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Never Say Never Chapter 49-50

Chapter 49

While reversing, I spoke, “You can stay in Jingcheng for a few more days to get used to it, and by the way, help me look at the house, Fu Shenyan has placed another project for me, it’s a bit overwhelming, I might not be able to leave lately.”


She leaned in and said, “You’re already planning to leave, what’s the point of taking on a project, if you’re going to leave then do it thoroughly, don’t be a mother-in-law and drag your feet.”


I didn’t know that I had to leave completely, but people’s hearts change and it’s not as simple as a few words.


“Bang!” I had just backed out of the parking space when I ran into something, my heart thumped and I said into the phone, “Muzi, I think I hit something, I’ll hang up and call you later.”


After saying that, without waiting for Muzi to say anything, I hung up the phone and opened the car door to get out to check.


There was nothing else in the bas*ment but small animals, so I hoped I hadn’t hit it too badly.


After looking around, sure enough there was a small fancy cat lying in the dead corner of the back of the car, it seemed to have been hit pretty badly. I walked over to look and just as I crouched down, someone violently covered my mouth from behind, and a pungent drug invaded my nose.


Almost instantly I lost consciousness and realising the danger I was too late.


When I woke up again, I was surrounded by darkness and the silence around me was such that I could almost hear the sound of embroidery needles falling to the ground.


My abductor had let me live, so he must have had a purpose, either to get money or to use me as a threat to Fu Shenyan, given my status as the Fu family’s wife.


But whichever it was, so far, my life was probably not in danger.


Gradually, I calmed down and after about half an hour, I heard a piercing sound, followed by intense lights blinding me.


Then came the voice of a middle-aged man, “The woman is awake!”


The light came so blindingly bright that it took me half a second to adjust to the glare. I scanned my surroundings and knew that I had just been locked in a container, and looked at the man three metres away from me in front of me, whose appearance I could not see because of the backlight.


But he was slightly chubby, his voice was hoarse and rude, and I could tell that he was a middle-aged man with the smell of cologne, which is generally only worn by slightly accomplished men.


This man was not some landlubber, but a business owner or a middle-aged white collar man.


“She’s awake, blindfold her and bring her over!” The man snapped, and then I saw a small, thin man coming, they had covered his face so I couldn’t see what he looked like.


I was still dizzy and although I could see my surroundings clearly, I couldn’t move my body at all, the blindfold was put on me and I was dragged and carried for a good part of the journey before I seemed to be pushed into one of my rooms.


My eyes were then lifted and I regained some strength and spoke in a somewhat hoarse voice, “Who are you and what have you kidnapped me for?”


The thin man didn’t say anything, but the middle-aged man spoke, “Don’t be nervous, Miss Shen, we’ve invited you to see a good show, and we’ll send you back afterwards.”


The door to the room was then slammed shut and I was bound hand and foot and sat on a dilapidated bed. After struggling a few times to no avail, I gave up.


A conversation suddenly rang out in the originally dimly lit room.


“Shen Yan, you said that you would divorce her and marry me, don’t make me wait too long, okay?”


This voice was …… Lu Xinran’s?


“Xinran, don’t be ridiculous!” Fu Shen Yan’s voice, sounded as if it was different from usual, a bit like he had had too much to drink.


Why would I hear their conversation? Who wants me to listen to this?


Chapter 50

“Shen Yan, are you in love with her? Is that why you don’t want to divorce her?” The voice sounded a bit anxious, as if the two were somewhat ambiguous.


Then came the sound of thin and fragmented voices, which should be the sound of undressing, and Fu Shen Yan spoke somewhat stoically, “Xin Ran, don’t be ridiculous, I’m married to her.”


“So what if you’re married? You don’t love her, didn’t you say you love me very much, Brother Shen Yan? When I get well, we’ll have another child, okay?”


“Xinran ……”


The sounds that followed were intermittent intertwined male and female voices, and I closed my eyes with deadly control to isolate myself from them.


But the louder I didn’t want to hear it, the louder and more torturous the sound became.


The louder Lu Xinran screamed, the more my body trembled so much that I even began to retch and dry heave ……


I knew it, I always knew about the relationship between Lu Xinran and Fu Shen Yan, and I wasn’t surprised that they were having S*x, but I didn’t think I would hear the sound of their ***, I didn’t even want to know how they were intertwined.


It went on for a long time, I basically threw up everything in my stomach, my body felt like it had been drained of strength, sitting limply on the edge of the bed, the pain in my heart began to dry up and crack, countless dense cracks ripped open between the cracks, it hurt as if there were millions of ants tearing through me.


“Miss Shen, the scene just now, was it wonderful?” The door to the room was opened and the obese man walked in, a laugh evident in his voice, disgusting to the core.


I looked at him, unable to see his face, looked him straight in the eye and said in disgust, “Did Lu Xinran make you do this?”


I didn’t know anyone else but her who would do something so disgusting!


“Does it matter?” He laughed playfully, “It should be very special for Miss Shen to hear such a wonderful play!”


“What do you want?” I’m afraid I’ve been captured for more than simply to disgust me.


“Clever!” The obese man raised his voice and continued, “I heard that Miss Shen has taken over Fu’s audit for this year, I wonder if Miss Shen is interested in making a deal with me?”


I laughed coldly, “What makes you think that I would still make a deal with you after you brought me here to disgust me with such dirty tricks?”


He pondered for a moment and said in a low voice, “With the child in Miss Shen’s belly.” I froze, violently breaking out in a cold sweat, how could he know?


Seeing my reaction he seemed satisfied and smiled faintly, “Well? Looking at Miss Shen, she doesn’t seem to want Mr. Fu to know, she should have her own plans, in that case, how about we work together?”


“What are you going to do?” Fu’s audit, no matter who it was finally given to, would make a large sum of money, it was indeed normal for someone to compete for it, it was just that this tactic was a little too despicable.


“Open bidding for Fu’s audit!” He spoke.


I froze and frowned slightly, “That’s all?”


“Yes, as long as Miss Shen agrees, and subsequently I a*sure Miss Shen, the child in your belly and you will be safe and not a single accident will happen to you.” He said with certainty.


I couldn’t help but frown, “Who am I to trust you?”


“Miss Shen, you can only trust me now!” These words were extraordinarily unpleasant.


But, at this point I could only get out and save myself first, looking to her, I nodded, “Yes!”


He smiled, “Then it’s a deal!”


With that, he gestured for the skinny man from earlier to blindfold me anew, I frowned, “Is that necessary?”


His laugh came to my ears, “Don’t worry Miss Shen, how you came here, we will send you back!”


I was then taken to a car, my ears were extremely sensitive on the way, but I fell asleep straight away in no time.


When I woke up again, I was still in the garage and in my own car, still surrounded by everything that hadn’t changed, everything that had just happened seemed like a dream.


I felt my phone and saw that it was twelve o’clock, so I had been through a life and death experience in the last two hours?