silk Nan wood plucked bed.”


One by one, the gifts came out of the middle-aged man’s mouth.

Chen Dong was stunned, and Gu Qingying was also full of shock.

Every single gift, not to say that it was heavenly, but it was still incredibly expensive.

The crowd of onlookers even drew in a breath of cold air and kept exclaiming in awe.

What does it mean to be bountiful?

That’s what it means!

The lengthy gift list seemed like a booklet.

The middle-aged man finished reading one book, turned a page and continued reading.

Gradually, the onlookers stopped making noise and were frozen in place.

When he heard the middle-aged man read aloud “a set of Kyoto courtyards”, Chen Dong finally couldn’t stand it anymore.

He hurriedly called for a halt. The value of the courtyard alone, together with the previous gifts, had already exceeded one billion dollars.

“Young master, what’s wrong?”

The middle-aged man looked at Chen Dong in confusion and shook off the gift list in his hand, “There are still about three pages to go before we finish reading.”

Three pages?!

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes bulged with veins.

In his arms, Gu Qingying’s delicate body even trembled.

“Enough is enough, just read out this much, keep a low profile.”

Chen Dong said without good humour, being blatantly bold in broad daylight, this was not his preferred style.

What kind of place was Kyoto?

At the foot of the Son of Heaven, a place where dragons and tigers were hidden, where property prices were every inch of gold, a house like a courtyard was already sky high.

There was no guarantee that there would be any more appalling gifts on the back of the gift list.

“Yes, yes, we have received the eunuch’s feelings, there is no need to read them out afterwards.”

Gu Qingying echoed Chen Dong in some panic.

With her family background, she had not seldom seen Gu Guohua send gifts out, nor had she seldom seen others send gifts to her family, but no matter who it was, it had not reached such a luxurious level.

“Young master, how can this be? Before leaving, the master had specially explained that it must be handed over carefully and clearly.”

The middle-aged man hesitated a little and pointed to the gift list, “There is still …… to follow on this”


Chen Dong’s face sank as he hurriedly called a halt: “Whatever there is, don’t read it anyway!”

“Alright then.”

The middle-aged man was somewhat impatient and handed the gift list to Chen Dong respectfully.

Without even looking at it, Chen Dong swept a glance at the onlookers who had long since been stunned into pale, silent silence, and busily waved his hand, “Sorry for disturbing you all, let’s all disperse.”

After that, he did not care about the onlookers who were already petrified by the shock.

He hastily instructed Elder Long and the middle-aged man to make the handover.

Then he led Gu Qingying back to the hall room in a sullen manner.

After settling down, Gu Qingying still hadn’t recovered a bit: “Husband, Dad is too generous, isn’t he? I’ve never seen such a gift since I was a child, I feel like I’m dreaming.”

“I haven’t even heard of it, let alone seen it.”

Chen Dong scratched his head helplessly, he now finally believed what Long Lao had said about his father going out to talk business and giving people oil fields as gifts.

Picking up the gift list and flipping through it roughly, Chen Dong said in amazement, “Honey, guess how much the total value of all the gifts on this gift list adds up to?”

“Two billion?”

Gu Qingying pondered for a moment and uttered a figure that she thought was relatively reliable.


Chen Dong, however, shook his head, “Your imagination is too small, guess at a bigger figure!”

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled and her jade hand covered her mouth.

Forcing herself to stifle a scream, she said, “I, I won’t guess anymore, you, just tell me directly.”

Chen Dong slowly lifted his right hand and spread five fingers.

“The number you said, multiply it by five!”

A calm sentence, but it caused Gu Qingying to be struck by lightning, and she was so frightened that she lost her face.

This moment.

Instead of looking the least bit surprised and happy, Gu Qingying’s pretty face was a little bit white with fear and anxiety.

A gift worth ten billion dollars for a pregnancy?

Just how generous was the Chen family?

“What on earth was my father thinking?” Chen Dong scratched his head with a puzzled expression, “This is such a big gift right after pregnancy, why do I feel weird.”

If it was a gift of a billion or two billion, he would still feel normal.

After all, his father had given him pocket money twice in the beginning, and each time it was a billion.

But ten billion, that’s scary!

At that exact moment.

Elder Long, who had already finished counting and handing over the money, walked in.

Seeing Chen Dong and Gu Qingying’s sad faces and frowning contemplation, he smiled spontaneously.

“Young master and young lady, is this a case of being shocked by the master’s gesture?”


Chen Dong and Gu Qingying nodded their heads in response at the same time.

Elder Long laughed harshly, “Young master and young lady, don’t think too much, ten billion is nothing to the Chen family.”

