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Never Say Never Chapter 7-8

Chapter 7

It was an hour’s drive from the villa to the Fu family home, and for that hour, I was drowsy.


The baby in Lu Xinran’s belly, the way Fu Shenyan looked at me when he was leaving, all this was weighing me down.


The car had just stopped at the entrance of the Fu family’s old house and I felt a wave of nausea in my stomach. I rushed out of the car, lying on the side of the flower bed and vomiting for half a day, but nothing came out.


“You’ve been the young lady of the Fu family for a few days, you’ve become so delicate, just a few steps in the car and you’re vomiting like this.” A sarcastic voice came from the entrance of the old mansion.


The oldest son, Fu Changheng, was killed in a car accident in his early years, leaving behind his only son, Fu Shenyan, and his second son, Fu Changheng.


The person standing outside the old house at this moment and sneering at me is the wife of the second uncle Fu Changheng, Xu Hui, which is my second aunt.


I looked at Xu Hui and said politely and gently, “Hello, second aunt!”


Xu Hui has always looked at me unfavorably. Perhaps she was jealous because I came from a poor background but was appreciated by the old man, or perhaps she was upset because the old man had placed a great deal of importance on Fu Shen Yan and entrusted the entire Fu family to him during his lifetime.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The old man’s funeral, the youngest of the Fu family, is not even coming out?”


There were many people here today, and it was really out of order for Fu Shen Yan not to be there, so I pulled a smile and said perfunctorily, “Shen Yan had an urgent matter, he couldn’t come over for a while, so he might be a little late.”


“Huh!” Xu Hui laughed coldly, “This is the man the old man sees in him, it’s no more than that.”


Although Xu Hui didn’t like me, she didn’t give me too much trouble even though she was ashamed of her face.


The body had been cremated into ashes, and the urn was placed behind the token. There were many white flowers placed in the hall to pay respects, and incense and tributes were placed in front of the hearth.


One by one, quite a few people came, Master Fu’s reputation was well known, most of those who came to pay their respects were people of great status, Fu Changheng and Xu Hui greeted inside and outside, I greeted at the side of the hearse.


“Miss Shen.” Sister Zhang, who was holding a box of sandalwood incense, spoke to me.


“Sister-in-law Zhang, what’s wrong?” Although the Fu family was a large family, the population was not complicated because there were not many heirs, and Master Fu usually liked to be quiet, so he only kept Sister Zhang around to look after his living.


Sister-in-law Zhang placed the sandalwood box in my hands and said with a pitying expression, “This is what the old man left you before he died, keep it well.”


After a pause she added, “The old master knows that once he leaves, Mr. Fu is afraid that he will force you to divorce, if you don’t want to divorce, give this box to Mr. If Mr. Fu looks at it, he will have some scruples and will not divorce you easily.”


I lowered my eyes and looked at the sandalwood box in my hand, a square box, locked by a concealed lock, looking at sister-in-law Zhang, I wondered, “Where is the key?”


“The key has already been given to Mr. Fu by the master.” When he was alive, he always wanted you and Mr. Fu to have a big, fat baby sooner, to give the Fu family a legacy.


I froze at the mention of children and smiled at Sister Zhang, saying no more.


After the service, grandpa had to be taken to the cemetery in a hearse for burial, tossing and turning, it was already afternoon when we arrived at the cemetery, but Fu Shen Yan never showed up.


The burial ceremony was over, Fu Shen Yan was nowhere to be seen, Fu Chang Heng holding Xu Hui looked at me and said, “Xiao Shu, people can’t come back to life, you go back and talk to Shen Yan, don’t get angry with the old man, the old man doesn’t owe him anything in this life.”


Chapter 8

Xu Hui snorted coldly and sarcastically, “That’s an ill-bred, white-eyed wolf, wasting Dad’s efforts all these years.”


“Cut the crap!” Fu Changheng glared at her and looked at me helplessly, “It’s getting late, and your grandfather is at rest, go back early!”


“Mmm! Thank you, Second Uncle.” Fu Changheng and Xu Hui were already over half a century old, they had no children and were living a peaceful life with their shares in Fu’s.


Although Xu Hui had a venomous mouth, her heart was not bad, and the two couples were living a life that many people envied.


I stood in front of my grandfather’s tombstone, somewhat distracted, as I watched them walk away.


The wind will stop, the rain will dry up, the sun will set, and I will lose him after all.


“Grandpa, take care of yourself, I will see you again in a while.” Standing in front of the tombstone, I bowed deeply and had just turned to leave when I froze.


When did Fu Shen Yan come over?


He was dressed in black, his face low and cold, his slender body standing not far behind me, his pair of black eyes dark and bottomless as they fell on the old man’s tombstone, his expression too deep to pry out any emotion.


Seeing me turn around, he withdrew his gaze, his voice low and introspective, “Let’s go!”


Is he …… here to pick me up?


Seeing him turn to go, I hurriedly stopped him, “Fu Shen Yan, grandpa is gone, you should let go, you know, he has given too much for you over the years ……”


Seeing him staring at me with his eyes getting colder and colder, I couldn’t help but stop talking and was a bit at a loss for words.


I thought he would be furious, but I didn’t expect him to just walk away without saying a word.


When I followed him out of the cemetery, it was already getting dark, and the driver who originally picked me up had already left early because Fu Shenyan was coming over.


I could only go back with Fu Shenyan, and when I got into the car, he started it up. The road was terribly quiet, and I was pinching my fingers, wanting to ask Lu Xinran’s condition again and again, but every time I saw his gloomy face, I pushed my words back.


After a long time, I couldn’t help but open my mouth, “How is Miss Lu doing?” I didn’t push the person, but after all, it was under my watchful eye that she fell.


“The car that was moving suddenly stopped, too fast, and with the inertia I leaned forward, and before I could react, my waist was violently pressed, I sat back down, and half of Fu Shen Yan’s body was pressed over.


He had a pair of black eyes staring deadly at me, his pupils were sharp and cold, and smelling danger, I couldn’t help but shrink, and opened my mouth to say, “Fu Shen Yan ……”


“What do you want her to do?” He opened his mouth, his voice cold and chilling, sarcastically saying, “Shen Shu, you don’t really think that if the old man gave you that box, I won’t divorce you from this marriage, do you?”


My heart stuttered, he was really omnipotent, it had only been a few hours and he already knew about it.


“I didn’t push her.” I wanted to laugh a little as I suppressed the bitterness in my heart and met his dark eyes, “Fu Shen Yan, I don’t know what’s in the box my grandfather gave me, and I didn’t think I could use it to keep our marriage together, but you want to divorce so badly, fine! I agree, tomorrow we will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the divorce certificate.”


It was already completely dark, and the wind outside the car window was accompanied by the pattering of rain, making the already low atmosphere even more silent and gloomy.


I suddenly agreed to a divorce, which seemed to surprise Fu Shen Yan, but only for a moment, his thin lips rose and he sneered, “Xin Ran is still lying in the hospital, you agree to a divorce now, are you planning to walk away?”


“What do you want me to do?” Yes, his heartthrob was lying in the hospital because of me, how could he let me go so easily.


“From tomorrow, you go and look after her.” He sat up straighter, his long fingers holding on the steering wheel, his gaze becoming a little deeper.