“It is nothing to the Chen family, but to us, it is indeed ten billion dollars!”

Gu Qingying spoke in a deep voice, and even had a feeling of heart palpitations.

If it was a time when other families’ daughters-in-law were pregnant and their in-laws sent gifts, they would still feel happy.

But now, she couldn’t be happy.

Long Lao looked back at the three large boxes in the courtyard, where only the small items on the gift list were, and some of the larger items, such as the quadrangle, had to be re-signed in the transfer agreement.

When he looked back at Chen Dong and Gu Qingying again, an odd smile appeared on Long Lao’s face.

With a wink, he said meaningfully, “Young master and young lady, is it true that you think this ten billion is merely for young lady He to get pregnant?”

“Isn’t it?”

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying said in unison.

The next second.

Chen Dong suddenly had a brilliant flash in his eyes as realization dawned on him.

“No, what Elder Long means is that Father is just using this as an excuse to support me?”

Elder Long smiled without saying a word and nodded silently.


Chapter 362

With the Chen family’s reputation of being the most powerful family in the world.

It is indeed normal for them to give extravagant gifts.

Even a billion dollars is not enough.

But in the end, it’s all about the name.

For a billion, the father could use the excuse of giving pocket money to make up for his guilt.

Ten billion with such an excuse, I’m afraid it won’t be able to plug the Chen family’s yo-yo mouth.

And Gu Qingying’s pregnancy was just the right excuse for her father.

Even if it was a bit “far-fetched”, it was certainly more irrefutable than “pocket money”.

After a visit to the Chen family, Chen Dong has seen the internal strife in the Chen family clearly.

Above, the old lady Chen was in the temple, exerting pressure as the eldest.

At the bottom, there were factions of people of the same generation in power, and the undercurrents were raging.

The Chen family was really not like the rest of the gentry, where the head of the family was a one-speaking house.

Elder Long smiled gratefully and nodded, “Right, the one-year deadline is close at hand, the young master is already inherently deficient and cannot match the other elite successors, so we can only use this method to give the young master as much financial support as possible, to facilitate the young master to have greater exertion.”

After a pause, Elder Long added, “In fact, when Old Slave reported the good news to His Lordship last night, His Lordship had already hinted at it, only that the matter was somewhat condescending to Young Madam.”

Chen Dong froze, and guilt grew in his heart.

Indeed, to give him support on the pretext of congratulating Gu Qingying on her pregnancy was indeed a little unfair to Gu Qingying.

“I’m not aggrieved.”

Gu Qingying shook her head and smiled sweetly, “Originally, I was afraid of this ten billion congratulatory gift, but now that I know the true reason, I’m at peace instead.”

As she said that, Gu Qingying leaned on Chen Dong’s shoulder and softly said, “I am your wife, of course I want to see you fly higher, you can have greater ambitions to show, I can’t wait to be happy for you, how can I be aggrieved.”

“Thank you.” Chen Dong smiled gratefully.

What more could a couple ask for when they have a wife like this?

“Big fool.” Gu Qingying gave a scornful glance, bowed her head and stroked her belly, saying softly, “But you have to promise me that you’ll work hard! This is the baby’s grandfather’s gift to the baby, if you give it a defeat, I’ll be done with you every time.”

“Don’t worry, for you and the child, I will definitely wear this crown of the Chen family!”

Chen Dong’s eyes were firm.

Seeing this scene.

Elder Long laughed and left the hall with good sense.

And closed the door of the hall with his hand.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying froze for a moment at the same time, glanced at each other and suddenly both laughed.

“Elder Long, must have thought of something wrong again.”

“He’s getting more and more immodest.” Gu Qingying said angrily.

Chen Dong said, “He’s never been immodest.”

It was close to noon.

Qin Ye also arrived at the bamboo courtyard with Qin Xiao Qian.

When he found out that Gu Qingying was pregnant, Qin Ye immediately forced Chen Dong to agree to be the baby’s godfather, and Chen Dong gladly agreed to do so.

There was double happiness.

The first joy is that Gu Qingying is pregnant, and the second joy is that the Hidden Murder Organisation has withdrawn its mission to a*sa*sinate Chen Dong.

At the suggestion of Elder Long and Qin Ye, the crowd prepared a celebration banquet.

Chen Dong also called Lone Wolf over and arranged for a banquet to be hosted for all the security personnel.

It had been too long since everyone had been repressed, and they were in a tense and terrifying atmosphere of a*sa*sination.

Now that the clouds had opened and the moon was shining, it was time for all the repression to be released.

In the evening, the small bamboo courtyard was lit up.

There is laughter.

A large table is filled with people, exchanging gla*ses and drinks.

And in the lobby of the clubhouse outside the Bamboo Grove courtyard, there was also a full house, immersed in a joyous atmosphere.

Chen Dong had drunk a lot of wine, and after drinking a gla*s of honey water under the care of Gu Qingying, he and Qin Ye hooked shoulders and walked out into the courtyard.

Blowing in the cool breeze, his drunkenness lessened considerably.

“It’s been almost a month, like a dream.” Chen Dong laughed, his voice a little melancholy.

“Yes, almost a month, in constant danger of being a*sa*sinated, no one would have been able to withstand that.” Qin Ye was still carrying a bottle of beer in his hand and tilted his head to take a sip, “By the way, what are you going to do about those dead security personnel?”

“Elder Long and the others have already done the aftercare measures, but I still plan to allocate some money from my own card to compa*sionate those dead brothers.”

Chen Dong spoke straightforwardly, his drunken eyes faintly glowing with water vapour.

In his mind, however, the battle at Tianmen Mountain Villa that day came to mind.

That battle, it was the security personnel, who had fought tooth and nail to escort him out!

“Quite good.” Qin Ye nodded and smiled, “That’s what it takes to be a big brother.”

“F**k off!”

Chen Dong cursed with a laugh, pretending to look up at the sky, but in reality to hide the tears in his eyes, he sighed quietly, “Who wasn’t born and raised by their parents? Human life is more expensive than anything else, they gave their lives for me, all I can do is perhaps this monetary compensation.”

Qin Ye glanced at Chen Dong, his gaze somewhat complicated.

His lips mumbled, and he eventually swallowed the words that were on his lips back into his stomach.

After a few seconds of silence, Qin Ye suddenly frowned in confusion and said, “Actually, I still have a question.”

“What?” Chen Dong asked.

Qin Ye tilted his head and drank his beer in one go, putting down the bottle before looking at Chen Dong with a torch-like gaze, “The person who killed Elder Li!”

“I’m actually curious too.”

Chen Dong was not surprised and said with a deep gaze, “The person who killed Master Li, guided the a*sa*sination mission of the Hidden Kill Organization out of the dark net, and even ……”

After a pause, Chen Dong deliberately lowered his voice: “There is also the reason why the Underworld turned their guns around to kill my father after they gave up on killing me.”

“Kill the Chen family head?” Qin Ye’s face changed drastically, “D*mn, did he have the guts to eat a bear’s heart and a leopard’s heart?”

“So he’s dead.”

Chen Dong spread his hands, to Qin Ye, there was no need for him to hide these things.

After a pause, he blinked and said meaningfully, “Don’t you think that these few things linked together are in a line, from the beginning to the end, it’s simply someone secretly pushing the wave, playing the Li family’s group of fools around and focusing all the fronts on me?”

“This matter is the work of the same person, or the same force, no matter how you think about it.”

Qin Ye frowned, pondering, and after a few seconds of silence, he suddenly said suspiciously, “Just one thing is hard to figure out, and that is the matter of the Phantom killing your father.”

Chen Dong fell silent.

In fact, not only now, ever since the Li family had commissioned the Hidden Kill Organisation to issue an a*sa*sination mission, he had been wondering who the person in the dark was.

When he had gone to the Chen family, he had even been thinking about the purpose of the Phantom turning his gun to attack and kill his father.

But for the first few events, it was still possible to sort out that it was the work of one person or one force.

But when it came to the point where the Phantom turned his gun, it came to a screeching halt, with no clue.

Slightly inebriated, Chen Dong shook his somewhat dizzy head, the more his thoughts spun, the more that dizziness from the intoxication grew.

“Come on, don’t think about it.”

Seeing how drunk Chen Dong was, Qin Ye shook his head and said, “I’ll send you back, you shouldn’t drink too much when your sister-in-law is pregnant, this session is almost over tonight, Elder Long and I still have the second half scheduled.”

“Technical exchange?” Chen Dong got up and walked towards the hall.

Qin Ye smiled silverily, “Just the two of us here, what’s the point of pretending? On the surface, it’s a technical exchange, but behind the scenes, what we do is just that bit of trading?”

Chen Dong laughed even more happily.

But after taking two steps forward, he suddenly couldn’t laugh anymore and stopped at the same spot.


What was being done behind the scenes was just that little deal?

Master Li’s death, the a*sa*sination mission flowing out of the dark network, the Underworld attacking and killing his father, weren’t these all things on the surface?

But there is always someone in the shadows, or some kind of power.

The matter of the Phantom attacking and killing his father is not clear to think about when put on the surface, but what if the matter itself is a deal hooked up in the shadows?